BATFE: We Demand A 100% Registry


WM explains.

Spicy times ahead.

49 responses to “BATFE: We Demand A 100% Registry

  1. Fuck you.

    • We value free expression here. We loathe and mock gutter behavior. Your thoughts on the post above?

      • Sorry if I offended your delicate snowflake there big D.

        • Don’t be. He’s a punk. I for one agree with your sentiment AND your choice of words regarding the ATF. My only hope is to live long enough to see a bounty on the cocksuckers and their supporters.

      • Bozo, errr Detroit,

        “Fuck You” is not gutter behavior when used to chastise the scum who believe they are better than the common, hard working, folks who pays the dirtbag’s excessive salary, perks and benefits.

        Having stated the above…..

        1. Fuck soetoro-obama.
        2. Fuck Hillary Clinton.
        3. Fuck all badged thugs.
        4. FUCK YOU DETROIT !

      • PO'd American

        I see from his picture that he’s wearing a rather tight collar and necktie….used to hold down and hide an agressive foreskin.

      • omg Detroit, you don’t appear to be sufficiently outraged at govt. tyranny. But language offends you? Language will be the last thing on your mind as they kill your family someday in front of you.

  2. Virgil Kane

    Yeah, fuck that guy and his agency and all of the “conservatives” that will give him what he wants.

  3. just plain todd

    quit pussyfootin around. i’m not hard to find. like another poster said here, i only have one life to give for my kids. i have no illusions about taking lots of .gov with me. 4 or 5 is good enough. since most murikans loves they gubmint, they can have it. i am already outnumbered. just waiting for a roadblock or traffic stop. fuck everyone of you LEOs and .gov.

  4. I like it when I hear people making demands. It makes me think of meeting those demands with something else. A surprise.

  5. The Walkin' Dude

    Which is why I buy ALL firearms private sale. Fuck 4473s 🙂

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Something about his face makes me reach for my Louisville Slugger. .

  8. No dice, motherfuckers.

  9. SameNoKami

    ‘Demand’ in one hand. Spit in the other.
    See which one gets full first.

  10. Mike Bishop

    Wally Malvone lives!

  11. The Usual Suspect

    Which is why I buy ALL firearms private sale. Fuck 4473s

    Makes no difference, asked ATF about this @ Shot Show long ago,
    they said if you had EVER completed a 4473, they assumed you
    have others.

    You might not be at apex of a future confiscation mission, but don’t
    think they have forgotten about you.

    To those who advocate burying your firearms, buy a big barrel, and
    climb in there with them.
    Your not gonna use them and we don’t need you.

    • The Walkin' Dude

      You did see the “ALL” there, correct? Reading and comprehension. ALL means never have filled out a 4473 🙂

  12. colddeadhandsdays

    Treasonous talk by anti-American values pigs like him should be met with lead.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hasn’t ever been. Likely won’t ever be. As a practical matter, he and his ilk are untouchable, unless someone is willing to become a martyr for a very slim chance at success.

      • Depends on your definition of success. I’m cool with 1-1 considering the percentages. Time to be a man, jimmy……

        • Jimmy the Saint

          If 1-1 exchanges were remotely likely, the elites would be far more circumspect, at the very least. The ones that matter are *very* well protected. Even most of the expendable lesser-elites are still pretty difficult to get.

          Yes, even the highest get it from time to time (see Mountbatten, Louis), but it’s rare.

    • Ratchet,

      Spare me….what “law” ? Who is going to enforce it ? Hillary ? soetoro-obama ? Comey ? Loretta Lynch ?

      I guess you didn’t read about the “fix” setup by the Adulterer-in-Chief Bill Clinton with Ms Rule-of-Law Lynch and the subsequentt BS by FBI scumbag Comey ?

      Tell me Ratchet, what you going to do about it ? Call your congressman ? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….get a clue….PLEASE !

  13. As always, nothing going on,
    other than ham-fisted keyboard
    commandos pounding on.
    Pound on.
    Pound on.
    Keyboard commandos pound on.

    • Yawn. Don’t you have a .gov employee union meeting to attend? I’m sure they miss having you under their desk….

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Please remember to update your lists. It’s always good to be current, because things can happen so quickly.

  15. That BATFAE agent is talking out of his ass because his mouth knows better.

    He knows that as soon as the 4473s begins to be taken up, lots of dealers will have a fire, flood, or break in. Poof, no more paper trail.

    Then there’s the 80% receivers, which all of you should have acquired even if you don’t plan on using any of them. If an assault weapon ban returns, they’ll become worth quite a lot, particularly if they’re finished and fully equipped with all needed lower receiver parts. Y’all did buy some, right?

    And, other things.

    • Mr. Hines….

      80%ers enroute.

      May I suggest

      On sale $59 each.

      “Don’t Tread On Me” engraved….$69 each.

