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  1. (Finally, one hint about that last paragraph: All you tough guys who talk shit about your families? Where, exactly, do you fucking think your values and customs and traditions came from?) – Mosby

    I think there are some issues that he doesn’t take into account. Some of which are – levels of education, levels of state indoctrination, levels of financial success, and most importantly, levels of critical thought. Being from a large family that over the course of 50 years have migrated across the country, I’ve come to understand that people change. As time grinds on, I’ve witnessed both close and extended family members display character traits, philosophies, and lifestyles that differ greatly than those they displayed back at grandmas house back in 1967. Just something to consider.

    • cognitive dissonance

      For example.

      My brothers (who shares my values, customs, and traditions) son, is a USAF F-15 pilot, extremely educated, well groomed, and clean cut. His daughter OTOH, is a stoner, body pierced, and tatted-up hippy working as a bar waitress with no real education. Both raised together and cut from the same cloth, yet have developed into two very different individuals with opposite values, customs, and traditions…

      Today’s modern “family”(single/gay/substance abuser parent) is already a far cry away from “traditional” in the American sense of thinking. Even the Amish have become murkinized, albeit to a lesser extent.

      This theory would probably work best for a family with very young children who live in a rural environment isolated from outside influences, TV, social workers, and are home schooled. Most likely in the aftermath of complete apocalyptic societal breakdown -which is very unlikely. Venezuela’s present military police state is a good example of controlled chaos.

      Welcome to a brave new world. Welcome the NWO

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