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171 days.

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  1. Anyone that votes this woman for POTUS is the fucking enemy. Respond accordingly.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      A woman I’ve known for over a decade just admitted to me last week that she’s a communist. I tried to let it slide in the past that she was just a dumbmass democrat, but that finally severed the friendship.
      Both my uncles died in combat against the communists, now I have to pick up where they left off. And just like in Russia, the future appears to be a target rich environment.

    • Hiligula has been lying for 45 years straight, even since she was a Goldwater Girl. I live in Mexifornia, so Hil doesn’t need my vote…but if she did, I’d vote for her 1,2,3 many times. Mrs. Clinton has been sent to us to accelerate the Wheel of History. Exactly what we need. What we don’t need is Trump throwing the same patriotard shroud over the Right that Bush did. We don’t have time for that

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I will agree with you on most counts, BUT, what makes you think it will accelerate any action on the part of American patriots, even when the noose tightens on US tenfold?
        A very small part of US is itching for a fight, anything to begin the wheel of change, but most of the average J. Does that I know are oblivious to anything going on outside of what the MSM tells them. They are totally drugged and dumbed down to not have a clue we are sitting on the verge of a revolution, they really honestly don’t know or care. And every single one of them owns guns, hunts, fishes, and thinks I’m some kind of a nut case preaching insurrection against their beloved gov’t. Most just want to vote for Trump and go on with their lives.
        So hoping that the canklesaurus wins the White House is not a viable solution to our problems. It will only help them choke US to death more slowly, because I’m not expecting any help from my friends and neighbors.

    • If they didn’t have a pussy there’d be a $1. bounty on ’em – fucking cunts.
      The only thing they do well is produce offspring and LIE. They can’t help themselves when t comes to lying, they lie just for the sake of lying – did I say fucking cunts? my advice to any young man is to always wear a condom when banging a breeding age dependopotomus, or better yet, find a rich old lady and don’t ever fuck it up.

  2. “She’s Talking Again” by Henry Phillips
    Album: Number 2. Released on March 23, 1999

    Vickie Sumner | 3 months ago
    does she sound like Hillary Clinton on purpose?

    husker hammer | 1 month ago
    OMG!!! Trump should play this at his rallies.

  3. Joel Preisser

    Utterly incomprehesible….no words, the chicanery and dishonestly in the open is beyond astounding…

  4. It’s Waco Rules Baby. Waco Rules.
    Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, they were the early vestiges of the form of use of violence as a means, I’m talking concerted work to establish and organize a system and the cadre of direct interdiction, through use of force as an instrument of domestic power. It is Federal and State in it’s scope. It is not reactionary use of force to defiance and resistance to tyranny. It is federal and state government sanctioned domestic enemy elements purposefully organic within the system.
    Project Fast and Furious was a warm up. They where sloppy, they made lots of mistakes, but all the actors are still there, they learned from those mistakes, and burrowed deeper. This is Clintonian Tyranny. A key piece of evidence is telling. Just as the aid and rescue of the men in Benghazi was predicated on Cross Border Authority from the oval office, no arms can cross our international borders without sanction from the state department.

