The Disaster Awaiting Law Enforcement

officer safety swat

VFS looks at another organization and draws parallels.

Agents of their own demise.

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  1. Aside from blm and a super small percentage of “patriots” the vast majority of this country worships the thin blue line.

    Whether it be out of sheer fear that they can do whatever they want to a person without any fear of punishment or that the people are brainwashed rocking their blue tape on the back windows or cars – it doesnt matter. I never ever expect the vast majority of the populous to ever speak against their acts.

    When cops have equated themselves with “peacemakers” and even reference bible verses to back their profession the masses will eat it up. The “gun culture” is the worst. Just look at a 5.11 catalog. Its pure propaganda.

  2. Finest historical parallel and analysis on this subject I’ve ever read.

    Brilliant. Talk about a “final warning….”

    Unfortunately, the expectation that the paradigm shift in police “culture” necessary to correct the problem will be achieved is about nil.

    • Good insights, your right 0-6.
      Civilian law enforcement has walked right into the trap set for them eyes wide shut. I have little empathy for they are adults, with intimate knowledge of the dark side of humanity. Talk about useful dupes and cannon fodder. They are suckers in simple terms. They had it made. A subtle criminal gang, and all they had to do was give their political masters the stonewall and the dirt people simple courtesy of at least going through the motions of law enforcement, make token gestures and help a few wayward kids see the error of their ways and possible future.
      But no, they swallowed the carrot and the stick of fed corruption and violent use of power projection hook line sinker and fishing pole, and now the bus is running them over like a fried out two week old cat turd.
      The cultural marxist have made a symphony of playing them as useful idiots. And they still don’t get it. They are gonna get thrown into a meat grinder of civil defiance verses desperate political class actions of trying to stem the tide of Because Fuck You Thats Why.
      They had it made. It was a cake walk. Talk about fucking up a free lunch. Now they have enemies from every quarter, and what do the nincompoops do? They double down on the stupidity. No sympathy for self inflicted “unintentional discharges”.

      Lot of parallels to Weimar Germany, history is circular, but where comparing fascists to fabian marxists. Lot of things, key things will be disimular. Those differences are important to understand.

  3. A most excellent observation and analysis. Gone are the days, apparently, when LEO’s could be trusted to ‘do the right thing’. I have family members that are currently LEO’s in Louisiana. They, at least to me, alarmingly display the ‘them vs. us’ mentality. This will not end well.

    • SJ,

      As long as folks such as yourself, continue to describe them by the moniker they prefer for themselves, “LEO”, homage will continued to be paid them.

  4. Genrikh Yagoda

    Note to all would be authors to include Jesse James: I can’t be alone in not being able to read your otherwise meaningful articles (??) any longer without feeling that my head might actually explode when you find some justification to use the thread-worn, obligatory, ubiquitous reference to those horrible WWII-German-NAZI-people.

    The history of the world just during the last 125 years is amazing. You should read it some time (PLEASE!).,7340,L-3342999,00.html


    The hope-for-the-best side of me believes that this tome should be a mandatory read in every police academy curriculum. The cynic in me says otherwise. The tired old cliche of “follow the money” comes to mind. The police establishment here in Amerika will follow whoever is paying them. They will continue to scare a clueless, normalcy-bias, head-in-the-sand public to keep the tax money rolling in.
    I saw it with my own eyes in the late 1980’s with bogus Reagan-Bush “War On Drugs.” Asset forfeiture was a financial windfall for police agencies and prosecutors’ offices. When drug busts became passe’ it morphed into a “War On Gangs.” And, if a couple of punk-rock meth heads beat up some member of a protected “minority group”, then, to the screeching backround noise of press and politicians, all the stops were pulled out. Any white boy with a swastika or Confederate Battle Flag tattoo found himself flagged in every data base in Amerika. Skin heads became the new target.
    The references to Germany and the Reichswehr vs. the Wehrmacht leave out one important point. The people were given an enemy to target. They were told their enemies were the Jews and the November Criminals who signed the Versailles Treaty. Once a target is in focus, all else is forgotten. Any logical, moral solution to the economic and social problems which plague a society is gone.
    The Dindu Nuthins focus on cops and white people. The Dead Elephants focus on the Mohammedans and the “War On Terror”. The Jackass Party hates anyone who has ten dollars more in their wallet or purse than they do. Plus, they have no problem eradicating the unborn. This will be the perfect recipe for civil war. Bleib ubrig.

