WeaponsMan: Heil Healey! MA State AG Attacks Gun Owners; Governor Melts; Manufacturers Shrug


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39 responses to “WeaponsMan: Heil Healey! MA State AG Attacks Gun Owners; Governor Melts; Manufacturers Shrug

  1. (sigh) More from the state of Molluchjewshit.

  2. Bucephalus

    Port Huron Statement has accomplished it’s mission; and so much more.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Stealth Spaniel

    Just as an aside here, why do all of these northeastern legal wimmen lack moisturized skin and any sort of femininity? Maybe it is the LA coming out of me, but for Christ’s sake, get thyself to a good dermatologist, lose the boy haircut-it’s for smiling 16 yros-and you need some upper lip implants. It’s the 21st century for God’s sake.
    That outta my craw: this highly educated fool needs to realize that true Patriots and Liberty Dwellers don’t give a flying finger about her. We have stopped asking permission. We have a fierce allegiance to the truth of the 2nd amendment. We do NOT need her fXXking permission to exercise our God given rights. She does not get to “interpret” any part of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. It was written in plain language for a reason. If she doesn’t knock this crap off, she will experience some Founding Fathers absolution from one of the locals.
    Now, tell this Elitist to go get a facial, have some great sex, and stop irritating the public.

    • Virgil Kane

      The Constitution means what the Leader says it means.

      • Horseshit and you know it. The mental gymnastics and semantics of these fucking thugs would be amusing if the ramifications of civilian disarmament weren’t so frighteningly predictable. They’re fast approaching that moment in time where a lot of America simply says “fuck this, we’ll just hold court right out on the street” and they’re so fucking stupid and comfortable with their illusions of power that they’ll never even see it coming until the rope snaps taught.

        • Virgil Kane

          Leader = government and yes they have interpreted and twisted its meaning. Are gun rights the only thing you see?

          As for stringing up that dyke; pipe dream. A bunch of ghetto thugs are more organized than “patriots.” Turn off the power and you will see whites coming into the streets ready to fight, but as long as there is American Idol and NFL they’ll be content.

          “…a lot of America…” won’t be doing shit. Most of the ones you are counting are now trying to figure out why they need to keep that AR15 and 500rds of ammo they bought after Obama. Pass a nationwide ban and recyclers will be busy for months melting down all the turned in guns. The rest will be buried and rusted to nothing.

          The 3% of 1776 went to war for less injustices than we’re subjected to today, but we’re still more comfortable.

    • “She does not get to “interpret” any part of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights”.

      Ah… She just did.

    • The old saw about it seeping out is true

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “why do all of these northeastern legal wimmen lack moisturized skin and any sort of femininity? ”

      They’re just further along the path to the genderless society.

    • why do all of these northeastern legal wimmen lack moisturized skin and any sort of femininity?

      They’re competing as men, they adopt male grooming habits, and this what results. That sex robot from the other post keeps looking better compared to pulling the pin/tying the knot on a divorce-grenade. Imagine 10 years from now when the sex robots are improved, and male clubs form to hotrod their sex robots. Imagine a woman walking into one of those meetings and claiming she intends to primarily be a sexual companion, raise and teach the resulting children, and run a household in partnership with a man who provides. One of the divorced men is going to say, I’ve heard that sales pitch before, by what evidence can I tell you mean it any more now than my ex-wife did in 2000? In the first world legal environment, that contract is unenforcible. Family law is not going to be reformed to a more equal balance of power and finding of fault, it’s going to be avoided. In that environment all the women are going to be working in the marketplace, because that’s the only place women offer an honest exchange of value; not marriages, not politics. No offense intended to rare outliers like you.

  5. who cares. I’m carrying “illegally” right now, and in a few months my long gun will be California-illegal. I’ll do what I want. And so will almost everyone else on the hardRight. As to this communist bitch, she and the rest of our oxygen-thieving political class are driving nail after nail into their own coffin

    • Just so. Nor are you under any particular obligation to observe any other law they claim to have the authority to create or enforce. If they’ve mooted the constitutional contract by violating it, then the entire agreement is null and void, not just one *guarantee* of limited governmental power or supposed ensurement of rights of the citizen. They’ll try to claim otherwise and wrap themselves in the very flag and constitution that they’ve defiled, and that too deserves its own very special treatment.

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    I’m banning Kahr (who made my main edc carry handgun), S&W and Troy for being pussies. I’m banning the state of MA for being a haven for American hating leftists just like pretty much the entire NE. I don’t wanna hear the cries of the so called Right leaning patriots that live in those states…FUCK ALL OF YOU!!! I would NEVER live in a state or city where I was stripped of the RIGHT to Bear arms for self defense. NEVER for any reason.

    • Virgil Kane

      What about the other rights you’ve already been stripped of in every state in FUSA? Due process? Privacy? Illegal search and seizure?

    • You are exactly wrong. I will live wherever I want and none of us here in the NE are crying about anything. We aren’t stripped of anything either. Instead of smugly saying ‘fuck all of you’ because you get permission in ‘your’ state, you should be paying attention to what’s really going on in the commie states because we are barely a decade ahead of you.
      I guess those rebels in 1775 should have run off to ‘shall’ issue states. Legal shit that no free man wastes one synapse firing over.

  7. ALCON,

    Sadly, it appears the time is drawing nearer, ever nearer, to “Go to guns.”.

    It will not be pretty.

    • This is correct. There are many in these states who are effectively felons now. People who have not budged at the threat of decadal sentencing will not go quietly.

