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WaPo: Hillary Clinton has a very detailed plan for the economy. That may be a problem.

Full List Of Hillary’s Planned Tax Hikes


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  1. The Constitution.
    The gift that keeps giving.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Actually, for BIll, the gift that keeps giving is herpes.

  3. if you didn’t get rich under Obama and the fed being the nitrous for the stock market, it’s going to be even tougher under Hillary.
    “#whatisyourPlanB” – mine is keep expenses low, like under poverty level low, keep jobs skills high, keep debt non-existent and plow savings into income producing assets. still not sure if what I have will eventually just be seized “for the good of the country”, but I will have exempted myself from being dependent on anyone by the time Hillary waddles into the white house.

  4. Probably gonna look about like this…

    • 3rd World: money appears primarily by extracting and exporting basic materials. Little or no value added. Tourism is tough to get started due to industrial waste and widespread poverty. Joining the military ASAP is one exit.

  5. Hillary’s plan for the economy is a Five Year Plan, isn’t it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, but this time it will be a Glorious Success! Because this time, we’ve got the right people in charge, and this time, they’ll kill the right people. Sunshine, rainbow, and lollipop futures are gonna explode!

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Stealth Spaniel

    Hildabeast can try to tax even the sunshine. I tell everyone-the American public is fed up. Dangerously fed up. The US keeps operating like a normal country. All of the residents and the rest of the world keep acting like we are a normal country. But that “normalcy” has been eradicating since Obummer’s election. The truth has finally sunk in to 50% of the population: a civil war or world war is over the horizon. So, go ahead and tax away. People will be working for cash, under the table, at cheaper prices in every profession- from hooking to plumbing to your local MD. After the local .Gov “servants” don’t make it back from collecting said taxes, there will be a whole new thought pattern. Neighborhoods will become dangerous for entirely new reasons.
    If you are, or will be, dependant on Gov Largesse such as pensions, social security, or what not- get Plan B together. I don’t see them going on much longer.

  8. So she is now actively campaigning on gun control and raising taxes. Pretty indicative that she knows she has this one in the bag.

    • thesouthwasrght

      I said the same thing regarding her VP pick. Coming from the party defined by identity politics for her to go with a washed up old honky tells me two things:
      1) she had already been turned down a number of times by others and
      2) good ol Soros called and reminded her of Papa Joe’s time tested quip: it matters not who votes, it matters who counts the votes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hillary’s not known for her grasp of reality. She may simply be running on the belief that the world will bend to her will.

  9. Bill looks like he has the Slim.

  10. Say what you will about the scumbag clinton. Everyone I know got rich when he was in office. When bush took over the bottom fell out. Him and his PNAC inspired GWOT. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all filth, but at least many of us experienced the ‘American Dream”. Sad that many didn’t…

    Oh well. Back to doing needed maintenance on the boat 🙂

  11. When one sees dissention among the ranks, one should
    know that the S-has-HTF big time:

    The is nothing new under the sun:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  12. The Usual Suspect

    Chuck Hagel sold them the keys to the electronic
    voting machine systems worldwide.
    This has been a done deal for a long time, it just is.
    The King is dead, long live the King !