Brushbeater: A Forgotten History


Told by a witness.

Never underestimate man’s capacity for Evil.

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  1. Steve Kristmann

    Edmund Burke reconsidered in the light of 20th Century funeral pyres.
    “Remember: Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.” — Kurt Hofmann.

    H/T to SipseyStreetIrregulars of course.

    Yours In Liberty – Shoot and Kill the Evil Bastards!
    NorthGunner III

  2. “Never underestimate man’s capacity for Evil.”

    Aye, there’s the rub!

    Cultural libertarians and anarchists are philosophically/inarguably pure from their premises (you but the set up, you buy the bit)… and suicidal, having denied human frailty and its sole secular salvation… cultural and spiritual coherence.

    Libertarianism, and anarchy, require “diversity!”… or at the very least have no defense against it, not to mention the denial of human fallibility. To deny this is to ‘strike the root’ of all claims as to the superiority of libertarian/anarcho models.

    If individuals are the least common (and superior) denominator, absent any sense of shared common culture but “The Individual Consensual Contract,” (diversity/moral equivalency) they will devolve to the least common denominator of base self interest no less than within any statist organization of whatever aggregate.

    Least Common Denominator… consider “Common Core.”

    Let the true believer shitstorm commence!

    • Government doesn’t fund its own operations, it’s a parasite. The organized criminal behavior called government requires voluntary submission by the tax-farmed peasants, because otherwise, the crime called tax collection doesn’t pay. It costs more than it collects. That’s why mountains and oceans keep governments away, they are too expensive to cross with armies.

      The interesting question is, if or when will the 1% of Americans who are libertarians stop being willing to volunteer to submit to the 99% of Americans who are socialists and communists.

  3. “our President refused to acknowledge the genocide…”. That’s because Zion-in-Palestine, a.k.a. Israel and a close ally of Turkey, does not either do so…and as ZIP does, so does America via the domestic Jew-power. The Turks, incidentally, prefer the term “communal warfare” and have some basis for their view. The Armenians then, like the Kurds now, were looking to secede and join up with their transborder co-ethnics…and in so doing take a large chunk of Turkey with them. And this at a time (1915, Gallipoli, etc.) when it seemed that not only would the Ottoman Empire collapse…but Turkey itself disappear from the map and be carved up by the anti-German Encirclement powers. Also much of this particular “genocide” took the form of pitched battles, not just unidirectional massacres. Franz Werfel’s THE FORTY DAYS OF MUSA DAGH is a grand novelization of one such, while Rafael de Nogales, a mercenery officer fighting on the side of the Turks, describes others in MEMOIRS OF A SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (NY, 1932), pp. 251ff.

    • One of the great intentional failures of France and Britain, governed by the Rothschilds, was to not remove the Turk from most of Anatolia to allow Greece to reenter its territory, and to permit Armenia to reacquire their territory in the eastern 1/4 or 1/3 of Anatolia as well.

      The Turk then proceeded to murder as many Christians as they could for the next three decades.

      The Jewish question, still not correctly answered.

  4. My condolences to Brushbeater as well. The loss of our loved ones is indeed a heavy burden we all bear as the shadows of our lives lengthen.

    Those who deny the existence of God side with the forces of evil and are, therefore, the enemy. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

    • Yes, and the children of Satan control my (and your) ability to have an income to pay the rent and feed my children. How shall I conduct myself?

      • usualsuspect

        Don’t be too proud to sweep a floor, flip a burger, clean a toilet. Get income rolling in. Hold your head high when people dis you for the work you do.

  5. Virgil Kane

    Thank you. I’ve learned more from articles like this than I can remember being taught in grade school. I’m sure today’s kids are being taught even less. I do remember spending 8th grade learning about the War of Northern Agression, from a Yankee teacher. He was a damned good man.

    White/Westerners are too passive and affable. I keep seeing stories of young Muslim men moved into western cities (including US) and all housed in a single bldg, that they destroy, while they go out each night on their raping and pillaging parties. But I don’t read any stories of the exits blocked and the bldgs set on fire. No stories of Muslim migrants being picked off by hidden snipers.

    Evil can be stopped with evil.


      Mr. Kane: As frustrating as it is to you, me, and a host of others, it is still not time yet. Keep planning and prepping. Bleib ubrig.

      • Oh it’s time and everyone here knows it. Problem is, none of us want to be hunted down and executed by the 1 million treasonous blue thugs who serve and protect these scum of the earth lowlifes- and I don’t mean just muslimes either… What I see happening is, as yet another reaches that line in the sand, goes it alone, is executed, then demonized as a nut case in the 24 hr propaganda news cycle. We read about it everyday.

        • This.

          • O.K. then you’re catching on.

            Here’s the known reality.

            I suspect at least 70% or more of the military will “follow orders”.
            I know nearly 100% of the BLUE thugs will follow orders. We’ll call those traitors Team Tyranny.

            There’s about 3.5 million of them and they are all well-armed, EXTREMELY well-equipped, well-trained in the use of communications, and stand at the ready.

            There’s probably 100 million decent Americans who feel like you and I do, we’ll call them Team Freedom. Some are well-armed, some well-equipped, some trained in the use of communications, and some stand at the ready.


            There’s around 250 million brainwashed murkins that will act as a force multiplier for the Team Tyranny OR team Freedom. We’ll call them Zombie Force.

            There lies our dilemma.

            Somehow Team Freedom needs to either convince Zombie Force to embrace Freedom, Liberty, individual responsibility, and self-reliance, or find a way to neutralize them as a force multiplier for Team Tyranny.

            “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”

            Sun Tzu

            “The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea”.

            Mao Zedong

            Anyone care to add suggestions how Team Freedom can either neutralize or convert Zombie Force to our side, other than spiking the Cheetos and diet Cokes? Because that’s where I draw a blank. And there in lies the key to victory. Whoever controls Zombie Force controls the battlespace.

            P.S. We’re fucked if we don’t figure this out- quickly.

            • All Zombie Force does is snitch, and shuffle paper containing confessions of self-snitching (permits, licenses, registrations, credit card statements, pay check withholdings, tax filings). They don’t produce anything else useful to Team Tyranny.

              You don’t have to “control” or “turn” Zombie Force, all you have to do is avoid (legal) and evade (illegal) it. Move your commercial communications to crypto protected channels. Make your filings look like you’re an average on the treadwheel schlub in a Starve the Monkeys way. Then ZF no longer produces anything useful for TT.

              Short version: 100 million members of Team Freedom all remove their automobile license plates on inauguration day. Done.

            • MichiganJim

              “or find a way to neutralize them as a force multiplier for Team Tyranny.”

              They’re already neutralized. Do-nothings do nothing. Now the other millions, that’s a challenge. Maybe they’ll fade in the face of all this great philosophy. Or maybe not. That’s why it pays to always have a Plan B.

              Still the wrong focus. Doing what you choose based on what they choose, means they already won. Yeah, I know…”You may not be thinking of them, but they’re thinking of you.” Big deal…neither does “defensive” mean “reactive.” Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke…whose life is it anyway?

  6. Virgil Kane

  7. History doesn’t always repeat but it does rhyme!

    Like all good ‘Mericans I hope it will be different
    “this time”.

    But in my trunk I keep trash bags
    and some lyme.

    • May God —
      — Favor you to know right from wrong.
      — Make your enemies few.
      — Land enough to bury them all.

    • Tyvek painters coveralls are good to have in the trunk along with nitrile gloves.

  8. CA: re: my question a few posts back about “what am I supposed to do, knowing that the government considers me a felon?”: You said start by understanding that it’s naive to think that “I have done nothing wrong” (paraphrasing). I get what you are saying.

    I still say — what am I to do? In fact, I have done nothing wrong. I have never committed a crime, even under the modern anti-white regime. I am a lawful gun owner in a state that permits me to own the guns that I own. I have never come close to calling for violence. I “anonymously” comment on the internet that Trump should be the next president and a certain tribe quite clearly holds all positions of power in both the public and private sectors and obviously pushes communism and an anti-white, anti-host-nation agenda.

    So the men in black will kick down my door one night, as I am here with my three children, just trying to be an American father?

    Even if so, what am I to do about it? All I can do is live day by day and try to educate my children about the lies that have been perpetrated on my nation (white nation) and country the past 70 years.

    If the government tries to confiscate guns under some unconstitutional law, trying to shoot a cop will only result in cops murdering me in front of my children.

