Barnhardt: A Chilling Letter From An NCO Calling It Quits



That which cannot continue will not.

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  1. I’ve said it before. This will devolve into brother against brother, son against father, son against mother, sister, cousin… because most of your own family still wave that fucking flag. They will turn you in for your own good or to steal what you have. Your neighbor will murder you and your sons for your food and boots and rape your pretty little girls.. Then there are those who are just following orders…

    Ask yourself if you’re hard enough to kill them, and keep killing them for THEIR own good and to preserve your own life? That’s the future here in Fusa.


    • It all begins with each of us.

      That is the kind of Man that has principles he lives by, the courage of his convictions. And honors the intent of his oath. God bless that fellow and his loved ones.

    • Virgil Kane

      I agree. It’s not security they will sell their freedom for, it’s comfort. That flag represents comfort. Not freedom. Not even security.

      In 1789 even Ben Franklin didn’t know comfort like we have today. As long as we have electricity for TV, A/C, cold beer and microwave popcorn we’re happy.

    • Kill them for their own good? Well now we know for sure you weren’t in sales.

      The rest is good

  2. Bon Voyage to the NCO. The more important number is the ratio of those who stood aghast at the decision and tried to talk him out of it. That’s the number that needs to be flipped on its ear.

  3. I still recall the “questionnaire” they circulated in the 90’s when blow job Bill was in charge and that one question that caused many a career man to heard for the exits; “If ordered to do so, would you fire on American citizens?” My enlistment expired shortly thereafter and I haven’t looked back since.

  4. The game changes when the first gets shot in the face. I remember getting sucker punched (i was on condition green, my bad) by a boxer w some skills as a youth. Guy landed about 8 or nine clean face shots (damn those hands were fast) and i ended up looking at the sky and wondering why there seemed to be a hole in my lower lip. I quickly surmised that i better gtfu or i was dead meat. I did and it ended much better than it started for me. But my equation changed forever that day. The calculation is going to change for a lot of these rah rah take their guns commie cheer leading fucktards because many of them have never been punched in the face.

    Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


    First, never interrupt your enemies while they are busy destroying one another. We have all said this before. As the military continues to devolve into the ultimate Cosmic White Liberal social experiment, it will cease to be an effective force to subdue us. But, into that power vacuum will step another group(gangs/police/”operators”/foreign mercenaries/etc.) to take charge and exploit,
    The folks here have commented about the prescient writings of Mr. Bracken. One only has to read and re-read FOREIGN ENEMIES AND TRAITORS to see a very believable future for our rotting empire. And, what tfAt posted above is my reoccurring nightmare, My neighbor on one side puts more money into his Harley than food or supplies. My wife caught the blabby widow on the other side of us peeking into our well-stocked garage. I have already hardened my heart. We all should be thinking the unthinkable. Bleib ubrig.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “As the military continues to devolve into the ultimate Cosmic White Liberal social experiment, it will cease to be an effective force to subdue us. ”

      It may become less effective, but it will become more vicious in enforcing the masters’ diktats. It will become a force of true believers in The Cause; the Abraham Lincoln Brigade 2.0, etc.

  6. Ah yes the Eichmann / Nuremberg Defense 2.0
    All being orchestrated by the Pharisee Occulted Powers aka Lords of Chaos on scripted & planned the World Kakbuki Theater Tour.
    On the positive side, at least some are awake & the topic is being discussed.

  7. Muzzle Blast

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire

  8. Jay Butternut

    The truth is difficult to hear.

  9. Capital question, t. Be willing to kill members of one’s own family whom would just as soon as have one incarcerated in a “camp” to promote an evil principle.

    I have my 20+ years of active Navy and National Guard. I went from an Infantry unit to a Div. HQ CP unit. I still wear my Blue Cord and hold the MOS 11B. (Can’t get away from it).

    My California Guard girls were mostly professional soldiers who would shoot, maneuver and communicate. Most were one hitch service and I suspect it was to learn how to shoot move and holler from a real combat vet. I believe their loyalties were toward the principles of the Republic and not the “government.”

    A few were PC “fems” and they were released before ETS dates.

    In Texas, I contend with PC “fems” an officer, several females whom have a loyalty toward the principles of socialism, not the Republic.

    In Calif. my senior NCO’s were 50/50 good to duds. In Texas, 99% are good NCO’s. In both states the officers were great.

