Robb: The American Autumn


Interesting speculation from someone who does it for a living.

Make sure you know and understand the implications of two Russian words:


And kulak.

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  1. Fuckem, this won’t end well regardless. Lets get it over with, I have but one life to give for my children’s future and I swear by God that I will do everything possible to bring this corrupt shithouse to justice. You commie scum want a war you will have one. Just remember the Brits thought they could easily control a bunch of drunken Irishmen and it ended poorly for the superpower, didn’t it?

    No matter who wins this “election”, we all lose.

  2. Trump did not ask the Russians to hack anything. Get your facts straight.

    • Exactly. The whole article is nonsense, and the Russians(along with China, Israel, etc) have quite certainly had Hillary’s emails for years. Hillary could be tried for treason for selling the Secretary of State’s office to foreign powers, so the media isn’t going to go there.

      • Anyone voting for Mrs. Clinton could be guilty of aiding and abetting a felon, and being an accessory after the fact to crimes regarding national security. I think Mr. Comey has explained her guilt in a non-trivial manner.

  3. The leftist media in our country are doing this very thing daily and have for years. ‘War on women’, ‘worst economy since the great depression’, ‘the war is lost’ and on and on!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The halos around Obizzle in every picture during the 2008 campaign were the worst.

  4. Chief Shortingbull

    I grew up in a “simpler” time where only thing all us kids in the 1970’s and 80’s was that the Russians might nuke us while we slept. Fast forward 30-40 years from that time and I don’t worry about the Russians. In some ways I’m actually hoping the psychopaths in DeeCee manage to poke at the bear enough to drag out the nuclear 9-iron and swing at the head of leviathan. Sure, 10,000SPF sunblock probably isn’t going to protect me, but the assholes in Mordor on the Potomac get it first. And if they just vaporize that fever swamp and stop there, I may be tempted to send Russia a thank you card and a nice fruit basket.

  5. uh link is broken…

    On Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 6:41 PM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: “ > Interesting speculation from someone who makes a living at it. Make sure > you know and understand the implications of two Russian words: Menshevik. > And kulak” >

  6. I would guess august will be quiet but September and October I’m betting for protests and violence all over, pre-planned and spontaneous; that Obama squashes and blames trump and Hillary strolls in to continue the usa’s road to serfdom.

    • My odds are on him being handed a third term, especially if hillary is lagging in the polls. Fdr style.


        Stewie: After the lack luster performance by the Hildabeast last night, you may be right. The RINOS and Demoncrats have to hang on to power for the sake of their Wall Street and International Bankster handlers. Whether you like the man or not, should Mr. Trump get elected POTUS, he will turn Amerika on its head. Get ready.

        • Stewie the wise

          A massive crisis – or war will be started and we’ll be told we need obama to handle it like fdr handled wwII. The greenwoodistani’s will offer themselves
          And their children up as “patriotic” cannon fodder to protect our “freedoms” from foreign enemies.

          If trump holds these leads and doesnt leave the race due to “extenuating circumstAnces”, i feel this is what they’ll do.

      • Camacho2016

        C’mon scrot! The second term never ends…

        How long have I been saying Camacho 2016?

  7. Bill Harzia

    Link doesn’t work.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Virgil Kane

    How could Trump be disqualified? He is not in a position of power to ask anything of Putin. If Clinton’s Gross Negligence in making her emails available to any teenage hacker doesn’t disqualify her, one sentence can’t do him in.

    Robb must be #neverTrump. That’s the first I’ve heard of that. Dezinformatsiya from all sources.

  10. Bill Harzia

    The link now works. Must have been a Typepad problem.

    An interesting story. We now know that Hillary has successfully rigged the Democrat primary. It stands to reason that she will attempt to do the same for the general election. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

    • The general election is already set in stone. Think the deep state leaves anything to chance? Go bet the house on Hillary. She’s fixin’ to strap on the homewrecker and she’s gonna give it to America good and hard.
      You ain’t even got enough ammo brothers.

  11. USC, Section 3 defines treason:

    “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    There’s the definition. Pretty simple. But, the Marxists in this regime and in the Klinton Klan will do all they can to discredit Mr. Trump.