    There is a prisoner’s dilemma problem. The 150 million armed white men in this country do nothing but either (1) comment on the web or (2) keep to themselves, if they are smart enough to have land in a rural area.

    It will take a total collapse of “the economy” (Jew fiat dollar) and mass starvation and chaos before I will be able to open carry (in my state).

    All any one white man can do trying to “stand up to tyranny” is get himself arrested and his “livelihood” ruined during these times when it is not total SHTF yet and we still need fiat dollars to pay the rent or mortgage.

    Shit is real. I happen to be unemployed. Laid off 6 months ago, despite my tremendous credentials AND SKILLS (in this clown world). I will get evicted soon. As of now, the government still has fiat dollars to pay judges, lawyers, and sheriff’s deputies, so it will take my landlord only 2 months to get me evicted. And if I don’t move my stuff out voluntarily, the cops WILL arrive at my door with papers and physically throw my stuff out on the curb.

    “The system” is STILL working (it sucks, but you know what I mean) as of now.

    Your countdown that relates to the end of Obama’s term — you believe there will be SHTF in about 7 months regardless of the election results? I have a hunch about that too, but I don’t pretend to know the answer.

    Whether it is true that we cannot vote our way out of this or not, the majority of the sheeple still believe. If (((they))) succeed in stealing this election from Trump, there could be a real revolution. There will be massive depression and a major subconscious strike by the productive class, hurting the economy, at a minimum.

    What happens next?

    I’ll confess I don’t understand the advice provided by this blog? I should gather my family now and go move into the woods and live off of the land?
    I can’t even do that. It would be kidnapping if I take my children and the government WOULD find me, arrest me, jail me, thereby ruining MY KIDS’ lives forever.

    I think some of the grumpier commenters here are close to 70 years old, kids already grown or no kids — easier for them to say “bring it on” and “fuck all cops.” T-SFSA what’s his name. Not so easy for us 40 year old young fathers who still have very young kids, in this world.

    I am here to tell you, massive unemployment among white men WITH COLLEGE DEGREES AND EVEN LAW DEGREES is real. There are tens of thousands like me and soon there will be a million. We in Gen X were lied to. We were the first to grow up in this world. Call me a pussy because I have no military background and I have a law degree, and I have no skills as an auto mechanic or carpenter. That’s the world my generation was given. I’m very smart, did well in school — so what do you do, in 1993? You go to college. We all know that the system shits on “shop class” and other ideas that are truly honorable professions for men.

    As of now, we do NOT have a real SHTF, the fiat dollar is still relatively strong, you still need thousands of fiat dollars every month from some kind of income to simply pay the rent and utilities, and any man who fights the system will be treated simply as a common criminal.

    I will be moving in with my parents. Add me to the list of Gen Xers doing that. But know also that this is after 17 years of having a successful career and supporting myself (and others) easily for 17 years, until now. This is new, now, 2016 — the last 15 years since 9/11 have exposed the rot.

    This is not sour grapes. There are tens of thousands like me and soon to be millions.

    When is the tipping point? I think it will take a total collapse of the dollar and overnight hyperinflation (you wake up one day and a dozen eggs costs $200.00). EBT cards stop working. Then we see what “prep skills” become usable.

    • God bless you.

      I get it.

      Start simple. Go to Walmart, get some bleach, scrub your tub, and see how well it holds water. Selco is emphatic on the effects of low water on decision making.

      I am also going to make your comment an open thread.

    • Greetings Publius,
      What state are you and love ones on?

      The doctrines of real Christianity is to make people
      stronger, not weaker. You know – Casting your bread
      upon the waters and hope, just hope, it returns.
      “Share the extra coat”

      “Those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see”
      listen & see.

    • Like CA states. Start simple. Basics will carry you through. Second, adopt worse case scenario mentality: get at least a touch paranoid.
      Third, skills skills skills. Don’t just read, swing the hammer, bust a couple of knuckles wrenching on your $300 beater car, wire up a cheap solar charger. Loads of information to be had though you may need to winnow the chafe from the wheat. (Another skill 😊)
      Fourth: socialize some. Find others nearby that are in similar shoes.

    • CA: thanks. And sorry for so many comments lately.

      • No apologies needed or accepted.


        Keep on keeping on.

