Idaho AG: No Charges For Deputies Who Killed Council Rancher Jack Yantis


This is rule by men, not rule of law.

Read, hear, see what happened in the Jack Yantis shooting case

The FUSA is dead.

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    Alea iacta est. Sorry if I keep repeating myself.

  2. just plain todd

    after having been a fireman/paramedic in so. calif for 31 yrs, before i retired, and seeing shit cops got away with there, i have zero doubt that Mr. Yantis did anything wrong. after years of reading shit the feds get away with , i have zero doubt about where we stand with them as well. i only have one observation……at least some blacks are willing to stand up for what they believe in. i am not a fan of the mud people by any stretch, but i can’t believe they have not started shooting more of them , and sooner. i wonder if WE ever will. like we used to say. somewhere, MAYBE, there is a cop nice enough to be a fireman. but there ain’t any firemen prick enough to be a cop. FUCK THE PO-LICE.

    • A”‘civil war” rips the threads of a society, there are few defined lines, as the divisions initially occur. We are in the beginning skirmishes, then the lines will form as the war begins. However, if Dutton had been a mere “civilian” he would probably have joined Mr. Yantis and Mr. Finicum.

      Heroic Judicial Watch Client Sues against Federal Agents Violation of Constitutional Rights
      We have gone to court on behalf of Wesley Dutton, a heroic former law enforcement officer who has provided the government with substantial information on narcotics, corruption and terrorism along the Mexican border.
      Since 2009, Plaintiff Wesley Dutton, a graduate of the New Mexico State Police Academy and former State of New Mexico livestock investigator, provided information to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies about illegal activity in Texas and New Mexico, including information about illegal narcotics trafficking, fugitives, public corruption, and terrorism.
      Our lawsuit, William Wesley Dutton v. Michael Cordero, Eric Benn and Jane Doe No.1 (Case 2:16-cv-00517-CG-GJF), was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico. It seeks declaratory and injunctive relief, damages, attorney fees and costs, and other relief.
      Defendant Cordero is a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Defendant Benn is a Special Agent of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General. Defendant Jane Doe No. 1 is believed to be a Special Agent of the FBI.
      The reason for our lawsuit: In February 2014 Special Agents Cordero, Benn, and Jane Doe No. 1 detained Dutton in the back seat of a locked government vehicle and interrogated him for approximately eight hours. The agents never advised Dutton that they had a warrant for his arrest, that he was under arrest, or that he was suspected of committing any crime.
      Dutton objected to the detention and repeatedly asked if he was under arrest. His objections and inquiries were ignored. Dutton also invoked his right to counsel. In response to one such request, Special Agent Cordero cursed at Dutton and exclaimed, “You’re not talking to anyone.” Special Agent Benn echoed Cordero’s response to Dutton. Cordero and Benn’s denial of Dutton’s rights, as well as their interrogation of Dutton were laden with profanity and abusive language. The agents also compelled Dutton to make telephone calls to sources and monitored and recorded the calls.
      Defendant Jane Doe No. 1 is believed to be an FBI special agent unlawfully posing as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and falsely offering “immunity” to Dutton for his cooperation.
      At the end of the interrogation, Jane Doe No. 1 said to Special Agent Cordero, “You can’t arrest him. We’ve got to let him go.” Special Agent Benn agreed, saying, “You can’t arrest him. I’m satisfied.” Cordero cursed. Ultimately, Dutton was allowed to leave the vehicle, but both Cordero and Benn told Dutton to “keep his mouth shut.” Before the agents drove off, Cordero cursed at Dutton yet again, saying he hoped he never saw Dutton again.
      On at least two prior interactions, FBI agents came to Dutton’s home and violated his constitutional rights. In July 2010, FBI agents searched Dutton’s home without a warrant and seized documents, computers, and electronic equipment. In August 2012, Cordero and other, unidentified FBI agents searched Dutton’s home again, also without a warrant, and seized Dutton’s personal property, papers, notebooks, charts, computers, and cell phone. Dutton’s items have never been returned to him.
      We grant the federal government significant power, and its agents seem all too willing to abuse it, whether in the halls of the IRS in Washington or a locked vehicle on a dusty stretch near the Mexican border.
      Wes Dutton is a hero. He’s a former law enforcement officer, and he has a long history of helping law enforcement and intelligence agencies lock up criminals and defend the country from terrorists. It’s shameful that federal agents would abuse their authority and treat him in such a manner. We’re proud to assist Wes in exposing corruption and abuse and remedying this gross violation of his constitutional rights.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      I agree. If these fucks shot MY father they would DIE. PERIOD. Where the fuck are American Men????