    You have to think like an upper level organized political criminal.
    Because this is all about guns. Everything is about guns. Guns politically and in many ways culturally, are what is going to decide everything. Guns are a self determining component of future events such as was the birth of liberty, the War of Northern Agression, and countless actions involving dirt people and their dignity.
    Guns and the millions of gun owners of America, the potential threat they pose are a stabilizing dynamic, they are also an inhibitor of totalitarianism. Our guns, because our guns are property, and our primal rights of using them in ways that involve our self determinations, are a form of mutual assured destruction, a stabilizing factor which overlies everything in America.
    Don’t kid yourself. If it wasn’t for our guns, the shit would have hit the fan long ago. It is the glue that is holding this clusterfuck called Amerika together.
    But that dynamic must be changed if ruthless rule of man is to completely usurp rule of law, natural or man made law.
    The political and financial class is basically an anarchy in action. The only rule is there is no rules, for them. But that kind of Total power in every facet of the sphere of our lives is unobtainable without disarmament of the dirt people.
    The cities are a useful disposable construct of society in pursuit to those ends.
    It is the country side where the issue will come down in it’s final determining form.
    Mao said “Take the countryside and the cities will fall”, correct for Mao’s cultural revolution. (If you think like a globalist organized crime syndicate in pursuit of unlimited powers and a national base of operations of geography, resources, and infrastructure to work from, the good ol’ USofA is a dandy location. It is why they call rural dirt people flyover country “The Unsecured Spaces”. Remember, land is property, very very important property, it is debatable which is more valuable to dirt people, guns or land. I think both are inextricably linked). Mao also stated the gun should never rule the party, the party must control the gun.
    Clintonian Tyranny is faced with a very sticky conundrum of biblical, and enormous political magnitude. Never mind the cultural and human factors, as Culture is always upstream of politics, the human factor is always on top.

    The idea of America was predicated on Agrarian concept of Property, the fundamental G-d given rights of owning property so as to have self determination/sufficiency, and the use of ones property, land to feed and enrich, arms to defend these honorable essential basic primal rights of Men. It doesn’t get more cultural or human dignity wise than that.

    These two different species of humans, the dirt people and Clintonian criminal syndicate, are about to have a war. It has to be a war. There is no voting our way out of this. Voting was designed to keep us from having to vote our way out of bad things.

    We all American’s took an oath when we came of age to decide such things as our self determination and our dignity of liberty by dint of our natural born primal rights each of us where gifted by the great creator. Some learned to take that oath, some didn’t. These are the two hostile camps facing each other across a single battlefield of civil war. One camp is armed with a whole army of cannon fodder and fields multitudes of useful dupes. The other is a most humble but indomitable host. It is the makings of insurgent open source warfare with a vengeance, which if can discover it’s latent and manifest potential can not be conquered.
    It will be a war that is very short as the political class collapses from its own illegitimacy suddenly and rapidly, or it is a long drawn out brutal bloody war lasting many years where many enclaves and little states of secession develop. And one big America is gone forever.

    • Frighteningly spot on. Condensed for the short attention span of modern America, “Farm for the state or die at their hand…. Kulak”…..

    • Steve Kristmann

      Doug you are right that it’s “Waco Rules”, I totally agree with you there.
      That’s all ‘gov/authority’ operates with coercion, threats, force and fraud.
      When individuals act like this, we rightly call them criminals and have
      nothing to do with them…but a majority of people see absolutely nothing
      wrong with a fictious entity called ‘gov/authority’ acting like this we accept it
      and think it’s normal for individuals involved with the cult of ‘gov’ to act as
      they do.

      “The political and financial class is basically an anarchy in action. The only rule is there is no rules, for them. But that kind of Total power in every facet of the sphere of our lives is unobtainable without disarmament of the dirt people.”

      If anarchy was truly understood and in action by enough people, what
      we see in operation and action wouldn’t be the case. As I’ve mentioned
      here and elsewhere, anarchy (or voluntarism as it’s also known) isn’t
      about not having rules…it’s that there isn’t any rulers or leaders; they’re
      not needed as each individual is his own leader. We don’t want ‘total
      power’, we only want to live by voluntary association with each other.

      Here’s what I’m talkiing about:

      What Anarchy Isn’t

      If YOU Were King

      The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

      The Myth of Authority (Video Contest Winner)

      Message to the Voting Cattle

      “We all American’s took an oath when we came of age to decide such things as our self determination and our dignity of liberty by dint of our natural born primal rights each of us where gifted by the great creator.”

      Sorry, that’s an epic fail; all the ‘oath to the constitution’ signified was
      an oath to support an imaginary entity called ‘gov’ and to provided for
      it’s propagation and furtherance, nothing more. It’s just another form of
      obeisance to a ‘false god’; one’s decision to be involved in Liberty and
      self-determination and acceptance and exercise of our natural born
      primal rights has NOTHING to do with accepting and obeying the
      false god ‘gov’…in fact to do those things is absolutely contrary to
      worshiping at such a false altar.