      • There is a painful truth you’ll have to accept before you can begin to make your childrens world, hopefully, a better place than that which you inherited. YOU, individually, are expendable. Harsh as it sounds, once you accept the idea that you most likely will not be around to enjoy the fruits of your sacrifice, you become liberated to a certain degree. Ask yourself this. “Can I look at myself in the mirror every day knowing I’ve done nothing to improve my childrens chances for a decent life?”…… Only you can answer that question and for some, ANY rationalization is enough. Me, personally, I’ve no kids, no real belief in a future that holds anything good for me and no real hope that it’ll change in my lifetime. What I DO possess is a defiant attitude, morals, values and ethics that DEMAND I not dishonor the sacrifices made on my behalf by better men than I’ll ever be by inaction. The list is made, the powers that be declared war on my ilk long ago. I’ve recently accepted their declaration and retain the right to choose the time and place I engage them. You make your choice, I wont judge, I will stand against them, with or without you regardless of how history chooses to portray me. Best of luck to you and your kids, Publius. I think we’re all going to need some luck sooner than later.

    • Publius,

      I feel your pain. This is a time to do a controlled-collapse of your personal lifestyle, to well under the -10% rate of wealth destruction/monetary inflation in the overall economy. I’m not saying to make less money! Try to keep the income up as you can, just reduce expenses to a bare minimum and conserve the spread as relatively liquid hard-to-bail-in assets (as appropriate for your situation). Dmitry Orlov has some useful ideas, as do survivors of various economic-political collapses around the formerly-civilized parts of the world.

      Moving in with parents is a thing to do ASAP! Don’t wait until you “have to”: negotiate the deal now. Get a written lease agreement with terms so you can get renter’s insurance. Make modifications/improvements to have an efficient space, even if it means pouring a pad to park a 35′ trailer or motorhome on their lot if they live in a small house (pretending that it’s “storage space” if anyone asks). They might be able to pay down debt with your help, making their position more secure, while spending time with (assuming) good grandkids who need life-training. You and kids will get to know the parents better and become more expert at considering how to live with other people and get along. Schedule walks with the kids and let them talk. Minimize enemy media intrusion in the house with non-smart phones, small tv (only one and none in bedrooms) and homework computers (desktops!) in the kitchen. Demand weekly reports (logged) on activities/problems from adults and children to keep a lid on trouble in the house, and follow up!

      Having adult parents in the house to take charge of minor children at your direction frees up the most-productive adult to go make income. Expect long hours, but you aren’t paying a babysitter and a woman is not demanding a McMansion and a new car to host her leech-friends at afternoon gossip-tea, so you should be able to make good financial progress between early breakfast and late dinner, knowing the kids are fine and being able to work without distraction.

      My only real advice is to avoid “enrolling” any part of the new situation in the invasive dot-gov “family services” agencies (regardless of any “benefits” that may be available), since there are financial incentives for them to kidnap minor children and charge adults with violations that put everyone “in the System”. Stay free and independent, with a minimum data footprint.


    • Learn a skill – not necessarily a trade. You have the time, motivation & youth, whether you realize that or not. If you can stand the kumbaya atmosphere, try volunteering @ Habitat – you’ll learn something useful. Or be some old plumbers step’n fetchit. HVAC covers a multitude of skills/disciplines.

      just my $.02

    • You are in a tough situation, one that is going to become more and more common. I concur with the likelihood of hyperinflation as the currency loses credibility. It becomes “hot potato” with everyone trying to unload those dollars as fast as possible to get SOMETHING of value.

      As far as the next few months, two weeks ago the OathKeepers webinar/roundtable was a great discussion. Matt Bracken spoke at length with some very dire and specific predictions, giving his rationale for holding his views. OK was supposed to put the audio file up on their website, but that hasn’t happened as of yet. I am not sure why. Matt’s discussion (as well as that by Jack Lee) ought to be heard by a wide audience base. Perhaps a little birdie might be able to provide such a file or a transcript of what Matt had to say. I’m not sure who owns the intellectual property rights of such a “conference call.”

