The Mighty Kenyan Declaims


From the idiot who brought you ISIS.

After they destroy Trump, they will be coming for you next.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The Usual Suspect

    Yup, what will be, will be.
    My time will be spent, getting in better shape.
    Practicing , practicing, practicing.
    The die is cast and your idiot fucking neighbors
    and family will elect Hillary.
    Never under estimate the power of masses of
    stupid people.

  3. “From the idiot that brought you ISIS”. In defense of Obama, I no longer think he’s an idiot; most of what he “accomplished” was intentional. Zika and the “refugee” problem throwing western civilization in Europe into chaos may have just been lucky on his part as he seems to wish to take down any success of the west, but many of what the article’s author listed was planned or given free reign to develop. Maybe Soros is pulling the strings, but Obama is playing the fiddle.

    • Been saying that since day 1.

      He is no idiot… Everything hes done has been intentional. He’s been highly succesful a president. Those who voted/bought him into office have gotten a good ROI and theyre about to finish off their investment with hitlery.

      He’s managed to passify his opposition and accomplished an almost total take over if not complete takeover of this country with his minions without a shot being fired…. With the total help of his “opposition”. He’s left the peasants heavily armed but utterly defenseless at the same time.

      I’d say he’s done a good job if you look at it through he lense of a tyrant.

      • No, he is a complete and total idiot.

        It’s his handlers who know what they are doing, Obama is just doing what they tell him to do.

        He doesn’t even know how many states there are.

        Good grief.

  4. richardfryer

    We all know where this leads to. The government has openly planned for it through northcom, DHS, jade helm etc. The question now is simply how long before the storm clouds break, the waiting phase before the rain is one. Of the hardest due to the massive uncertainty of when and where.

    And make no mistake, despite our wishes and platitudes otherwise, expect the majority of those in authority, from police to military to administrative to go along with it. Few of them will be willing to be on the receiving end of leviathan. I’d guess 70%+ follow orders.

    The real wild card is how and if outside nation state players get involved via covert support for different factions.

    While few pray for the chaos to come, once the storm clouds gather, let the rain get over with so we can see the sun again

  5. The guy that painted the mural of Hillary forgot to add the herpes chancres around the naval area. He should have studied the original photo shop more closely. That facet lent the picture authenticity.

  6. Baltimore police kill woman and injure
    her five year old son:

    Let the excuse making for thin blue begin

  7. If Liberty and Freedom fail, then my wish is for loddy, doddy, and every fucking body to be enslaved by the muzzies, as those who survive deserve nothing else. Should be a hoot seeing all those murkin sissyboys raped and beheaded while the feminist “I’m smarter than you” (Can’t Understand Normal Thinking) CUNT’S wear a black sheet and are sold for a few Dinars for their disease ridden pussies.. LOL

    • …holy shit. I agree with tfAt. That’s another fucking sign of the apocalypse.

      • I speak the hard truths that most others will not. Been like that my whole life, and it’s gotten me in trouble all along the way(even in the army) because of the brainwashed masses who can’t come up with an original thought and criticize anyone who dares to. And you know what? I still managed to get ahead in life. Nothing like being the Master of your own life.

      • outlawpatriot

        You might wanna see a doctor about that. 😉

  8. Corsicans line up to handle Muslim invaders the way they’ve always handled them.

  9. Graphic 1: LOL! Excellent.
    Graphic 2: In this particular instance, you gotta admit the Muzzies might have the right idea . . .

    Getting serious about the OP; the notion that Obama – or any president nowadays – is anything other than a front man, a mouthpiece, borders on the delusional. Trump may not intend to play this role, but – even granting the dubious assumption he is allowed to become president – he won’t have any choice in the matter.

    • Thanks Pat, this is awesome; my type of people. well, I’m off to search how much it costs to live in Corsica.

    • Pat Hines: (posted previously, on the SN thread, maybe you missed it?)

      You use the League of the South flag for your avatar. So, surely you can answer some questions, as the proprietor has called forth this topic for discussions by freedom loving Americans. So, let’s discuss:

      What will an independent Southern Nationalist Mississippi, proudly flying the Black X flag, do with the 1 million black residents of that state? Are they free to stay, enjoy the fruits of their labors, and intermix with the white residents of the State?