    I am looking forward to retirement, in either Feb 2017 or June 2017. Mandatory retirement at age 60. I have two injuries from service, one now a bit debilitating. I can no longer do battle drills at Olympic paces as I did when I was 48. My infantry guys were all about combat, PC rate at <1%.

    I don't look forward to off the books retired 18 series activities, but should I find any Millenials with an ounce of fortitude, I will train them.

  10. The post is interesting however that women’s page is full of some crazy, heretical, unorthodox material…

  11. Many who served have come to that line in the sand. I did 12/13 military, 5 DOD, and then 25 as an LEO, I’ve been in some kind of uniform since I was five, in the cub scouts. I believed the dream, I wanted to do my part, and do right by my fellow citizens. I was and am a proud US citizen.

    I clearly recall the first time as an LEO that I realized the trap, that the system is rigged. I was physically sick. That event, for me was when SCOTUS defined the duties of an Leo, and determined that LEOs had zero duty to protect citizens, but to protect the infastructure.

    I was trapped, been I. It for 12/14 year, and been through hell working for the fucking retards I worked for. Those men sold their soles, for a promotion and turned their backs on We The People.

    I was in my 40s by then, thought I was doing an honorable job. Came down to this NCO’s position, shit or get off the pot. I wasn’t as strong, as this guy, I’d already done way to much time to walk without any compensation for the fights, the shootings, the blood sweat and tears I cried secretly over those who had died needlessly.

    For the children raising themselves, and I prayed to a god I really questioned, for strength and wisdom. I was slowly slowly awakening to the truth of our govt, and appalled by the blatant lies and corruption.

    I was holding citizens accountable for crimes. Yet those in DC were committing hanious crimes and they were bullet proof. A double standard that is simply wrong.

    Anyway this past weekend I picked up a 33 foot sailboat built in Sweden. I’ll rebuild the Perkins 50, and eventually sail to her new home port in Oregon. She will be outfitted with enough dehydrated food, for six months, and a simple selection of weapons ammo medical kit etc etc.

    I see Clinton being elected, and this nation really tanking in short order. Hoping my boat will be ready, I’m off on my bug out boat not sure where I’m going, just going.

    My observation is this nation will not,survive this next event, sure we’ll still be here, and a nation. But not the nation, and wonderful.coumtry I remember.


    • colddeadhandsdays

      You’re an old man Dirk. Why are you bugging out? Why don’t you stay and get some leftist?

  12. I heard that. What’s going on in the ranks right now, and what WILL go on in the ranks in the future is the stuff of nightmares.

  13. I was in under Bush Sr and Bill. I am under no illusion now that had I been severely injured in the gulf war, that the govt would not have my back; but I cannot see how patriotic americans sign up to serve in todays military unless you are wanting to fly jets or attack helicopters.

  14. Micro of the macro. The rot can be found at any level, government, private business, churches and other civic organizations, anywhere you care to look

    This also shows that people, real people, exist inthose levels and want to cross the fence. I would agree with you if you said that the higher you go the percentages are smaller.

    How are you going to winnow the chaff out? Got to get to know some people, build that tribe. Or better yet, know who the broken people are in your area and make damn sure they don’t end up making decisions

    Keep prepping. Food and water are weapons too

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “This also shows that people, real people, exist inthose levels and want to cross the fence.”

      That’s why it’s important to remember that in everything we do and say, we’re always recruiting – either for our side, or the opposition, as are they. There’s a reason that governments always couch everything in terms of “freedom,” “security,” and other safe/happy words. Like the Devil, they show their true face only rarely. Otherwise, it’s all smiles.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. This was as far as I got.
    See the contemptible word?

    ~~~~~When I told my first sergeant why I would not be re-enlisting, she said “Don’t you want to re-enlist to get your 20?”~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • She.


        Word. When I went into the active reserves in 1979 I saw how the “wimmen” had changed things into an absolute parallel-universe nightmare, I did not last too long. On the upside, the vast majority could not handle a rifle or even double-time a quarter mile in their TA-50 gear.

  17. From the letter:

    My own brother, an amateur military historian asked me the same question last week, and I said:

    “You studied military history for 8 years in school, and as a hobby your whole adult life, if you had to go up against a military composed entirely of people who were there to get their retirement benefits, how easy would that army be to defeat?”