    • Stealth Spaniel

      Do not despair-you DO have choices. Many have been in your situation.
      1-Good old Craigslist. Find yourself a trailer that you can afford. I had a friend who lost his job, his wife had always been a stay at home mom, and they had 2 LARGE dogs and 3 kids. He knew that the ever vigilant CPS would nab his kids, send the dogs to the executioner, and he & the wife would be “living” in the car. So, they got an old trailer, sold everything they could, told the school that they would be homeschooling because he was traveling to another state for more training. It was rough, but everybody made it. KOA campgrounds are fairly cheap, they take dogs, and you can lie through your teeth when needed. In truth, many traveling nurses and doctors do just this. Their children grow up just fine being 6 months here, 4 months there.
      2-Think of a cash business to start. Dog walking;sewing (sails, commercial upholstery, etc.) or if you are good enough-clothing;car detailing; crafty stuff that can be sold at fairs, etc. You can get business cards $7.50 for 250. If you have a legal background-use it to your advantage. Free lance, traveling, mobile-cloak the language to help you.
      3-Let everyone think that this is a voluntary lifestyle. “Wow-I can’t believe the freedom that I have now! The kids are seeing so much of the country, dogs are healthier because we walk them constantly, my wife has lost 30 pounds. To think that I was willing to sit in an office 40 hours a week just astounds me!” People won’t assume you are as desperate as you feel. None of their business.
      4-With a trailer, you will have a bathroom, a kitchen to cook & save some money, a safe place to sleep, and an assemblance of normalcy. It will be worth its weight in gold-I don’t care if it is a 1969 Winnie.
      5-THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: to protect you and your family. Start your list of every derogatory question that the authorities can ask,allege,accuse or require from you. Write down what you can rebut that with, and memorize the answers. You need to get prepared, grey, and vigilant.
      God Bless. Fighting for the basics of life is daunting.

  9. just plain todd

    uhhh, Virgil, i don’t think using violence against evil is evil. it is right and proper, IMHO, and the only way to stop it. but you are right. whites and westerners are pussies. i don’t have any around my AO yet, but if we get them, i won’t wait for stage 4 cancer to start playing cowboys and sand niggers when they get froggy. i will not help anyone who refuses to help themselves though. that was the big lesson for me from the Bundy Finicum disaster.

  10. How about this you stupid fucks: let the white men of the country be armed. Don’t need the police to protect us.


    • and then there’s this small problem: the “extra armed police” won’t be “protecting” the native Whites. They’ll be protecting the Muslim invasives, the political class, and the Judeo-globalist oligarchs. See: Germany, France, Scandinavia

    • Grey Ghost

      The FIRST order of business is to not be afraid to die. Consider yourself dead already. This was my attitude the first time I went into a “war zone”. AND we are at war with domestic enemies make no mistake about it… a slow simmering war right now but a war nonetheless and the chances of it becoming a shit storm is “spicy” as CA would say. If I came home from that “war zone” and I did, then I cheated death a thousand times and was happy for it. You need this attitude now not later.

      As to your economic situation, get the best job you can find (uber driver?) and start prepping even while you are at home with the parents and kids. I don’t have the link but someone may be able to provide it on the “quick prepper guide” or something like that. I’d give the link but don’t have it handy right now.

      If I recall correctly the basics are this: (it’s never too late to start unless the collapse is full blown!)
      1. Get a good rifle and 1000 rounds of ammo… chambered in either 5.56×45 or 7.62×51 which will make it easier to pick up ammo on the field of battle. Then some basic training on how to use said rifle. Then practice.

      2. Get some freeze-dried food/dry goods food that will last a long time or buy a freeze dry machine and make it yourself. Start with 2 weeks and work up to more as time and money provide.

      3. Figure out a good way to store water and collect fresh water with some kind of “purifying” scheme, ie chlorine, iodine, UV… you get the idea.

      4. Get a handgun and 1000 rounds of ammo. 9mm, 40SW or 45ACP will be the most popular. Get some basic training. Then practice.

      5. Wash rinse repeat food, water, ammo.

      6. Teach your children how to use weapons at an early age. 11 is not too young. Fuck whatever your state law says. YOU teach your children how to shoot, in the backwoods of your area with noone else around to turn you in later for breaking the law.

      7. Get in with like minded people in your area and start forming a community defense tribe.

      8. Never surrender and take no prisoners.

      Good luck.

      Grey Ghost

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. I am sorry to recommend giving money to the owners of jewflix, but there is an essential movie on netflix right now: “Blackout”, about what happens when the power goes off in Britain for a week. It justifies every word ever written on this blog and in the Second Amendment.