    • Johnny Blue Walker

      Good point Pat but there’s a few things you have missed. There are persistently consistent stories of ATF inspectors copying or scanning 4473s at gun stores when they do their annual inspections. I’ve heard stories since the Clinton regime was in office. I’ve seen an ATF inspector take photos of 4473s at 2 separate gun store in person. Hell they can scan and OCR them these days with a smart phone and a free scanning app that then automatically uploads them to a cloud drive. 99% of people would be none the wiser of what is going on.

      Second, if you thing the other organs of state security are not monitoring, cataloging, and making lists of EVERY single credit and debit card transaction you make and inferring exactly what you are purchasing if the retailer isn’t kind enough to spread their legs for .gov and let them have access to their sales records too. (Hint: I’ll bet you a real silver dollar that the big box stores will let an interested Fed have instant and full access to detailed purchase records). Therefore, if you are buying your 80% lowers online with a card registered in your real name and shipped to your real address I will go ahead and make a prediction here that you are going to get put on a super secret Pink Swear Federal database list of “bad people”.

      Is there anything a concerned citizen can do to circumvent, corrupt, confuse, and LEGALLY screw up the system of total surveillance? Yes Pat. There is. The first is easy. Cash is king. Find a friendly store that will order a bunch of 80% lowers for you and your buds. Yeh you’ll have to pay a few dollars more but privacy is priceless. Second find someone willing to act as a cut out. Since 80% lowers don’t require an FFL buy a shit-ton of them and sell them at your local gun show or flea market, or roadside lemonade stand. Third, look into how to get an anonymous prepaid credit card and register it to a shipping address that can not easily be linked back to you. “How?”, you ask. Apply yourself grasshopper. Look into Opening up Sources of Intelligence and privacy resources. MB and JJ Luna are good first stops on on the road to privacy. I’m sorry to be a bit obtuse but I don’t want to force one of the best resources to take his ball and go home lest he burn his bridges to his bread and butter business by becoming a resource for wild eyed neer-do-wells that harbor dangerous antiquated ideas. Besides, if I spoon fed you everything you wouldn’t appreciate it. Earn it and figure it out yourselves.

      In our times true privacy is power. With power comes responsibility. Don’t misuse your newfound power to do something monumentally stupid (illegal) or overuse it so much that you skyline yourself to authorities. Teach your hard learned skills to others that you have carefully vetted and found worthy.

      BTW you know you can get 80% glock frames now, right? See:

  16. Since it was revealed yesterday that they already have one and that it’s illegal to have it in the first place, I won’t be holding my breath to see who gets held accountable for that either.

  17. “Are we allowed to do it? No.”

    So quit pissing in the wind and go get a real job.

  18. Speaking of firearms, does any one here have experience with this (or this type of) trigger?

    Seems to me something like this might be illegal very soon and therefore worth a purchase. Appreciate any insight.

    • GCP, look up some independent reviews on youtube. It is supposed to have a higher learning curve and a little temperamental. At a lower price point maybe a Geissele s3g would be comparable. At a higher price point Fosstech has a echo style trigger (fire on pull and release of trigger) coming out soon. And I agree, get all the things now.

    • GCP,

      I used Geissele triggers. Their 2-stage triggers are, for me, sweet.

      Thar TacCon trigger has some remarks over at Robar Guns blog. You may want to read. The trigger may have merits for some folks.

    • Ozymandias

      Well padre I’d tell you to go and get yourself on the waiting list for the new FosTech Echo trigger system. See this video for a description and review: This is the most thoroughly engineered system I have seen to extract the most reliable performance out of a rapid fire system. I have no connection with the company other than I want one of these triggers to try out.

      I’ve had a taccon trigger since it became available about two years ago. It works but it has several issues that relegate it to the “Hobby” category. It runs best on softer primered commercial ammo. Military surplus or com block steel cased ammo will cause a markedly higher rate of fail to fire malfunctions. If you are completely Caucasian i.e. you ain’t got a rhythm bone in your body, it just ain’t gonna work for you. In my experience about 40% of the folks who pick up a gun with a Taccon trigger just can’t figure out how to make it go Bbbbrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiip!!! Last the rate of fire is not consistent at all. It all depends on you and how you run the trigger system. If you are feeling it it’ll work great. If you are tired or distracted or just not feeling the beat it’s gonna suck and you’ll get a lot of practice running Immediate Action Drills to clear a malfunction or switch to your secondary armament.

      • Gentlemen, thank you all. As I am about as rhythmically white as any boy has ever been, the Taccon then is likely not the trigger for me. I will absolutely examine the FosTech Echo and Geissele triggers and greatly appreciate your recommendations!

        grace and peace…

  19. Have any of you ever noticed everyone wearing or displaying a usa flag pin or patch is the enemy? Well? Connect the dots you dumb fuckers.

  20. An employee of a “representative government” making demands…. That’s fucking adorable.

  21. Fuck ’em all!