    • Steve Kristmann

      “…The Dindu Nuthins focus on cops and white people. The Dead Elephants focus on the Mohammedans and the “War On Terror”. The Jackass Party hates anyone who has ten dollars more in their wallet or purse than they do. Plus, they have no problem eradicating the unborn. This will be the perfect recipe for civil war. Bleib ubrig.”

      Dweezil, those aforementioned groups have more in common with each other than they realize or wish to admit…they are all collectivists/statists
      to a greater or lesser degree…socialist/communist, constitutionalist, democracy fetishist. They all believe in the most dangerous superstition which is called ‘gov/authority’.

      IMHO, there are only two types of people; those who want to live free,
      work for their own existence, and involve themselves with others thru
      voluntary association (‘dirt people’ if you will). I count myself among them.

      The others are those who are totally terrified of leading an independent life,
      having independent thought, and feel that others ‘owe’ them and need to
      provide for their existence from cradle to grave by stealing from what you and I work for and create. They also believe that ‘dirt people’ can’t live their lives peaceably and need to be monitored and directed in every way and every moment, “lest chaos and anarchy rule”. These people constitute the fsa, their enablers and the parasites and enforcers called ‘gov/authority’.

      The struggle will be between those of those of us who want to work for a living and be left alone to voluntarily associate with those who we wish and those who ‘vote for a living’ and their enablers, who believe it’s their right to rule us.
      There will be a war…and it’ll be anything but ‘civil’.

      Yours In Liberty w/o any damned statism!
      NorthGunner III

  6. Thin blue line= Us versus them. I didn’t start it nor did I get to pick my team but I’m damn sure aware of it and if these fucks believe I’ll ever lift a finger to help them, it merely reinforces my belief that you have to be at least mildly retarded to be a pig in America. Fuck. Them. All.

  7. Uncle Larry

    The country is now dysfunctional. This carries over to police hiring practices. In Chicago, for example, a white male must score over 90 on the entrance exam if he is not politically connected or mobbed up. Why? Because of affirmative action and the other mentioned hiring practices. A black male can flunk the test by scoring only 70 and still get his name on the hiring list. So, the majority of successful police applicants in Chicago are either substandard affirmative action or politically connected. In many of the high profile misconduct incidents in Chicago, the police in question were politically connected guys that were above getting disciplined. Just my observation.

    • Any white guy that wants to be a cop in Chicago has prequalified for a Darwin Award. Don’t forget to stay current on your “term life” premiums.

  8. Well ole jesse has outed himself as a serious STATIST. He loves him some ahthoitah come hell or high water. Go figure, he’s a slimebag lawyer. Me, I don’t need any thug lording over me. I say kill all the lowlifes who will not behave themselves from the get-go. Thus, no punk ass badges or lawyers are needed… and that’s why he cannot accept or comprehend this reality.
    Three words say it best…

    FUCK. THE. poLICE.

    • Ah, let the hate flow. It’d have hurt my feelings if it had been anybody but your sweet lips screaming it. You mistake should for is. There should be only sheriffs. Maybe one day, but there’s always people who only want the instant fix rather than a more permanent solution involving many steps in the right direction before the desired outcome. You think the statists did it in one fell swoop? Took a hundred years for them. Simply proposing a step in the right direction doesn’t mean I want to stop there, sir. Shoot me an email if you want to pursue this further, I’m not interested in a shouting match in the comments section but if you want to know what I believe then you can hear it from the horse’s mouth if you like.

    • Meh.

      In the next system, swindlers will have all possessions sold-off for restitution, thieves/robbers get their hands cut off, give false testimony, tongue gets cut off, drunks who commit criminal offenses get booze poured down their throats till they drown, physical assault is punished by a community ass kicking, murderers(not justified killings)get executed.

      Of course, this would mean ordinary men would have to stand-up for what is right, and not just sit around waiting for a paid agent to dispense justice…

      Most all other slights really don’t justify any action. Sticks and stones… but words can never hurt me.

