New Woodpile’s Here!



One response to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. Thought-provoking, as always. Mostly positive, a few negative. In the latter category:
    “The next world war will be initiated by a first strike utilizing an EMP weapon.” Oh, please. The next world war is more likely to be initiated by Hillary trying to distract from being caught in flagrante delicto rug-munching on top of the Oval Office desk.
    But much more positive, including, re the foregoing, a discourse on both Clintons, from a guy who knew Bill in college. And don’t miss the Brandon Smith piece. A short excerpt:

    The jungle is a place where meaningful progress serving the individual is essential, for even a jungle tribe is only as strong as the individuals that make up its ranks. The globalist world is a place where meaningful progress is stifled and strong individuals are treated as a threat. Globalism requires a collectivist machine, a hive mind in which the individual is only a piston in the apparatus. Globalism displaces creative thinking in the name of efficiency, and murders innovation.
    A globalist society would be a static society, frozen in an endless cycle of conformity and sameness. The only beneficiaries would be those at the top of the pyramid, who, as in all collectivist ventures, reap the majority of the rewards because they are the people who get to redistribute the wealth of production in any manner they see fit.
    In the jungle, these redistributors would be seen as useless middlemen, parasitic gatekeepers standing in the way of production and prosperity, drinking their share of blood from every transaction and every invention; stealing earned wealth from the successful in order to feed another army of people they have encouraged to also become parasites through the ideology of anti-merit.
    In the jungle, in a free world, people would immediately question why these middlemen posing as authority figures and financiers should exist at all? What purpose do they serve? They certainly have no merit. They are not successful because they are better than anyone else at anything necessary. They are not hunter gatherers, they are not producers, they are not defenders, they are not teachers, and they are not fixers. They feed off the rest of us but they are not active and honest competitors. They are not lions or tigers or bears. They are vicious scavengers. Carrion feeders or thieves. They are rabid hyenas and jackals looking to nibble a piece at time from us when while we are distracted.
    In the jungle, these vermin are often present but certainly not welcome. At any opportunity they are squashed. In this way it is understandable why globalists would be so afraid of the jungle.