      This graphic illustrates perfectly what “good law abiding taxpayers”
      really bow down to…

      Yours In Liberty thru anarchy/Voluntarism!..backed up by the N.A.P.
      and a DSA Fal to see it through if necessary!!
      NorthGunner III

  5. Julian Assange: Hacked Emails Include Info On Hillary’s Arming of Jihadists, Including ISIS, in Syria

    I say this. If that psychopath in a pants suit is installed as the next dickless-tator, It is only a matter of the correct timing before the bloody methods of Clintonian Tyranny gun running and use of those proxies so armed is incorporated here into Civil War II.


    True, Steven Johnson. But, we are outnumbered. She will be the next POTUS. Anyone not prepared for that possibility is in for a nasty surprise.

  7. Steven is correct. I also think the leftist voters (I refuse to call them liberals as thee is NOTHING liberal about them) are willfully ignorant fucking imbeciles, do NOT care. This pile of shit could kill babies on live TV and these assholes would still vote for her. Want to see something funny? Ask any leftist what they believe they’ll “win” if she’s elected…… It’s virtually always some version of “yaaaaaaaa my team” without a single goal or achievement beyond that which they can articulate.
    On a completely different note, the BlackLiarsMurder movement has released their “agenda”. It’s a quaint little diatribe about fairness and equality, right up to the last sentence where they wish to discuss reparations, paid by people who had exactly NOTHING to do with slavery, to people who were NEVER slaves. I guess I’m cool with that, as long as they’ll accept lead (a semi-precious metal) as payment… What a fucking joke this nation has become.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Matt,
    Check this out:
    ‘And The Best-Selling ‘Book’ On Amazon This Week Is…’ (The Pocket Constitution)

    Bet you dollars to donuts you run another EFAD Amazon best seller campaign it will go over the top again.
    Your trilogy is not only still relevant, it is more relevant than it has ever been.

    In particular this development of excruciatingly repulsive politicization of the US Military is underway is relative to your insights and predictions:

    A cultural marxist and a red diaper baby, Jeff Bezos and Cass Sunstein Appointed To Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board.

    Among the litany of Maoist inclinations of Sustien, never mind his proclivity for Willaim Ayers stand on genocide of a minimum of 25 million dead Americans in advancement of the long march, this itself may strike many here on WRSA as a familiar point from the article:

    “While at Harvard in 2008, Sunstein co-authored a working paper that suggests government agents or their allies “cognitively infiltrate” conspiracy theorist groups by joining ”chat rooms, online social networks or even real-space groups” and influencing the conversation.

    The paper also suggests that the government “formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech.” That sounds an awful lot like the 50 Cent Party of online commentators who are paid per comment by the Chinese communist party to sway public opinion.

    (Sounds like the MO of a few particular “commentor’s on WRSA and other blogs)

    If I was MSGT Boon Vickerson I’d be cutting fence with an SR25 already.(PS,
    there’s a lot of us Phil Carson’s out here in dirt people land)

    And to top off the list of psychopathic activities of the human extinction movement there is this:

    California To Proclaim August “Muslim Appreciation And Awareness Month”

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    It is almost the end of the ball, so the masks are coming off. There is no pretense of equal treatment, fairness, or other quaint sayings. The Elite Political Class simply want to kill us. They took studious notes during the first Civil War, thinking that they can apply the same rules this time around. What They forgot, is we not only took better notes-we have allowed the entire murderous and thieving event to mellow and cure in the cauldron. It is a strong broth, not for those of safe spaces, hired security, or special snowflakes. There is trouble, right here in River City-as the saying goes. And country boys & girls will survive.

  11. SemperFi, 0321

    Perhaps inauguration day should be set aside as the opening of CW2. 12 noon EST. 🙂