    If you understand this nation’s precarious position, your options in the future are to learn shoot, move, communicate. Now. Unless you want to entertain the alternative option.

  18. I resigned my Army commission effective a few months ago after 14.5 years in. People thought I was nuts for not “riding out” my last 5.5 years until retirement but what they don’t understand was I looked at them as nuts. If they had any morals or integrity they wouldn’t have been able to stomach another day longer like I couldn’t seeing what the military and the country it serves has become. For those not in let me tell you as some one who was there, however much of a shit show you think our military has become it is actually much worse.

    • i’m with you! 14 years in, in a billet one up from my rank, but threw it in because it was a choice between serving my God and maintaining my integrity to Him or moral compromise. I have never looked back!

  19. 1775, or 1860 the same irreconcilable divisions are here again. I always sign up for the Rebels, for better or worse. Getting caught in the “wrong” uniform is a bigger problem than just getting out of uniform while the getting is good.
    SFC, your countrymen still need you and your expertise. Please stand ready.

  20. I retired in 2014, and I am glad that I did.
    I know what is coming, and do not look forward to it.

  21. I’m encouraged by this. The gov will have zero problem finding people who will take, torture and kill for its glory. Better to have honor with God.

  22. Miles Long

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    The site itself is not found as well.

  23. The Army, MY Army, is being taken over by people with a grudge against America. They will eagerly follow orders to conduct ops in our towns.
    You know, for our own good.

  24. An Army of liberals, humanists, atheists and feminists. I’d say the Sarge made a wise choice. I remember a guy posted a picture a couple of years ago in split screen format. It contrasted 2 Russian soldiers checking the chain tie downs of a Russian T-14 Armata tank on a railroad flat car against an obese AA in a wheel chair being hydraulically lifted onto a bus in Austin, Texas. Any conflict with Russia or China, we’ll be wearing our ass for a hat. These folks in DC are delusional. There’s no other explanation.

  25. Bucephalus

    “The re-enlistment NCO refuses to talk to me, and several other mid to senior level NCOs who previously thought I was kidding have left the Active reserves for the Individual Ready Reserves”.


    Inductive reasoning?

    Is this a letter from a Army Reserve Soldier or an active duty soldier…?

    All rhetorical questions because something about this letter doesn’t seem quite right….

    Not knowing what this NCO’s expectations were (are)…..but the IRR has just as much power over people as the “active” reserves does, and section 5210 of the “Affordable” Care Act lifts the cap on the number of people the government can enslave in the reserve ready corps….not to mention the government power in the NDAA.

    Getting out of the “active” reserves does little or nothing towards being free to act morally.

  26. >”When I told my first sergeant why I would not be re-enlisting, SHE said…”

    I almost stopped there.

    What was funny is the guy who was disgusted by both candidates. Now? Of all times in his lifetime? It still amazes me how far up their asses their heads have been.

    >’Don’t you think if one of the two candidates gets in power that either might order the power of the state to be used against their political enemies?’

    I think that would settle the failure of democracy quite plainly.

  27. just plain todd

    tfA-t………you are right. i have a brother in law who is a full colonel in the army.. he is a total POS, and i as much told him a few years ago. i told him that he would gladly run FEMA camps for a promotion. he had no reply. also told him when the ballon goes up, he gets shot first. we don’t talk, and i don’t go to family functions anymore. its better that way til kick off time. i quit automatically giving any mil/ police/ fire /gov any respect a long time ago. the sad part is i was a fireman for over 30 yrs. see you on the beach. i’m good if just you, haxo,,dweezil and a few others show up


      Word. When I went into the active reserves in 1979 I saw how the “wimmen” had changed things into an absolute parallel-universe nightmare, I did not last too long. On the upside, the vast majority could not handle a rifle or even double-time a quarter mile in their TA-50 gear. j


      jpt: Thank you, sir. If I can make it, I will. In any event, I will do my best to defend my family and those in my A/O from whatever the encroachments of the Leviathan are.

  28. I joined the Army in order to make a 20+ year career out of it. Less than a year in I had my “awakening” to how the system is, and I knew I’d only be making 4 years of it. Went to Afghanistan and was glad for the experiences I had there. It’ll help when what’s coming gets here.

  29. just read this….and his sentiments when Clinton was ordering us to fight Christians, who were fighting back a Muslim insurrection.

  30. Please read this article, Fromm the Virginia Freeman’s Society blog. Very appropriate.

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