An important three-part series from Gabe Suarez:

Part I: Carry Regardless

Part II: Realities Of The Knife In Our Time Of War

Part III: The Non-Permissive Environment

Read each and then pass them on.

Here’s the hard truth:

1) The America into which you were born, raised, and lived is G-O-N-E, probably forever.

2) You have only two paths: pretend that all is well, or adapt to the new reality.

3) The new reality is that both the government and traditional bad guys want to steal your stuff, and each is willing to kill you, your family, and your pets if you resist.

4) Accordingly, if you choose to resist, you’d best be dangerous and effective.

This is not a drill.

Alea iacta est.

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  1. FYI, I had to turn off Ghostery to get any content to appear on Gabe’s site.

  2. One more thing: I’ve seen it reported by a big city trauma surgeon that of the people that die from knife wounds, most die from multiple wounds to the neck or abdomen.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Kinda like disabling an engine, go for the biggest hoses first.

      Coming out of the hardware store a few days ago, I saw some stupid fat puss guts tourist (AZ plates) swapping driving positions with the wife and he was the epitome of a poster child for a newbie Glock owner. Open carry (legal here in WY), Glock shirt and Glock ball cap, gun stickers on back of car, and looked like if he ran 50′ he’d drop dead of a heart attack. First thing that went thru my mind….don’t be that guy!
      The perfect example of a guppy, the big fish eat them all day long.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Knives have been Hollywoodized almost as badly as guns. One stick, and the baddie is dead. The average killing by knife involves a lot of stabbing – think Voytek Frykowski and Abigail Folger.

  3. Bill Harzia

    Selco’s got this up over at SHTF School:

    Myth-busting Kniffe Attacks

    The comments are good too. Especially from an ER doc,talking about the dumbest sumbitch in the world:

    “…A less fortunate individual came in with a stab wound to the chest. We started an IV, was getting him ready for chest tube placement, he got up, tore out his IV, and stated he was going out to get that m….f….ker, and left. He came back 3 hours later, DOA, shot 4 times. Just thought i’d share the stories of mayhem and survival.”

  4. Thanks for posting. Was totally unaware that I was doing a “security check”; ie: straightening my j frame with my elbow. As you know, inside the waist they will assume an angle. As I live in a communist state, the anti-gun laws are draconian. CCPs are for the well connected only. Regardless, I carry always. I’m a senior. Aside from being a target myself, NO ONE IS GOING TO POSE A THREAT TO MY WIFE. ‘Eff the state.

  5. Good luck resisting the government.

  6. i had to turn off ghostery, https everywhere, and turn on javascript.
    Mr Suarez is not a good guy it seems, collecting visitor ip’s.

    if the info has value, can someone provide an “open source” version of the info somewhere?

    • Little trick. If you use Firefox, select the page then click the ‘reader’ icon on the address bar. Text will appear.

  7. Bucephalus

    Boycott those establishments.

  8. Nothing says “leave me the fuck alone NOW” Like a combat worn K-Bar. I inherited the one pops toted through Korea and I fear it’s not yet retired….

  9. I understand the rationale for always carry. The time you really need the firepower is the day it is sitting in the trunk of the car. Of no value there natch.

    However if the prime purpose of the resistance is to restore the Constitution then you have a decision to make. Entering a ‘no gun’ facility armed would be a violation of that person’s complete and private use of their property. You can’t just adhere to the parts of the law that you like, but all of it.

    Personally I just don’t frequent locales where its a gun free establishment.

    • There is no law anymore brother. ‘Ya follow?

      • Given. But if you want RoL to return you have to start adhering to it yourself or it is gone forever.

    • Will the government permit and license you to set up a competing establishment nearby with a big “we like armed patrons” sign? No? Does the “no gun” establishment owner vote Democrat or Republican thereby aiding and abetting those permitting and licensing agencies? Yes? The establishment owner is not the innocent shopkeeper you imagine him as. He hires armed men to threaten you with murder when you are located both inside and outside his shop. His “no guns” sign is not a private owner’s rule, it is political public policy.

  10. Centurion_Cornelius


    • Jimmy the Saint

      And, generally speaking, point, not edge.

    • If the vitals are hard to get then the side of the thigh just opposite the other thigh or the side of the arm that is usually closest to the trunk; i.e. places where arteries are relatively close to the skin.

  11. “…in accordance with the laws of search and seizure for your situation and with a careful view of the overall context.”
    This..this made me laugh!
    The info is spot on though. I noticed myself doing it years ago and now I look around to see if anyone’s watching or ill do it behind the cover of the car, or have my wife hug me or something.

    Also, dude needs to learn his numbers….all five bullets were numbered as #1. (Yeah, I know, not relevant).

  12. To go along with it, wear a leather belt with a large metal buckle and steel-toed boots.

  13. Regarding the “private property” crap…. and I do mean crap… there is no such thing as ANYONE having the RIGHT to remove anyone elses RIGHTS while they happen to be on your property…… If you wish to believe that you DO have the right to deny someone their RIGHT to be armed while on your property, then you MUST believe that you can also deny them all their other RIGHTS as well, in other words, you are claiming you could kill them, rape them, imprison them, etc… with ZERO legal repercussions to yourself as the property owner…. Your position utterly FAILS the sniff test….. You can make any RULES you wish to make for your property, you have that RIGHT, but your RULES are not RIGHTS…… The only thing someone could be guilty of when they break your ignorant RULES is they are trespassing…. The person breaking your rules doesnt have the RIGHT to misuse your property (break your rules while there) but you do NOT have the RIGHT to infringe on THEIR RIGHTS, UNTIL they actually infringe on your rights, and your RULES are NOT your RIGHTS…. No matter how bad you wish them to be….

  14. the 3 most important words for the next decade and beyond….Weaponize your mind…

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. “Shut your eyes. When I say ‘open’, go for it, guys, and I mean it. I want you to have this mindset in your head that, if you don’t kill this bloke, he’s going to kill someone that you love. And you guys that are being stabbed, if you don’t stop him, he’s going to get to your family after he finishes you.”

    Hands down, the best knife work videos on youtube: