SLL: Mommy And Daddy


Robert faces the electoral facts.

A broken polity leads to broken policies.

Which in turn lead to disaster.

Keep training.

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  1. Good article on The Way In Kingdom Tracks. Thank you.
    Getting Closer
    Passing along 🙂

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    All my years of harping against brainwashing and groupies has gotten me nowhere, the groupies are winning.
    People refuse to think for themselves, and as we see, the bigger the group, the dumber it gets. Nothing like collectivist stupidity to insure group survival.

    • Yup. dumb they are, and fix you will not.

      Hope the knee is healing, keep working it.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Did a 10 mi. hike on Continental Divide last Fri, finally did it in.
        VA has me in for X-rays next Tues. Hope they finally just ‘scope it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “People refuse to think for themselves”

      Actually, most are thinking for themselves, it’s just that they might be getting the math wrong, depending on their position. Team Collectivism says “We’ll give you stuff”. People do the math and figure out that they will get more out than they put in – thus, they get ahead. Those at the top and bottom of the totem pole are both right. The bottom pays in little or nothing, and gets something. The top pays in a fair bit, but gets more back. It’s the middle that gets the math wrong – they pay in more than they get out (most of them, at any rate.)

  3. We’ve been in mommy land for too long(i.e. being “nice” to “refugees”), the country will be decided on if daddy is allowed back in the house.
    From the article, “Crowds are stupid; wisdom is solitary.” – I knew there was a reason I liked reading a book more than interacting with most people.

  4. It’s a waste of time 99% of the time. But on a rare occasion someone will wake up. Some of us did, right? Can we all sit here and say that our own political awakenings were all due to our own efforts and wisdom? Did no other person influence that through debate at all? I still try.

    • Not Exactly a waste of time…

      IMO, About 5- 10% of the Ron Paul supporters were once democrats, they saw the light and became libertarians, voluntarists, anarcho capitalist, etc…they truly changed their worldview and centered it around individualism. They saw the errors of collectivism and lost their faith.

      I was never a democrat, but I was a Bush supporter. (Sorry about that, but you don’t know what you don’t know)

      …I later learned…

      The Minuteman Project, Appleseed, and Ron Paul had a lot to do with my awakening. I surrounded myself with people that knew what they hell was going on. You learn one fact, then another, then you find yourself searching on your own. Its the personal research that really kicks it in gear. When YOU search something out, then find it – its ingrained in your brain. This is when your world view really begins to change.

      It changed mine, and I am not alone.

    • Well said. Many times I have said to hell with these mutants, and then I meet a total stranger who gets it. It also seems to be improving lately.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Arguing politics is and always has been a waste of time. It’s getting downright nasty out there lately though, some people are getting very vindictive.

    If you want to make a good impression or “blend in” with a neighbor or acquaintance, never bring up politics. If they do, then agree with whatever candidate they like.

  7. Grenadier1

    Political “debates” for the most part look like this

  8. Think that kid will take ten bucks so’s I can get some of that action too? Just sayin’…………..Robert makes the point, and it sucks. We’re ten years old again, carrying messages back and forth between our angry parents. Just because we’ve had a Pussy with his hand on the nuke switch the last seven years or so, doesn’t mean we need a physical one too.

  9. CA, re: the latest tag line, do you truly believe we are about to experience some USSR stuff?

  10. Sorry, folks, but I regard this essay as rather flaccid.

    The Republican Party as “dad”, really?

    The Republican Party was the original socialist, aka proto-fascist, party bar none. From funding the murderous John Brown to running the reign of terror in the conquered souther states known euphemistically as “Reconstruction”, they did it all.

    I don’t care if the Democrats have become the new neo-fascist party; the Republicans have come full circle from their days of “America First” men to the days of Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and John McCain.

  11. The only reason to argue politics w/ someone who disagrees w/ you is to use them as a foil to reach onlookers.

    Great website with a more scientific way of saying what the author did:

  12. I actually found my best friend during a debate. I was debating a liberal coworker and another coworker overheard it. She later approached me to tell me she agreed with my views, despite never having heard them stated that way before. I’ve talked to her a lot about it since then, taken her shooting, etc. She’s my best friend now. A great result from a debate.