  12. How typical of the Jackass party to project their shortcomings onto any that oppose them. Then again, taking money, ostensibly to be used in an electoral campaign, from AIPAC, House of Saud, and the ChiComs isn’t really allowing those foreign entities to influence the election, is it?

  13. Neros Lyre

    Toldyaso,they will eat their own.May the fascist/commie anarchists consume themselves!Long live anarchy!If you live within 100 mi.of a city GTFO now.

  14. Grenadier1

    Agree with all of this except the “Trump blocked as a candidate” portion. The charges of “treason” leveled by the hysterical left are paper thin. There is nothing there to substantiate that claim, and they are nothing more than internet chatter.

    While Odumpster could try and use that as a means of blocking Trumps candidacy the vast overstep of power that would represent would amount to tossing a burning torch into a powder magazine.

    If something like that occurs then the signal has been clearly sent that civil war is EXACTLY what the powers that be want. We must be real careful about that.

  15. “The Trumpified establishment might have found an avenue for disqualifying Trump as President: Trump’s rhetorical suggestion that Russian hackers should find Hillary’s deleted e-mails. This has led many people in the establishment to contend that Trump committed ‘treason and is now a clear and present danger to the security of the US.'”

    Nah, I don’t see this attack getting much traction. Most people have the sense to see it was just a joke. If anything, trying to make hay with this is just going to cause Hillary and the establishment to lose more support.

  16. Robb usually has interesting content. That said this one lacks substance. There have been no proven connection between Trump and Red Square. But since we are speculating, Trump has played every Pol for a chump and a loss using rope a dope and misdirection. Having pronounced he hopes that Red Square has all 33,000 emails; it would not be far fetched that Trump is now trying to drive the HRC herd in a particular direction for electoral doom.

    Bye the bye, if Trump could be disqualified on administrative basis what does that say about the WH interfering in Israeli, Ukrainian and Polish elections?

  17. Shinmen Takezo

    Good luck trying to “charge” Trump with treason over the hacks done by a foreign power…. not going to happen. There is nothing they can do against Trump. So far the allegations have backfired and have further fractured the Democratic/Communist party because they all reveal just what kind of shit-bags there are in charge of their movement.

    If Mr. Putin (or his agents) are reading this…. I think complete revelations about the “Benghazi Gun Running” and Hitlery Clinton’s involvement with that scandal should be released sometime mid next week to Wiki-Leaks. If you all in Russia want to make sure that Clinton is knocked out of the race, thus ensuring that Trump will seek a “realignment” of relations with Russia (as in no war), then please dump all that you have on her and Obama into public view.

    I mean you all have this cyber war capability, so why not use it?!

    No one in the USA will think the worse of you there in Russia.

    Thus spake Shinmen.

  18. There’s no doubt, N.O.N.E. in my mind that the demonic Hillary is tasked by the deep state to foment a global thermonuclear war with Russia and China. Further, as FUSA is scheduled to launch the USS harvey milk, the outcome of such a conflict is a foregone conclusion. Maybe the next SSBN could be christened the USS Raging Queen.

  19. Robb books are pretty good as are his articles. “Treason”? A leap way to far. Lefties yell this all too much, its what they are/do. Robb is nuts on this one.

  20. Trump was being sarcastic…..duh!…….

    I’m pretty sure that when I had a “clearance”……

    and if I had treated classified emails like Hillary Clinton did……

    that I’d be the one……

    defending myself against charges up to and probably including treason.

  21. Jimmy the Saint

    Two other important Russian words: maskirovka and stukach.

  22. Reductio ad absurdum. Risible & farcical. I’ll go w/ agitprop & cozenage for $300.00 Alex. Social Engineering of programmed atavistic Cold War agitprop. I have yet to see one scintilla of “forensic evidence” that Russia was complicit. RUMINT / HUMINT & not even close to vetted EEI. The mantra War by Deception should resonate. Mossad has been doing it since 1948 & the Roman Empire before that. Students of real World History & truth. Titus, Flavians & Constantine, Goebel’s & Bernay’s would be envious of the MAJ12 et al & Pharisee Occulted Powers (err Rothschild & Rockefeller’s clan). Deep State think tank stuff (above “USAP” level) to create schism’s, chasm’s & splintering in socialization – societal & civilizations. Above & beyond typical CSI (Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception). Machiavelliian 4GW/5GW asymmetrical non-linear dispersed warfare furtively & obstreperously on display. The MSM Media is more complicit that many are aware in the obsfuscation of truth. Zionism – Ashkenazi run media would more likely be the source of the problem.
    As always YMMV…

  23. I have read a number of hackers, experienced people of high credibility, who state plainly “There is NO substance to ‘the Russians hacked the DNC'”.