      Fuck the cops and the courts.

      100-200 million… and we’ll have our instant fix. 🙂

    • That’s Black Lives Matter ideology your hawking efA-t.
      Sure you don’t work for TNBPP moonlighting as a paid online shit stirrer.
      Do you get minimum wage rate?

      • You want to keep starting shit with me? FINE. I’ll fling so much shit on your hillbilly ass you won’t know if it’s day or night. Go get a job you punk MVT groupie. You’re a scumbag.

        L O S E R — B O Y
        W E L F A R E — B I T C H
        L O W L I F E — P O S

      • Doug,

        It seems to me LFmayor has decided to take the high road curtailing uncalled remarks against tfA-t. You on the other hand continue to exercise your inner asshole with uncalled for remarks. You’re such a bad ass.

        While you accuse tfA-t of causing and initiating discord it seems you’re the moron here creating such.

        You are pitiful. Grow up.

  9. Jesse makes good and salient points, but it’s all for naught. And the Dallas Chief of Police? In 2010, his felonious son shot and killed a citizen and a Lancaster cop. The Deputy Chief forced other cops to give the cop killer son a police escort at the sons’ funeral, and cops in Dallas are STILL pissed off about it. There’s about four illegitimate WTFs’ in that story, regarding the legitimacy of the cops anger, their right to do things their way, etc. But Jesse’s plaint is all for naught because this is one of those moments when you realize the divide is too wide between the camps, the corruption too deep, the money too good, and the obstinacy of politics involved to change when they should. It’s the same old story through out history. The entrenched become so powerful, and so resistant to renewal or change, that they believe it will always be this way, until some body comes along and pulls them out by the roots. Their surprise when it happens is only matched by their ignorance as to why it happened. You just can’t shit on people and walk away, it doesn’t work like that. And when it happens, right or wrong isn’t going to matter anymore, the blood will gush until it’s settled.

    • Sean, Remember who said this?
      The greatest all time bestest comment ever:

      “I think we should all relax and keep doing what we’re doing in preparing for that inevitable fuck up that will turn into a shit storm of scary crap, and who knows for how long. The left will keep at it, fucking the country a little harder each time, in pursuit of their victory for the proletariat (aka; whoever they designate as the proletariat.) And we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, with an aware mind, equipped with intelligence, and a clear idea of what we stand for, and want to bring about, being some of the best weapons we have. It all looks like hopeless shit because the left pretty much does what it wants, and we’re constrained by the morality we possess. Don’t sweat it, every dog has his day, and ours is coming. Want to lose heart, want to betray? Well, don’t. This is the men’s department, and here, we do the difficult and grotesquely complicated shit, because we’re men, and we don’t quit, and we don’t despair because men that are winners don’t despair. They persevere. We are persistent, and we are determined and we are going to fucking win. And if anybody wants to know how the Irish and the Poles did it, you just read it. It will take a while, and it will suck and blow with every living breath, but in the end, we will win. Write THAT in stone.”


      • You just keep sucking up to everyone don’t you? I bet you actually have a “tooth” brush huh billyboy? with long greasy hair, and tough guy tattoos, with black filth under your nails. You fucking “dirt people” need to be pressure washed, scrubbed with soap, then sprayed with insecticide. I see your type everywhere and it disgusts me, just goes to show how far society has fallen. I bet you’ve never owned a suit and tie or a pair of decent shoes, you dirt people have better things to do with your freeshit check – like buy beer and cigarettes.. FUCKING SCUMBAGS.

  10. There are no good cops/LEOs/Badged Thugs. None.

    Shun them when you can. Even if the thug is asking directions to the nearest donut shop….ignore it.

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    It seems like most discussions of “what’s wrong with the police” misses a very big issue: police unions. Public sector unions are a terrible idea in general, but horrifically bad when applied to police. It fundamentally alters the relationship, placing “the public” in the role as opposition to pay raises, new benefits, etc. The unions also push hard for retention of the “bad apples,” and favor lower standards.

    Get rid of the police unions, and things might start improving.