      I said it years ago and I’ll say it again, they will move first in New England, MA NY or CT. There are over 300k resistors in CT, more in NY.

      Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


      • Bill Harzia

        Deus Vult.

      • Dutchman6 is the original source
        of the perspective you claim as
        Moreover, your comment is
        a verbatim regurgitation of his
        statements in numerous SSI
        articles regarding the forced registration
        of AR’s in Connecticut, and the
        widespread treason against 2A and
        the Constitution post Newtown.

      • Tom, they know what they’re doing…and no forgiveness will be forthcoming
        I live in MA. Been trying to drag the wife outta here, but she’s not fully up to speed, no matter how hard I try. I felt pretty lonely here for awhile, but a second effort to find people has been successful.
        I’m not gonna let them run me out of my home now. My resolve is greater than my disdain for them.

      • Tom,

        I don’t know what the touch-off point will be. But, I believe it is getting closer than ever. It appears there are more ‘In-Your-Face” attacks on 2A and gun owners in just the last couple months than ever before. Seems soetoro-obama and his minions are getting more arrogant every day.

        We haven’t seen anything yet….it is almost as if soetoro-obama is working toward setting off an internal war.

      • Bucephalus

        A bunch of guys from back East were there to help at the Sugar Pine Mine.


  8. Reading up on all these protests its so sad to see “patriots” who fall in line for permits and permission for featureless firearms wave “dont tread on me” flags in gun free zones begging for permission once again to own and purchase featureless firearms. All while debating on forums wether to move their guns out of state or sell ’em.

    Its symptomatic of the whole culture across this country.

  9. At what point is it to late to push back? That is my concern. Timing is everything. Act to early and the effort is wasted. Wait to long and you are fighting back against the rapist as he is just finishing up with you, having assumed that if you did as he asked and didn’t protest to vigorously he might stop.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s the big flaw in the “No Ft. Sumters” approach. There is no agreement as to what constitutes the trigger point, so everyone is left to try to figure it out on their own. They’re also stuck with the knowledge that if they do choose to act, they will probably do so alone.

      • Yes, and that is why nothing has happened already. You see lots of people lamenting the “patriot community” and its inaction, but what that boils down to is “why hasn’t someone else gone and martyred themselves yet?”

        Nobody wants to go first, especially without any expectation that it might start a more widespread thing. Nobody wants to be shot down like a rabid dog, already ancient history by the end of the news cycle.

  10. richardfryer

    The hour is late and the desire for complete subjugation of the dirt people to the elite is now blatantly on display.
    I want nothing more than to be left alone and to be held to the same standards as everyone else. Alas we have become a nation of men not a nation of law and all will suffer for this.

  11. BlueMntCeltic

    Tom, while your merciful prayer is heartfelt….they know exactly what they’re doing. Forgiveness demands repentance and to “go and sin no more”. FWIW.

  12. The Usual Suspect

    I wonder how far are we from targeted assignations by
    both sides ?
    Coming like a freight train.

  13. That, is the face of a woman who has been so long with any on the side, she didn’t even know they moved it.

  14. Late as fuck again (by 11days).
    Keep up the ‘good’ work.

  15. If only Mitt knew

  16. HHH Old Vet.

    The Father might forgive them, I damn sure Won’t.

    Does our hearts good to see the Resistance growing Stronger with each day.

  17. So…
    Smith and Wesson are back to the management style they used during the Clinton years.

    I was pondering another J Frame but it seems I’ll have to try for something else.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Was there ever much doubt? Big companies tend to side with big government.

  18. There was good reason 15 years ago why I wouldn’t let my kid go to college anywhere EAST of Pittsburgh………too many liberals.!!

  19. Centurion_Cornelius

    Methinks this is just the tip ‘o the iceberg, or, rather, a diversion or decoy of sorts to keep our eyes off the prize. Yes, yes, these power hungry sobs want our guns, no doubt, but what I fear happening here is a complete “inversion” of the legal; system.

    Let me explain: laws–they are supposed to protect society and the individual. But, look what’s happening: laws are being made to subjugate us and grant power to the elite. And, at their core, what do the elites want?


    The fact they they may be able to jail you–hell, that calls for the charade of “due process” before they convict and jail you AND once convicted, clothe, house, and feed your arse. Both options cost FED GOV time, energy, money and funds. (yeah–they can print it out of thin air, but hear me out.)

    Leviathan NEEDS your stuff, like right now. So, watch the future vector of these bullshit laws. They will be adding fines–huge fines–to be taken out of your bank accounts, savings, 401-Ks, and pensions UP FRONT when you’re charged. You’ll have to post a surety or performance bond to the court to avoid this illegal “taking,” but won’t be able to do so. They’ll advise bonding companies via back channels not to issue any OR ELSE.

    So, you’ll see your nest egg, funds, savings, or investments swiped by a digital keystroke from some bullshit court order signed by a judicial lackey of BIG GOV. Same with your real estate–farm or ranch–they will slap a protective order or even a lien on it. (Hello, IRS!)

    Sure–they want our guns, BUT–they need to fund Leviathan with “new money.” Watch the financial dimensions of these bullshit laws expand and the Constitution be damned.

    When you’re looking at at $10,000.00 per day fine per firearm, the meter starts running up real quick and your high-powered legal boys are now billing you $1,000/hour per lawyer to save you from BIG GOV. Whammo from both ends.

    Clever rascals they.

    “Weaponizing” the legal system against you.