144:1 Sends


I’ve had so many people asking for these patches, I reneged on my not wanting to do pre-orders anymore. I’ll be sending out a mass mailer on monday, but wanted to give the WRSA crowd first dibs.


“take10” is a valid discount code still as well.

Get yours here.


10 responses to “144:1 Sends

  1. Looks like the poor tree has nematodes. Does blood meal cure that?

  2. More cowbell.

  3. Be sure to put them on your concealed carry apparel, that will keep you from drawing attention from LEOs.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  5. Kay de Leon


    The day that violence comes to me for wearing a patch is the day I want to start fighting.

  6. I only have one message to send. Death.

  7. I can probably make a “death” patch if you want.

    what do you think of a “that’s wassisss!” morale patch? lol.

  8. Bucephalus

    Got my “Resistor” patches in two days after purchase; great quality and prices; thanks.

  9. Neros Lyre

    no surprises here…DTOM is now “wassisssst!”

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