    Has EVERYTHING: niggers looting, “strong independent single white mothers” lacking the protection of a white husband traveling the roads alone and getting into rapists’ cars, and even a smart beautiful white couple that prepared by having a generator and food, and a vegetable garden, only to be living next to a pack of stupid 80 IQ sand niggers who come over trying to “pay” useless paper dollars for the white family’s food. Very scary. The guy is apparently, of course, unarmed. The wife is beautiful and in a sane word, the sand nigger neighbors would never have even laid eyes on her, let alone lived as her neighbor.

    Even shows something I’ve seen preached here or at links posted here: although the dude has a generator and a grill and some meat, he is a yuppie who is not FULLY prepped — he did not consider that hyena unprepared sand niggers next door would SMELL his cooking meat and come over to kill him and rape his wife and daughter.

    The dude has prepped with generator, meat, and a grill, but NO GUNS OR OTHER MEANS OF PROTECTING HIS STUNNING HB9 BLONDE WIFE.

    Every man watch this movie now. If you are at work, go home sick and watch it.

    Shit goes down in the United States, the niggers better realize that the whites’ preparation here includes plenty of AR-15s and ammo.

    To any communist government agents and others enemies of the Second Amendment reading this, you are enemies of the people, specifically the civilized white people who built civilization. Fuck. You.

    Not one person, including Hillary, should be able to watch this movie and still be for taking away law abiding citizens’ guns.

    You want to leave us vulnerable to a pack of niggers. Fuck. You.

    Sorry for all the bad words if you have to mod this comment. Perhaps you can use it just as one more piece of evidence in your study of the world that regular men out here get it.

    • The large city Montreal, Canada lost electric power in 1998 for a month in some neighborhoods, due to a freak ice storm during a Canadian winter, and nothing much bad happened. Large variety of cultures and races there. In general a distinct lack of rape and pillage during disasters without evacuation warning like floods, fires, and earthquakes in America. Didn’t see any rape and pillage during recent Japan tsunami. Yes you should have guns, yes you should be prepared, but no, your fears are exaggerated compared to documented reality. Get real.

  13. Meh.

    This is normal. It’s the reward you’ve earned when you and your people are weak and unwilling to fight harder than your enemy. If you didn’t grow up in a big city, then I guess you would be shocked. For those who led insulated lives, you better get used to violence and death. Here’s a little something for your viewing pleasure.

    • I see a lot of logic in the things you post man. I have one problem with you. You continually speak down to others, as if “you people” doesn’t include you. WE sink or swim, together. YOU are part of “we”. I reasonably expect you’ll insult this observation and brag some more about how rich you are, as if that somehow makes you superior. It doesn’t. Just quit it, man.

      • Dude. The Northern border is 10 minutes away by land or water and there really isn’t anyone on my Island who wants anything to do with this country – $ does have it’s rewards. I’d just as soon sit back and observe events from a distance before I sacrifice myself for nothing. It’s like supporting some whores children… I didn’t create that mess, why should I pay for it? Besides,Team Freedom is going to need overwatch, a Quick Reaction Force, and some safe havens.. I might decide to fill that role. Who knows?

  14. The Walkin' Dude

    Want a good idea of where this is headed? Watch a video by Black Pigeon Speaks called Women and the destruction of nations / civilisations. Real eye opener of the dangers of women in power while feminizing the men in the society. Alpha invaders come in, women swoon to the alphas at the expense of the tribe, because it is their biology.

  15. The Walkin' Dude

    Screw it, here’s the linky. Got the title a bit wrong, but anyway…

    • Complete, and completely correct.

      Should be shown in every high school in the world! As if.

  16. MichiganJim

    Moving stuff, Publius. In the end though, it all adds up to victimology. It”s not wrong, what all those others have done…but you’re asking what the answer is. I’d suggest that before you figure out what the answer may be, you first discover where it is. IMO you’re looking in the wrong direction.

    Try logic. You understand how reliance on the judgment of others has brought you to where you are. How likely is it that the same thing will get you out of it?

  17. By the way, this tragedy is not forgotten among those with ties to the people. It’s not forgotten among Orthodox Christians, such as myself, either. Anatolia will be returned to Christendom and in the not too distant future, either.

  18. Bucephalus

    Frame of Reference: Revelation 6:9

    Until further notice (the Rapture) every man shall protect his family, friends, and community.

    Ne Desit Virtus !