Lobbying Arm For Refugee Resettlement Contractors Wants US To Take 200,000 ‘Refugees’ In FY2017

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RRW explains.

Refugee Council USA member list.

RCUSA staff.

Tens of thousands of foreigners who add nothing but mouths, wombs, and collectivist votes.

Imported and dropped into towns all across FUSA.

For your own good, you racist white bastards.


13 responses to “Lobbying Arm For Refugee Resettlement Contractors Wants US To Take 200,000 ‘Refugees’ In FY2017

  1. Bucephalus

    A national strike can shut this down!

    No violence needed.

  2. Sometimes it’s so obvious even their own commie intellectuals cry foul. Bertolt Brecht wrote in Die Lösung:

    Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?

    This government is dissolving the people, and electing another.

  3. ALCON,

    Do any of you long-time WRSA’ers have any doubt this country is down the shitter ?

    These fucking “refugees” don’t mean shit. But TPTB, the New World Order, the globalists, the Bush clan, the Klinton Kriminals….they only want more power at the expense of what once was a great nation.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    The usual cadre of WENCHES running this show–how do they figure they’ll look in the burqa or get any bids at the local Team Mo “sex slave auction?”

  5. Staff is all Jews

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Look at the list of members, though: Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran….

    • I decided to see for myself.

      “Nezer” and “Steinberg” are kind of a given.

      “Ward” is ambiguous, so I found her Linkedin page, which lists her Hebrew language proficiency, experience as “Co-president of the Jewish Social Work Alliance”, and work at the “Stephen S. Wise Temple.” Okay, so, 3 for 3, so far…

      Williams seems to be Honduran, though. So…just 75%.

      • the “Honduran” was brought aboard for purposes of ethnic camouflage. 3 out of 3 = 100%. Its like the current Board of Governors of the Fed. 4 out of 7 are Jews. Why? Because 5 would be too many, and 3 would not be enough

  6. BayouCoyote

    No surprise

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Two knives

    This is all about $$$. All the organizations run with federal dollars. Cut the funding and it will stop the ILLEGAL immigration issue/problem. Easy pizzi.
    I’m sure Congress will listen to it’s constituents!? Don’t forget to vote :-0.

  9. Uncle Larry

    200,000? A low number. The refugees get about $3000 per month, per person, while on refugee status. Also EBT cards, medicaid, pharmacy, education and housing assistance. There are 250,000 Somalians in Minnesota. That’s not counting the other refugees. After the “refugees” get legal status, they can legally bring their entire extended families here. After a 90 day waiting period, the sick and elderly family members of the refugees are entitled to SSI and all of the other bennies. For the record, the US takes in 3.5 million migrants per year. That includes legal, illegal, H1B visas, refugees, etc. Almost all are non-white. and poor. The migrant assistance entities make billions per year for providing services to these people. The Catholic Church is one of the top recipients of this money. There are corporations that have jumped on the gravy train. A subsidiary of Wackenhut Corporation is one of them. Didn’t see that in the news. Oh, I forgot. They are all eligible for affirmative action. That’s right, they go to the front of the line. In front of your kids, nephews and nieces.