Handcuffed Man Shot In Face By California Police Officer Gets Payout

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Just a few bad apples, Sacramento style.

Read the whole piece and ask yourself why no criminal charges were brought against the shooter.

Officer Safety has the correct answer below:


9 responses to “Handcuffed Man Shot In Face By California Police Officer Gets Payout

  1. One thing for sure, the statists and cop lovers are being exposed by their comments and undying support of the badged thugs. They must think that’s going to save them from what’s coming. They’ll be the first ones to rat out the resisters. But in the end their fate will be worse than everyone else’s. Traitors will receive no mercy from either side. 🙂

  2. The Usual Suspect

    There is and will always be a flip side,
    to this equasion.

  3. Well, don’t you think the officer meant well while he was trying to murder the guy? Besides, the perp was a wife beater, so there ya go!

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Facial, LaFleur; total facial!
    – White Goodman

  5. Marlo Stanfield


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  6. This is not new. I was in high school the first time I was handcuffed in the back of a squadcar. The cop was driving me around trying to get me to ID my friends. I was not cooperating lol and was in fact giving him greif about why hed thumped me with his flashlight. He slowed the car and leaned back and mentioned that since i’d swung at him (not the case at all) he had to hit me & he would have shot me if I’d hit him. I then realized i should shut up and did.

    I have zero confidence that anything this cop in the story said is true. He just decided to kill this guy and that was that. And he missed with an AR at point blank. But seriously kids truly anyone can get it at anytime anywhere. You can end them just as quick as they can end you.

    Takeaways: Even after applying one round to the melon at point blank you should add a couple follow ups to be sure.

  7. There is no point in compliance when you will be executed whether you submit or not. Might just as well take some of the bastards with you when you go.

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    Elk Grove is a crappy city that is paved with new suburbs, graft up the yingyang in the city council, and a lot of former low rent Blacks. I am not surprised that this happened. I have decided that morality, decency, and concience is simply dead in this country.

  9. Um, because the powers that be KNOW they can’t prosecute the cowards hiding behind tin stars lest they run short of imbeciles willing to “just do their jobs”