“Haiti is simply what IQ 67 looks like”


A snapshot of what is coming, in case you cannot (or more likely, will not) extrapolate the glorious socialist future from Venezuela today.

But look!

Sex robots.

So there’s that.

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  1. Slaami’s aren’t much higher.

    • Glad your willing to die for that communist flag you wrap yourself in – you brain dead zombie.

      SO. BE. IT.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Roger dat! all that there “in breeding” sanctioned and encouraged by their “Head Coach” over at Team Mo. plowing them hareem fields and laying that pipe amongst close family members just to get off-spring to outvote the locals, but a price is to be paid=moron, imbecile, nitwits come to mind.

      it ain’t good for horses nor dogs–why would this be good in humans?

      and Angie Merkel and EEC think these MENSA-challenged are both their solution and saviours? exactly who are the dummkopfs, eh?


  2. I would also say the Somalis are in the same mental (or lack of) capacity.

    Working in Djibouti which is the same tribal Issa and Afar tribal groups as the Somalis, I saw untold number of actions by the locals that could only be put down as severe dimwittedness.

    Seriously the USGOV had imported a mad Hungarian named Nick, solely to supervise the locals sorting the trash from the base for recycling and to keep them from eating it.

    That place if one was in the recycling business is a literal gold mine of scrap metal strewn around everywhere with the locals too lazy (or dumb) to even pick it up and sell to the scrap yard.

    On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” A snapshot of what is coming, in case you > cannot (or more likely, will not) extrapolate the glorious socialist future > from Venezuela today. But look! Sex robots. So there’s that. ” >

  3. keith park

    Sure, she’s cute and can perform every sex act ever imagined … but can she make a sammich and fetch me a beer?

  4. IQ 67…….kinda like the urban hip-hop culture, no?

  5. Futurama – Don’t date robots

  6. Virgil Kane

    I wonder if he eats it too.

  7. christiangustafson

    That IQ site claims the US average is 98. If you factor out the 13% of the population with a mean 85 IQ, you get a non-black American mean IQ of 102.

  8. Haiti is all it’s ever been, since they murdered most of the whites running things by the end of their revolt. The British army egged them on, providing arms and supplies, wonderful folks the British. So 200,00 negroes were killed, 45,000 British troops; 75,000 French troops died and 25,000 white plantation owners died. These plantation owners were the only people capable of running Haiti.

    Haiti will never be more than it is today as long as negroes are permitted to run the place.

    There are 10.6 million people living in Haiti, 95% of them are negroes with the aforementioned average IQ of 67. All negroes need to either be reenslaved so they have directions on how to work, or patriated to Africa.

    There are no other answers.

    • This.

      • the Haiti situation is predictive: once the open-borders Judeo-globalists have reduced the White population in North America to a more-or-less disarmed c. 20% (current: 60% White, 40% Other; 50::50 by 2030) facing a a heaving mass of Blacks, Browns, and Muslims, the Jews intend to exterminate us root-and-branch. And if, somehow, they can keep the debtPonzi going until 2050 or so…they might well get it done, Haiti-style. Looks like they’re going to get timed-out, though, and Mrs. Clinton will be the accelerant


      Mr. Hines: There is also the issue of the massive earthquake not too long ago. The USSA(read taxpayers) poured millions of debtbucks into that hell hole. Then, all of the church groups started pitching in, and taking congregation-financed trips down there to hand out cans of tuna and peanut butter to the local yokels. I know this because my useful idiot Lutheran church( which I quit) sent a group down there.
      Then, you had these mega-church, carnival-barker, happy-clappy ministries such as Joyce Meyer and Jentezen-Franklin raising millions to build new housing for these voodoo-practicing rock apes. You never hear much news coming out of that depraved country, except when a boat load of them make landfall in Florida and the Democrat Precinct Captain is down at the docks to register them for Hillary.
      The corrupt Ferris Wheel just keeps on turning. The Muzzie refugees are slowly but surely trickling into Rawles Land. And, there is no more noise coming out of Twin Falls after the laundry-room rape of the young girl by the three Mohammedan boys. We are cooked.

  9. I maintain that if there was something you wanted to buy, a sportscar; or a trip you always wanted to take; to do it now(although Europe may be out now because of the muzzies). Coming is a future where the average person either will not be able to or will not be allowed to travel without approval. Once the US dollar goes in the toilet for any of a number of reasons, the usa becoming venezula becomes real possible.

  10. Haiti has been a mess since its inception. And worst once the massacre of white population. How many interventions have there been in the past century? At least 4 that I can recall, including a period when the Marines were the defacto government. And then the millions of dollars pored into that country in foreign aid, that ended up in the accounts of whatever Witch doctor is in charge down there.

