It’s Official

You have witnessed history in the making tonight.

Soon, it will be time to do your duty as a Greenwoodistani patriot.

#Hillary2016 GOTV vid (caution – hard R rating for language):

8 responses to “It’s Official

  1. Lord, be with us and give us strength through Christ in these trying times.

    • I would think you should pray that he spare you of the worst, if you believe a judgement is coming or occurring, and I do; it’s going to hit everywhere in the usa.

  2. Opting out may get the scorn of both sides now who claim you’d be helping the other win.

    For years its only been a tactic of the right.

  3. By all vote if you feel you must rubber stamp a murderer or someone who thinks Paedos are good people. I am abstaining from legitimization of the crimes in progress. Watch for “gun control” bs to ramp even further. The “pols” (rhymes with holes) know they are in deep shit as the narratives continue to fail. The treason is in the air like smoke after a muzzleloader shot during deer season. Ive always enjoyed the smell it along with the smell of seared meat that indicates a solid hit was made. Meat on the table soon boys.

  4. Evidently, tfA-t, you likes you some S and M a little. Me? Well, I, uh, that is to say uh………….any who, the easiest way to kill a woman is to make her tell the truth, because of course, most of them would rather die than do that. Once you do make her tell the truth, she is lost to you forever, because to them, anyone who knows the truth is like kryptonite. The only way to live long term with one is to just let her tell her lies, even though she knows, that you know, she’s lying. Something in their DNA I guess. Voting? Whatever. I haven’t been persuaded that voting for the right person will produce effective, liberty enhancing change, in a long time, but WTF. I’ll go do it because there is a remote chance some one may either try to prevent me, or attack me with a deadly weapon, because, after all, real men welcome an assault with a deadly weapon. It gives them a chance to show they can take it like a man. Duh.