  3. What a damn nightmare. A good man is murdered in cold blood by a couple of rotten badged bastards in front of his wife, who has a heart attack as a result. Meanwhile, these smug crumb-bum soulless savages laugh and high five each other as they get away with destroying yet another innocent life and another family. What a disgrace.

    Perhaps we will hear from WRSA’s esteemed professionals and get their comment on this ruling?

  4. The official government position is pure, unadulterated Bull-Shit. It stinks to high heaven. I really, really hope Karma bites all these yahoos in the balls, and soon.

  5. The Vast Majority strikes again.

    They are proud of themselves. They believe they cannot be wrong. They believe they are the final arbiters you your “right” to your life. Each time a member of The Gang gets away with this, it emboldens the rest to continue the same behavior. Remember that when dealing with Law Imposement and act accordingly.

    Be armed, always. Travel in pairs of in teams. Keep a tactical distance between you. Be prepared to support each other. Be prepared to subdue bad actors, no matter what their costume or Gang affiliation.

  6. Is sad to see the way this country is becoming. these deputies need to be fired.

  7. I foresee a large percentage of local deputies plying their trade elsewhere as soon as they can manage it….

  8. It’s up to the Yantis kin to make it right if they’ve a mind to. Lose the house? Go to jail? Leave the wife and kids to fend for themselves? Well that’s a price. A big price. The other side of the equation is what was Jack’s life worth? Well, that’s up to them.

    • Mark Matis

      I didn’t realize that One Shot Paddy only exacted justice when members of his family had been wronged. Why should it have to be the Yantis kin who deal with the murderers? Especially since Idaho pigdom will be watching for them.

      Them bolt action elk rifles sure are neat!

  9. “No Charges….”

    Imagine that.

    “Justus” served.

  10. Virgil Kane

    Idaho? The American Redoubt?

    • outlawpatriot



      Mr. Kane; I have lived in Rawles Land a little over a year. I is a huge disappointment. This is a province of Greenwoodistan. There is a an absolute slavish devotion to veterans, the military, police, and every other type of organized group which could be co-opted by the Leviathan for its USEFUL IDIOT BRIGADE.
      I have not and will not register to vote. I refuse to get involved in any political discussions. No flag flying out in front of the house. No bumper stickers on our vehicles(other than a Sea Hawks license plate frame). and minimal involvement with neighbors.
      Still, this is a much better location than the SW corner of the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. We make our own environment by how we interact with others, conduct our personal affairs, and “endeavor to persevere”. I am still doing a lot of watching and listening. Stay tuned.
      As far as Mr. Yantis is concerned, I can only offer an old Catholic prayer:

  11. The two “deputies” and the criminal AG all need to be strung up.


    • Mark Matis

      Every pig in that county, and their whores, need to get the same treatment as Mr. Yantis. And THEN the DA.

    • So long the list………….

      So little hemp.

      And yet so little balls.

  12. All I ask are where are the fucking men hiding out? Those two cops should be scared utterly shitless to show their faces in public and should be living in hiding for the rest of their days. As for that DA? Yeah. Him too.

  13. The Walkin' Dude

    And no one in that AO will do shit about it but bloviate. Same ol song and dance.


