TL Davis: Serfs With Guns

what bolshevism brings to nation‘What Bolshevism brings to [the] nation’ – Anti-Communist poster, Russian Civil War

“We die fast, or we die slow.”

We’re screwed.

There’s gonna be a fight.

We damned well better win.

22 responses to “TL Davis: Serfs With Guns

  1. I am tired of bullshit articles written by pussies blaming me for not taking on the massive government beaurocracy. What in God’s fuck was I supposed to do about it?
    Fucking idiots.

    • It begins with each of us.
      What other choice really, do you have but winning?
      Why would you even think you have lost if you have took the fight to them beginning with yourself?
      Isn’t that what they want, for you to surrender and say resistance is futile without even trying to defy the sonofabitches?
      Isn’t that how they win?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Fair point, but the ants can only devour the elephant if they come at it en masse. If they come one or two at a time, the elephant will be quite safe, probably won’t even notice the bites, and will squash the ants without a thought.

    • Right! While our whole country and culture is being destroyed before our very eyes…….the cries of ‘why didn’t somebody do something’ echo across the land.
      Know the enemy, and conduct yourselves accordingly.

    • Virgil Kane

      There are many non-pussy individuals, but we are a pusillanimous group. Don’t take it personal.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s always been that way – an awful lot of resistance talk boils down to “let’s you and him fight”.

    • As I have started saying lately, everybody wants somebody else to go and martyr themselves first. I have the same frustrations as everybody who writes one of these “why aren’t you so-called patriots doing anything other than bitching on the Internet?” screeds, but I also share your assessment of reality and it’s pretty obvious why “bitching on the Internet” is most people’s limit, for now.

      “Bitching on the Internet” has a role to play. People aren’t moved to action until they’ve been stewing in righteous anger for a long time. Concord and Lexington didn’t happen spontaneously. There were decades of growing anger before that. Same in 1861.

      But time is not on our side. The enemy is using weaponized wombs against us. The enemy is literally replacing our population with a new one. Soon nobody will care about saving Western Civilization because there won’t be any Westerners left.

    • Whatever you must, if you value your childrens future. The only people who will vilify you for doing so are people whose opinions shouldn’t matter to you at this point anyway (your enemies)… Defiance comes in more forms than armed conflict. Get creative.

    • there are many little things that can be done now, and on a daily basis. For instance, tomorrow I’m paying a White arborist quite a bit of money to take down a large, dead pine tree in the front yard. And I’ll be paying him with cash, not plastic. Which cuts both the bank and the .gov out of the transaction

  2. The hive dwellers,along with their handlers are doing a fine job. Every major metropolitan area in the USA is a rotting,infected homeless utopia. Look at the underbelly. One block in any direction ,off the main drag, is a fucking ghetto in most major American cities. It was always that way in Vegas or Atlantic City. Like wise New Orleans. Coming soon to a theater near you.
    Wake the fuck up and realize the shitstorm is here. Drivers are losing their minds. They are both homicidal and suicidal behind the wheel.
    The sick, morbidly obese,diabetic, alcoholic shitheads are going to fuck up the hayride soon. Better have your shit tight. I made four pallets of sandbags Sunday. A Lull comes in real handy. Fortify and re-think everything you think you know. Bring in a trusted set of eyes to evaluate your blind spots and range cards.
    My go-to guide is the TM 5-227.Department of the Army Technical Manual. Simplified Designs and Techniques For Military Civic Action. Grab a copy. I am currently experimenting with T-post and rusty, old ,nasty barbed wire. The dreaded Pungi is always a favorite.There is five hundred miles of fence on this ranch.
    This will not pan out the way many think it will. The infection at this stage precedes either death or destruction. The stench alone of death never goes away. I can smell decaying flesh like a grizzly.

    • Knuck,

      “One block in any direction….is a fucking ghetto.”