  11. She looks more like Kiera Knightly than she does Scarlett.

  12. “Many people feel very alone and some people are not skilled at communicating with girls or boys,” he said. “I don’t think they should fall in love with robots but [having a robot companion] could help them psychologically.”



    They aren’t skilled at communications because they keep their snoots buried in their gadgets and little else.

    So this maroons solution is another gadget.


    He paid $380k to build his own gadget with a gash.

    Sounds like his wallet is bigger than his brain.
    But his teeny peen is happy and that’s all that matters in his teeny self obsessed world.

    By the end of next summer – 80 mil. poof! gone!
    The burn off will be glorious.


  13. What is a Slaami?

  14. I notice that the Hong Kong zipperhead made a sex robot to look like a white girl, not one of his Asian beauties. Speaks volumes as to what is valued over what. You can find good looking women anywhere, ‘cept maybe Africa, and certain ghetto redoubts here in the USA. I think Futurrama pretty much nailed it with their episode about robosexual love in Project Infinity. Nailed it. Heh. The PSA in the middle of an episode about Fry and a Lucy-Lu robot shows the world depopulated and desolate because no one bothered to reproduce is enlightening too. Lucy Lu is Kind of attractive, if you don’t mind having all your skin stripped off you an inch at a time, and your brain fried by the way an Asian views politics. But Haiti, Gah, echhsh, gag, puke, retch, gag again, and choke. Nice how the Red Cross pocketed a couple billion after the last big earthquake down there, and produced almost nothing in the way of relief for the Haitians. First on their agenda was retiring 110 million in debt they had racked up, and then big bonuses for themselves. They erected exactly three houses. Clara Barton would have them all hung with barbed wire. But Haiti itself is a vision of what hell must look and smell like. When they’re not busy raping aid workers or each other, stealing from others and behaving like animals is what’s for dinner. I don’t know who is worse, the Red Cross or the Haitians themselves.

  15. Your average zoo Chimp has a 60 IQ. Haiti is what EVERY African dominated community ON EARTH looks like. Sick, Starving, Violent, Stupid , Poverty ridden, filthy. It is exactly what EVERY US city will look like without welfare payments and food stamps. Remember that the PC “adjusted” Tested IQ of the African in Amerika is only in the low 70’s to low 80’s AFTER being “adjusted”. The problem is Genetic, and no “program” CAN change that.

    • “Haiti is what EVERY negro occupied area ON EARTH looks like.”

      No charge for the corrective editing this time.
      Next time I’ll send you an invoice.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Grenadier1

    The money boys is in Meat Puppets. Get on the train early. You could one day find yourself setting on top of a goldmine as a CyberPimp.

  18. “I have given my life to try and alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization.” …………”For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will destroy or devour him”……”Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

    Albert Schweitzer

  19. just plain todd

    heh, we aren’t that far behind. avg american has a room temperature IQ at best. that’s how we got here.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Damn, are they dumb. Maybe 1 out of 20 people on the street doesn’t have their nose in a electronic gadget. And what kind of stupid does it take to live your so-called life on facebuut? I mean really, who gives a flying fuck what you are doing, or where you were today, and that you think you have 500 ”friends”?


  20. Humans with a 67 IQ have trouble dressing and feeding themselves. On the contrary, these people drive automobiles and use smart phones; that’s how we know their IQs are normal. They don’t have a low IQ genetic problem, instead their culture is retarded.

    • precisely the point. Collapse the Judeo-welfare/illfare state control mechanism, and most “American” Blacks will have great difficulty dressing and feeding themselves. First they’ll mug anonymous and steal his pants; then they’ll roast him over a slow fire

      • I mean, have trouble getting arms into sleeves and legs into pants. Haven’t you seen any actually-retarded humans? Underestimate your enemy and you’ll be in trouble.

    • The phone is much “smarter” than the operator. Have you seen what the cars look like in Haiti? Rolling, some of the time, pieces of shit. Many races do not have a high intelligence quotient: they make up for it with a genuine work ethic and ingenuity.
      Sadly, Haiti is and will continue to be a human cesspool. Nature does not give a rats ass about emotions when survival is involved. Survival depends upon intelligence,adaptability and being capable of kicking the shit out of your competitor for food,shelter and pro-creation. Harsh truth will soon rule the day.

  21. HHH Old Vet.

    Whoopy do. my right hand didn’t cost anything.

  22. If I score a hot chick with an IQ of 67 is that not a sex robot? No assembly required, wind up with a credit card.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “If I score a hot chick with an IQ of 67 is that not a sex robot?”

      In many, if not most jurisdictions, it would be a rape charge. She wouldn’t be able to give valid consent to anything sexual.

  23. This is why the movie ‘Idiocracy’ is so brilliant. It perfectly describes every r-selected, hypersexual, low IQ society on the planet without even going into race.

  24. I heard that the richest person in Venezuela is Hugo Chavez’ daughter.
    Funny how that works.