    It still astounds me, in the wake of all of the police murders over the last several years, that all we here from the FEDGOV is a deafening silence. Deprivation of rights under color of authority is clearly spelled out in Title 18, Section 242 of the United States Code. Mr. Yantis, along with Kelly Thomas, Miriam Carey and many others were MURDERED by police officers.
    If you look back to the Rodney King fiasco, the Feds pulled out all the stops to go after the LAPD officers who were involved in that cluster-f**k. And, don’t tell me it was because it was an election year. We are in an election year right now. The only answer I can come up with at the moment is that Police Unions have become so powerful, even the government will not challenge them by prosecuting their ORCS for killing innocent people.
    Sadly, all of the sheeple here in Rawles Land will just channel Lee Greenwood and Glen Beck and go on their merry way. I hope the Yantis family can seek redress in civil court.

  15. I believe if that was my father, I would be hunting a couple of men soon..

  16. LaGrandeGuy

    Cops used to be masters of SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. They KNEW everyone on their beat, especially in a rural area, especially the locals who had lived in that area all their lives. If they came upon Jack, who was WELL KNOWN in his community, and they had been paying attention to DISPATCH, which they should have been doing since, you know, they are cops, they should have known that Jack was called by dispatch to deal with his bull, which had gotten loose. This one-dimensional shrink-fit ‘no hesitation’ eliminate all threats mentality has GOT TO STOP. These idiots are 1) putting THEIR own lives at risk 2) destabilizing and HARMING the communities they are supposed to ‘serve’.

    Since this AG refuses to stand up and quit sucking police union dick, citizens are strongly advised to THROW THE BUM OUT, elect a new AG who can then bring the full force of the law against these out of control murdering scum criminals.

  17. SameNoKami

    And this from Chicago –
    “Two Chicago officers involved in a shooting that left a suspect dead were relieved of their police POWERS even as the case is still being investigated, police say.”
    Powers ? How ’bout duties ? Or jobs ?

  18. I hate these fuckers. I grin with joy when I hear “goods news” about one.

    This is the thug mentality of EVERY cop. Do we really want these lowlifes on our streets? I believe they all need to arrested, review each and every ones entire record, found guilty(because we KNOW they are), and jailed for the rest of their lives for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity.

  19. “With lawyers, you have to work on their conscience. The problem
    is, they don’t have a conscience.”
    – Will Rogers
    Jeanette Finicum and Shawna Cox Discuss the Death of LaVoy 07/28/16

    “There are many gods”
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  20. We suspected this would happen when the Idaho State Police got the ticket and sat on it as long as they could. The Sheriff initially refused to identify the murderers, until the citizens outed them.

  21. After 2.5 hours of examining the huge pile of, but still incomplete, evidence released by the AG …
    1) a normal citizen would just say ‘with so much evidence, the AG came to the right decision.’
    2) Wood is a ‘pew pew’ deputy with a personal owned short barreled rifle.
    3) Other deputy shooter (I don’t have the stuff in front of my right now) lied on police applications & resigned instead of being fired.
    4) Their story is inconsistent with each other, which the AG acknowledges but says is irrelevant.
    5) Docs released by AG (purposely?) obscure the facts.
    6) Yantis lawyers can bankrupt this county.
    7) There is NO department body camera policy. Wood’s camera was full several days prior & not cleared or downloaded. How convenient.

    more later

  22. The Usual Suspect

    Idaho? The American Redoubt?
    Yeah, imagine that.
    Guess it can happen anywhere.
    White Lives Don’t Matter !!!

  23. What did y’all expect. This go’s back as far as “domestic law enforcement” The police have NEVER valued human life or Liberty. Not in any country. Not at any time in human history. They are the organized enforcers of state power. They have one and ONLY one job. Forced compliance, by any means and all means. You obey or they kill you. Even if you DO obey they might kill you anyway. That is the price for giving up YOUR G_D ordained right to self determination to the state. The state and its bully boys have always acted this way and have always gotten away with it. If you want it to stop it will take stronger actions than forum bitching. That price will be high. Much higher than most are willing to pay.

  24. Centurion_Cornelius

    if I abuse or even casually neglect my livestock, or dog, or cat, I WILL get charged, and can even be jailed, let alone the fines.

    but, if an honest, hard-working rancher gets MURDERED in the coldest of blood, by LEO, right in front of his wife, then…NO CHARGES?