      When I read the stuff on the League of the South site it doesn’t sound like that’s what y’all have in mind.

      ” It is clear, then, that God intended men to live separately with their own languages, kith and kin, and nations. Therefore, nations (i.e. peoples) have a Biblical mandate to exist and thereby to protect their interests from those who would destroy them either by war or more subtle means.”

      He goes on at length about “the sons of Noah–Shem, Ham, and Japheth–” ,which is one part of the Bible that has historically been used by segregationists, including the Mormons pre-1968 when God gave them a new message, supposedly.

      He goes on to say: “white Western Christians are threatened with extinction as a separate and identifiable people because of their own weakness and lack of Biblical understanding about the God-ordained principles of nationhood.”

      I don’t get that as the USA is still 77.1% white according to the most recent census, and has about 320 million total citizens. I’m not sure how you equate a quarter of a billion white people in the USA with “threatened with extinction”, even the World Wildlife Fund would not make that exaggerated a claim for their favorite fuzzy mammal.

      “Because Christian liberty has been the product of Western civilization, should the white stock of Europe and American disappear through racial amalgamation or outright genocide, then both liberty and civilization as we have come to know them will cease to exist. ”

      OK, well the genocide one seems pretty hard to project from current trends, doesn’t it. I mean even the Odious Obama has not threatened to set up death camps, or put every new born boy to death or other forms of genocide.

      And as for that “racial amalgamation” thing, well it’s true the Loving vs. Virginia made miscegenation legal in America. Does the League of the South intend to recreate anti-miscegenation laws in their new Sovereign States, or simple expel non-whites?

      I do agree with some statements, which are simply honest observations: “Whites have quietly deserted the very places their forefathers built rather than stay and be subjected to the crime and disorder that frequently comes with minority rule. Especially intolerable is the never-reported epidemic of black-on-white violent crime. Whites, then, do not leave because they are “racists” (whatever that means), but because they fear for their lives and property in an unfamiliar and inhospitable environment. They have become cultural outsiders.”

      But, still, you have to offer up a plan. I’d appreciate it if you could avoid as much as possible explanations of a supernatural sort, relying on interpretations of Bronze Age texts, and belief in your version of God, and simply outline the specific political, cultural and military steps that the LotS advocate.

  10. Considering every word uttered is read from a teleprompter, Frank Zappa and curtains come to mind.
    This admin is no accident.
    Neither will the next be.

    • Frank was a visionary when it comes to the direction our government was heading, 40 years ahead of his time. “The central scrutinizer” sound familiar?…..

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Once you understand who your masters are, time is irrelevant.
        George Carlin figured it out too. And the masses have to beat up the messenger, rather than learn what he was trying to convey.

    • Blazing Apostle

      …find “Zoot Allures” and listen to “Black Napkins” and “The Torture Never Stops”…
      that’s where ‘Murika’ is today…

  11. Neros Lyre

    Zappa was right about the brick wall at the back of the stage but we were warned way before.-“The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.” and “To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea.” also “The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.” ohyeah plus, “The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.”(James Madison)

  12. Bucephalus

    No more questioning why the world let’s the despots and their master-handlers get away with as much terror as they do, for as long as they do it, and as terrible as it all is/has been….. cause we are doing the same thing; minus a few wins in the courts (like Chik-filet, Hobby Lobby, and the ACLJ), it seems as though we are sitting still as a nation.

    A national strike would shut this bitch down; particularly the transportation industry (truckers)…..oh well, that ain’t gonda happen in the good ole USA.

    Loose-knit (non-convergence) patriotism in perpetuity is all we really have.


    Her trades are exempt from oversight as are every CONgresscritters. Imagine being allowed to legally insider trade? And some of you think Trump is going to fix THIS?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      You do realize that he’s just running for president, not Messiah or Kwisatz Haderach, right? Best case scenario is that he can make a few changes and arrest or maybe even begin to reverse the decline, and there’s every chance he won’t even be able to do that.