    • outlawpatriot

      Concrete thinking right there. While after the war I would want to go back to an individual sheriff and local militia, if there “had” to be a police force, two things would have to be mandatory in my estimation. One, no unions as you suggest. And two, other than power of arrest, police officers have no more “rights” than any other citizen. 🙂

      • Grenadier1


      • Real life example: Yesterday in the Bay Area our local rag carried a story about a 33 year old cop that retired on full disability and will receive $78,000 a year. He’s also eligible for colas. His disability extends from an incident in 2014 when responding to a domestic dispute and wrestling with the unarmed male, he shot the guy in the head. The cop fully admits it. The vic, sued the municipality and walked away with a hefty $150,000.
        Must have had Jackie Chiles as his lawyer.

      • To those conditions of employment I’d also add they will be PERSONALLY responsible for any civil or criminal violations they perpetrate. No more of this bullshit taxpayer financed settlement shit. Also, as “law enforcement” They should be held to the absolute HIGHEST standard of the letter of the law in ALL cases. Commit a crime while hiding behind your tin star? Receive maximum possible sentence that any other citizen would be subjected to. No exceptions. That should apply to attorneys, judges and politicians as well.

    • Excellent thought. I’m not a fan of any unions, but government ones shouldn’t even exist. It would mollify many of the symptoms though the disease runs deeper IMHO.

      • Public employee unions are intolerable. You have the union bargaining as a collective, and on the other side of the table who do you have? The taxpayers? Hardly! You have bureaucratic administrators and elected politicians who receive handsome donations from….the unions! It’s a “bargain” where both sides want the same thing. The people actually paying for it are totally unrepresented at that table.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “The people actually paying for it are totally unrepresented at that table.”

          There was a video some years ago of then-governor John Corzine yelling to a crowd of public sector union members that he was going to fight for a fair contract for them. Guess he forgot that he was supposed to be playing the part of management on behalf of the public.

      • Steve Kristmann

        Jesse it’s really easy…stop worshiping at the ‘false god’s altar’

        Here’s the solution (for free even):
        The Most Dangerous Superstition

        Yours In Liberty w/o costumed thugs and their parasitic bosses!
        NorthGunner III

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Stealth Spaniel

    It’s been 156+ years ago, and yet it all goes back to the Civil War. Southerners=Bad. We enslaved poor ol’ darkies, we grew bountiful crops and fields full of meat. We had prosperous ports, full fisheries, and beautiful gracious women. It really did need destroyed for the good of everyone. Northerners=Good. By 1860 many cities were way overcrowded, the importing of “slave” labor in the form of the Irish, the Italians, and other poor Europeans was on super speed. The statists were up & running already with crowned heads of governors, mayors, and assorted .Gov types. These people certainly weren’t going to send their own sons to fight in a brutal war. As an aside-I was engaged to a Wyoming rancher in the ’80s. He was family-named for General Paul Kitchel-who was a pall bearer at Lincoln’s funeral. The family started in New York. His side saw the writing on the wall, sold the properties, the mansions, and went west.

    Better the unknown of open country, than the known of civil war.

    So, here we are, all of these years & years later, and still it colors our world. We can never apologize/advance in rank/promote/encourage the African American enough. Every, and I mean every, single business (don’t think being a policeman isn’t a “business”) must make sure that by virtue of their outward features and regardless of their intellect, that they are moved forward in their careers. Due to unending immigration, we now have countless combinations of “minorities” that also qualify as Special Snowflakes. The Elites are rewrting history, destroying graves, monuments, and the like to serve these Special Snowflakes.

    We have got to get more sense out of our next conflict. No more amendments to the Bill of Rights, no more special carve outs for anyone, no more social experiments on a military that ONLY defends the country. Every family must stand on its own. Let every Free Patriot be armed. No more police to enforce the laws of the masters.

    • It would literally be cheaper to just give every single one of them a million dollars and a McMansion than to continue engaging in this collective form of Make Believe where we all pretend that they will ever be capable of equaling the white man.

      The South was the first victim of Yankee imperialism, a phenomenon that has since spread around the world. The world hates Americans because the Yankee is the type of American they know. The Northeast has been an unending source of moralizing busybodies and eventually they’re going to get good and nuked for their trouble.