  25. Like the NatGuard in New Orleans.. they’re just following orders.
    Never forget.. When the PTB talks about domestic or homegrown terrorists they are talking about us, not muslims. Unlike some people in the world like the japs, germans and some foreign communists they have never suffered the wrath of righteously angry Americans.. they probably believe they can actually win that mistake too. They really should reconsider poking that animal when all we want is to be left alone.

  26. I am not shocked, not shocked I tell you !
    This is how the game is played. The govt does whatever it wants to you and then slow plays the results until the country has moved on and puts out what it wants. This is why I am a complete pessimist against some here that think a bloody fight can happen and take the country back, the govt will identify those who are trying to do that and eliminate them before that can happen imo.
    The FUSA or USA as founded is indeed dead.

  27. Despicable….and typical.

  28. Alfred E. Neuman

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  29. What a bunch of nervous nellies… seemingly the issue is the GRABBING of the Yantis arm/gun as the deed was about to be done. The ‘worry’ of the projectile bouncing off the skull and heading into the emt flock is laughable as Yantis would have probably been @ the receiving end had he been a rank amateur . So much for the purported ‘safety’ considerations of the only ones….sounds like a lot of schooling from the Ayoob school of shooting apologists for these dimwits.
    Now I cringe to think of any future dealings with deputies over livestock or property issues. Sure as hell they’ll have a metro man show up with an alien mindset.
    So very sorry for the Yantis family, their extended wait for the bs report, and the inhabitants of all rural Amerika…….

  30. PS. now we’ll have to submit to a alcohol test before we can put an animal down after 5pm or shoot a coyote/cat that’s worrying livestock. In triplicate.

  31. Both deputies were low-rent employees. Roland unqualified because of questionable character (just one character flaw below, there are others), and Wood because of his ‘pew pew look at how awesome I am with my cool gun’ psychological profile (see below). Sheriff Zollman for failure to supervise: no body cam policy (which includes a whole bunch of items, more than you’d think without study of the issue) and general loose supervision inappropriate for the quality of these deputies.

    In spite of the large amount of document production, key questions were not asked, as far as I can tell right now, by the investigators.

    (This is all in my opinion. I am not a cop, lawyer, or psych*, just a concerned citizen.)

    From document 15-53036 004936 & 7

    On or about December 14, 2011, Valley County Sheriff Bolen was advised by POST [police academy—Ratchet] administrator William Flink, Roland [deputy shooter with pistol—Ratchet] indicated on a POST application {2011} he did not serve in the military. POST had received a DD214, which confirmed Roland’s prior military service, in a previous POST application while Roland was employed by the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office. In a report dated 12/28/2011, completed by Valley County Sheriff’s Office employee John Coombs, it stated Roland did not indicate any prior military service on either the POST application {2011) or Valley County applications, despite having listed prior military service on past employment and POST applications {2001}. It was also discovered Roland’s POST application (2001) indicated his prior military service and release under General Discharge under Honorable Conditions, where Roland actually received an Uncharacterized/entry level separation. According to the report, it was Coombs opinion Roland’s answers were inconsistent and not indicative of truthfulness and, while the uncharacterized discharge would not be a disqualifier for employment, the failure to honestly and completely fill out his application would be.
    On December 30, 2015, I spoke with John Coombs, who advised me Roland resigned from the Valley County Sheriff’s Office before Sheriff Bolen addressed the application inconsistencies with him.

    From document 15-53036 004880

    On 01/21/2015, Chip [Wood’s father-in-law—Ratchet] received a call from Lt. Phillips with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office who in substance advised Chip that Brian [Deputy Wood—Ratchet] has become unstable mentally. … Chip knows Brian to be a highly trained sniper and Brian has claimed to have demolition capabilities and possible access to explosives.
    Deputy Gann placed a phone call with Lt. Phillips and corroborated Chip’s concerns as Phillips advised Brian had shown signs of PTSD and [redacted by AG—Ratchet]. During a contact Lt. Phillips had with Brian regarding a possible hold being placed on Brian if he did not seek treatment Brian stated, “If Cops get involved shots will be fired.”