    That is Israeli-Neocon propaganda, designed to keep our wars going and start new ones if possible. They have motive : 9/11 False Flag means very many of them will hang if peace is allowed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ““There is NO substance to ‘the Russians hacked the DNC’”.”

      The word “the” is kind of critical there, though. “]T]he Russians” implies an official act.

    • Grey Ghost

      Agreed. I wouldn’t believe it’s the Russians unless I see more evidence than the DNC/Clinton/GlennBeck/EricErikson just saying it is so. Not one of those idiots would know the difference between and IPv4 and IPv6 address.

      The Neo-cons are ALWAYS fomenting something re the Russians or anyone else they can lie about and whip up FUD… but then their children are not the ones having to do the fighting and dying so they don’t care about starting and maintaining wars.

      Grey Ghost

  24. look at the poll #’s on the one-party Cal senate “race”. Quite interesting. The White-hating Negress – Kamala Harris – @ 38%. The anti-White spic – Loretta Sanchez – @ 20%. All the rest – 42% of those polled, mostly the shrinking White minority (coming soon to a state near U) – opting out of the multicult election altogether. A good auger for the coming Race War


      Haxo: They may be opting out. But, are they voting with their feet? I and mine voted that way years ago. Until the white wage earners pull up stakes and leave en masse, the Kalifornia Soviet Republic will continue to function.

  25. Ha! No, doomers, no civil war this fall or any time soon.

    • …back to your failed city, Debt riot. The amount if things you don’t know is a heavy weight on you… and mom says your spaghetti – os are ready.

  26. Should Trump lose, and the best statistical election forecasters, like Nate Silver and Stan Wong still show Hillary with a thin lead in the electoral college – then there will be a revolution in thinking on the right.

    Already Trump’s nomination singles the ascendance of the Identitarian and Alt-Right views over the previous top-dogs (who sometimes tussled), the patrio-tards and neo-cons.

    What becomes clear to most right-wingers at that point is the utter correctness of a long-time WRSA motto “we aren’t going to vote our way out of this”. Certainly the one thing we know that a Hillary POTUS will bring is more tsunami wave-level immigration. Along with many other horrors.

    The few voices still talking about Mexicans as “natural conservatives” and Democrats being “the real racists” and other such Kristolized nonsense will be treated with the utter derision their ridiculous beliefs require.

    Many people will be looking for a new plan then. It’s would be nice if we have one to offer. Obviously this site attracts cantankerous individualists, so organizing and agreeing are not really core competencies of the Asssociation. Hopefully there is distributed organizing going on out there, though.

  27. Lost Patrol

    Oh that could never happen here … we are special. (tongue in cheek)
    Build community, build tribe, train together, and gather up all the things which will soon go away. Did I mention training?

  28. SemperFi, 0321

    Doesn’t matter what the media says, anyone who works against the NWO (FedRes,CFR, Bilderberg, Rothschilds, etc) is on my list of favorites. And that includes Putin.
    Seems to me our brand of Democrat communists are way worse than what Putin has to offer today. He also seems to be the only one who speaks with some truth and works to rid the world of the Zionist bankers.
    And I speak as someone whose family was eradicated by the Soviet army in ’44-’45. I trust them more than I do my own gov’t today.

  29. First: Who IS the SOURCE of this information?

    Second: Do you/would you trust the source of this information?

    Third: This makes perfect sense in the CIA/NSA/USNATO/Globalist sphere. You just have to accept it, and them.

    Fourth: See! Look what else Russia is doing! They MUST be contained.

    Fifth: Who is the one candidate that has a hard-on for Russia?

    Sixth: And the road to globalism, bringing the non-integrated Gap’s to the knees, and into the Globalist Core, marches on.

    You are being brain hacked.