      That’s pretty much what I wrote regarding the shithole of John Kasich’s Cleveland, Ohio when the beautiful people were showing shots of Lake Erie during the Republican conventionn. They didn’t venture the other side of I-90 a mile away to see the slums and shitholes that are the real Cleveland.

      I think I need to buy more freeze-dried and 80% lowers with parts kits. Sooner the better.

      • Grey Ghost

        Dan III,
        Make your own freeze-dried, cheaper and you can keep adding to it. Get one of the new freeze dried machines Ron Paul is hawking.

        Agreed on the 80% lowers, that “policy” will be quickly coming to an end before long… the smiling magic negro will just say it something to do with manufacturing and end it.

        Grey Ghost

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Why run away to your own personal Redoubt? Even my partner who is my ch more moderate when it comes to violence than me thinks this is just pussy. Why run? If it’s down to that why not make a plan and start implementing it in a kinetic manner? They aren’t as tough as they think and you do know the commie leaders in your AO?

    • Exactly!!! Know who they are and how to deal with them at the local level. Everywhere has a local level bureaucrat that can be dealt with swiftly when the time is right. Gather all the intel now. The time to act will be upon you before you know it. Hopefully there are hundreds of others in your AO that feel the same way and will also have a plan. There just can’t be too many plans, just not enough shitbirds to go around. Adapt and overcome. Find another shitbird from the list and implement the plan.

    • Cold,

      Fact is we’re running out of places to run to ! Taxes and the Marxists are everywhere. Read some of Semper Fi 0321’s recent remarks. I believe he is in Idaho and he states his AO is being overrun with libs, collectivists/statists.

      May as well stay put. Got to die sometime, eh ?

  4. Im not certain we are reading the same article Pulius.

    As always TL is on point. Especially the parts about being tolerated by the Pol class and their working of a new system.

    They have the children people. They would like the serfs with guns to grow a bit dimmer so they can be ignored further. Our children and grandchildren are being brainwashed daily by skuuls and pop culture.

    That said its a glorious time to be alive and it will be exciting to see the shocked look onall their stupid commie faces when the first pin drops.
    What’s 535 lying thieves at the bottom of a lake? A good start.

  5. Red Team doesn’t need to instigate a fight as they are winning hands down.

    They have and are flooding the nation with immigrants and breeding blue team out if existance.

    • there are many little things that can be done now, and on a daily basis. For instance, tomorrow I’m paying a White arborist quite a bit of money to take down a large, dead pine tree in the front yard. And I’ll be paying him with cash, not plastic. Which cuts both the bank and the .gov out of the transaction


    Knuck said it. A lull comes in real handy. Whatever the trigger effect, we will see it in our own A/O’s with panic buying of firearms, ammo, food, water, etc. Then, parents will stop sending their kids to school. After a few more badge-wearing ORCS are gunned down while parked in front of the doughnut shop or while writing a parking ticket, the Blue Flu will reach epidemic proportions.
    TPTB are desperately trying to keep a lid on things until after the election. When the Hildabeast wins by hook or crook, the rest of the clueless, sleeping remnant will turn off Greenwood and freak. They will be running around in tight little circles emitting high-pitched squeaking noises. That is when our wampum firearms will increase in value. Up here in Rawles Land, smart guys are buying stripped lower AR receivers like I buy food for my family.
    Yes, the underbelly is rotten and many are in denial as they amuse themselves with the superficial, corrupt, decadent, and sinful pursuits we see all around us. Harden your dwellings and hearts against these syphilitic thinkers, as they will drag you down with them when perdition comes a-calling. Sadly, they are your neighbors, “friends” and even family members. We cannot worry over such matters or waste time with political debates. At the first signs of the meltdown in the inner cities, the minions of the Leviathan will be running for their lives. We got a glimpse of things to come during Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Use your remaining months wisely. Bleib ubrig.

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    “The majority of Americans are fat, lazy and stupid, but make up for it with high self-esteem!” GunPlumber