  32. Whatever happened to: alright joe, show us what happened. Then joe sez, bob was here, I was over there. etc., etc., etc..
    Sorry, when he got to the part about, seeing your fellow officer in danger. It was all about the camera, mic, and it being played on youtube for the twitter crowd! I couldn’t watch anymore.
    It was as staged as Hillary Clinton interview. Pure Kabuki theatre.
    All that time to make up a story, and he still had to be coached thru it, amazing!

  33. Some day, Babylon will have fallen; it’s just not today.

  34. European American

    Maybe the lesson here is, if you, or I, were in the same, or similar position of the gentleman who got expired, what would you, or I do, the moments up to being murdered?

  35. speaking tactically: don’t have a gun (or even a ***toy) where the police can see it. They’ll kill you on sight. ‘Cause officer safety. If you do, better shoot first

    ***and I mean toy: toy truck, toy airplane, etc.

  36. HHH Old Vet.

    May Jack’s Family and Friends Get the Revenge they Deserve on those Bastards.

  37. If I recall correctly, Will Grigg predicted this outcome shortly after the deputies murdered Mr. Yantis. Short of some long overdue vigilante justice, both badge punks will skate.

  38. Good thing such a travesty could never happen in Rawles-topia.

  39. Stealth Spaniel

    Both of the murderers, in this case, assigned the title of deputies: and the facilitator, in this case the AG: need to experience some frontier justice. We have been discussing some ideas on this forum on reinforcing the basic tenents of liberty and freedom. I suggested that some “concerned neighbors, troubled family members, and anxious citizens” field some corrective behaviors within this AO. Let the .Gov understand that we no longer ask permission, and we won’t be bullshitted any longer.

  40. Agree with pretty much everything said here. For this gentleman’s family the only relief they will get is in a civil court of law. Once the case is out of the grand juries hands, the preponderance of the evidence is different. In a civil court of law 51 percent will get them a cool 5 million. The problem as we all know is that two ” high fiving” douchebags are not held accountable, and a good man is dead.

    Been following this case, along with LaVoys case all along. Seem to recal a man hunt for one of these deputies in the recent past. the SO, tagged him ” armed and dangerous”, for mental issues, and domestic abuse related issues.


  41. timetofightback

    I do wonder if people will every get enough of these types of murders and decide to dispense justice to the perpetrators. Not Black Felons Matter mind you, but where a rancher is murdered for no reason. Will they ever get what’s coming to them? Unless they go into hiding, they must still be around.

  42. Mike Bishop

    Pete, you’ll like this:

    “Melbourne (AFP) – An Australian mural of US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a revealing, stars and stripes swimsuit may be taken down, after it has reportedly been deemed offensive.”


  43. Bucephalus

    With respect for the deceased and family; no state in this country is safe.

    Income, other taxes, and precarious gun rights aside; all the states are the are basically the same in regards to the evaporation of our civil liberties.

  44. Steve Kristmann

    What would Henry Bowman and friends do?….

    Yours In Liberty w/o any costumed thugs or their enablers!
    NorthGunner III

  45. Grey Ghost

    Never ever agree to anything a cop asks you.
    For example:
    Cop: “Do you know why I stopped you?”
    Potentially Dead Citizen: “No” (even if you know why)
    Cop: “Do you know how fast you were going?”
    Potentially Dead Citizen: “No”
    Cop: “I’m stopping you for not wearing your seatbelt.”
    Potentially Dead Citizen: “I always take off my seatbelt when I come to a stop.”
    Cop: “Do you mind if I search your car?
    Potentially Dead Citizen: “Yes, as a matter of policy I don’t allow any searches of my property without a warrant.”
    Potentially Dead Citizen (after 5 minutes of no interaction): “Am I under arrest or being detained?”
    Cop: “Yes”
    Potentially Dead Citizen: “I would like to talk to my lawyer now.”
    You get the idea.

    The cops are NOT your friends NO MATTER what anyone says especially the CONservative Rudi Guiliani:

    The only thing the cops seem to know how to do is shoot first and ask questions later which works out well for them because ALL the AGs/ADAs have never seen a cop shooting that was wrong… ever.

    Grey Ghost