The Dog Killers At Buffalo Police Department Hit Another Wrong House


Herschel explains.

At least all of the policemen went home at the end of the shift.


11 responses to “The Dog Killers At Buffalo Police Department Hit Another Wrong House

  1. And these useless fucks wonder why their being shot and shot at.
    Police = A Police State.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    It’s a good thing those people weren’t black,
    the Police would really be in trouble then.

  3. You’d think that every department could issue a simple one-sentence order to their officers.
    Something like “Don’t shoot any dogs.”.

    – Charlie

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Strelnikov

    When they approach you or your property, begin filming immediately. And follow this guy’s example:

  6. Psychopaths not only get their thrills watching people and animals suffer, the big thrill they get is when they make people suffer and do it in their face, with the knowledge that the victim can not do a thing about it. Police depts. in the US are full of these types, and they can only keep their malicious and perverted desires pent up so long. New moon last night. The cycles of the moon often influence both the unorganized and organized criminals. Full moon brings them both out.

  7. ALCON,

    When there is wrongdoing and no punishment, the wrongdoing continues.

    Punishment = Pain. Pain can come in one of several forms:

    1. Financial.
    2. Emotional.
    3. Physical.
    4. A combination of the above.

    Until the badged thugs, the district attorneys and their henchmen the “assistant” DAs, AND the judiciary start feeing 1-4 above, nothing will change for the better. Nothing.






  8. Stealth Spaniel

    Touch my spaniels and you’ll find yourself dickless. And that is just the opening shot. The local Gestapo should take note.


    Latest internet headline today, 08/03. A pipe bomb was detonated on the hood of a police car parked in front of the cop’s own house. This happened in Maryland. Events like this are straws in the wind. They portend more and bigger incidents to come, as long as the badge-wearing ORCS serve the Leviathan, instead of protecting the God-given rights of the public.
    When the NTSB investigates an airline crash, they use a phrase: “cascade of events.” This means one mistake or missed procedure led to another, etc. and the plane augured in. The elephant in the room for the .gov folks is the lack of youngsters wanting or qualified to be cops. The continued targeting by the badge-wearing thugs who destroy our rights, have no regard for due process, kill our beloved animals, and confiscate our property will bring Hell upon their heads. People know this. Police recruiters are scraping the bottom of the barrel, nationwide.
    If their instructors at police and sheriffs academies will not concentrate on the Bill Of Rights, basic civil rights law, and the writings of Sir Robert Peel, then they should at least screen V FOR VENDETTA. Sooner or later, the boys and girls in blue and tan will have to face their own Guy Fawkes.