  14. Marlo Stanfield

    Germany was in the position they were in because the so called white Jew bank rolled Germany in WW1 and pulled a double cross stabbing Germany in the back. That is why Germany hates those so called white Jews. And during WW2 went over board going after them. What is going to happen with American Law Enforcement is thanks to the killing of LEO’s, non qualified people will exit law enforcement. LEO’s and school teachers are at the bottom of all professions when it comes to IQ. I saw the case where this man sued and lost because he was denied a slot in BLET. They told him his IQ was too high. This in a country where 70% of the people are on meds. Only leaving 30% for those that do the illegal stuff and those of us who don’t do anything. Years ago down in Atlanta when that giant ice storm hit, a lot of LEO’s stayed at home with their assigned vehicle. The Sheriff tried to fire them and got blocked by the Union’s.  

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    • Does anyone think that maybe dope, prescription drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, TV, debt, FB, Welfare, sloth, flag waving, sports/cop/military worshiping, and all the other forms of ST000000PIT that infects the population is the cause of murkas poLICE and poliTICKal problems?

      Nah, couldn’t be …

  15. Well I wish it were as simple as just eliminating the dilthy unions. Good start but just that a start. Please go watch the excellent documentary called The Five Seven. Then geok that he was one small slice of a huge city. Then grok that shit like that can be even deeper in the rural areas. A while back Kenny pisted a movie called winters bone for a cop scene but its worth watching the whole flick. Places like that exist.

  16. Grey Ghost

    Well the Republicrats in Louisiana passed a bill that makes it a HATECRIME for any “offense” against a cop or cops family. Like that is gonna stop anything, besides the fact that it is unconstitutional. Yet another protected class of people. At the same time they passed another 400 laws… who knows what’s in those laws but don’t dare to break one or the protected class of law ENFORCEMENT officers in Louisana will show you who is the boss. Just another example of the continuing dysfunctionality of govt and the fact that they really do want a police state worse than already exits.

    Grey Ghost

  17. Very little I would overtly disagree with, but the whole thing struck me as being rather . . . superficial. A term conspicuous by its absence: “Peace Officer”. Consider the difference between that and “LEO” – and the implications of that difference – and you’ll have a much more fundamental grasp of the situation.

    • keith park

      Very salient point this … if not the crux of the issue.

      If .gov passed a “law” that required you to sacrifice your first born to Molech and you refused, would “law enforcement” officers be kicking in your door to arrest you?

      With the recent spate of cop shootings, I would love to be a fly on the wall at some police union meetings. What’s the resolve? Shoot first and ask questions later? Don’t worry about lawsuits, the city’s insurance (read citizens) will pay the settlement. The only thing that matters is that a cop goes home at the end of their shift. :rolling eyes:

      Cops had better start watching their P’s & Q’s. These recent cop shootings have proven a couple of important things: That cops can be gotten to. Their lives are not sacred: They would do well to remember that whenever they feel like playing tough guy.

      When I hear cops referred to as “heroes” I want to vomit.

  18. Flying ,Wizard of Oz monkeys are going to fly straight out my ass. I can feel the love. WRSA aficionados, tfa,doug,sean and the different dog breeds,ghosts and weapon caliber people are the same person.
    Haxo creations; in his schizophrenic mind. Holy Shit!
    They are all made up people. None of the people on this site actually exist. Pay no attention!
    Nothing to see here!
    Move along!
    The cops suck. I get it.
    Generalization of personality,intelligence,product environment and capabilities must remain on a local level. The familiarity of local assets to include law enforcement is paramount to the safety of your AO. To disregard that as a factor in your families survival is negligence. Form your own posse. Hunt down and hang the rustlers and highwaymen.
    Dirty bastard cop..Sheriff of Nottingham. Tax and “tariff ” collector. Things have not changed that much. The use of force,implied or enacted.
    Where is our Robin Hood?
    CAMACHO 2016

  19. ALCON,

    For those of you bemoaning labor unions for badged thugs I agree with you. As you concentrate on MF’ing badged thug unions you appear to be forgetting the BIGGER group of union scum….

    TEACHER’s unions !

    There are no greater threat to what is left of this once great nation than the scum “teaching” and indoctrinating our children funded with gun-to-the-head taxation, on a product we don’t like or consume….government education !

    If their is a group more insidious than the badged thug unions….it is .gov teachers unions.