Got 150?


Review of Armatac CL Drum Magazine

Got enough ammo?

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  1. combine with a binarry trigger system and whalla lmg …

    • Or bumpfire stock or pistol grip (any time, now, JT Grips).

      Or a lightning link, if you’re so inclined.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Aren’t bumpires gone now that they lost that patent litigation?

        • Hadn’t heard about that. Looks like Fostech will still be allowed to make their overpriced ones, there’s still a glut of others on the market, and it seems like a simple enough thing to do with a collapsing stock and a few pieces of metal.

          But I might have to go snatch one up now just on principle…thanks for the heads up.

  2. not that it is needed but here you go .personally i cant afford to shoot that much ammo .

  3. Ugh…

    The only reason to have a mag/drum that big is for a prepared defensive emplacement. …not exactly how the 3% should.fight.

    I wonder how.much noise that makes rattling around on patrol.

  4. Be cautious ordering from gunmagwarehouse.
    They got hacked a few weeks ago.

    • Grey Ghost

      That “microgun” looks to have advantages in an ambush and a couple of other situations I can think of… I like it a lot and in 556 too. Very nice. Now how do I get my hands on one?

      Grey Ghost

  5. can’t see many of the “patriots” lugging this around. most can barely stand up for more than 10 minutes without their knees hurting.

    40 rounders are as big as i’ll go, and i only use them for competition really.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. The Usual Suspect

    Large capacity magazines (50rd +) in a semi automatic rifle
    can never compensate for trained riflemen .
    I saw a video of the 1959 NRA Infantry Trophy Match ( aka
    the rattle battle match) they start @500yds and used M1’s
    The number of hits was staggering.

    • Exactly.

    • Those matches are still in play today and I have participated in a couple of them with basic service rifles (M16’s/M4’s with no mods). Even those rifles are more than capable of consistently hitting a man size target at 500 yards with M855 ball. It’s a different story if you’re aiming for a face or arm hiding behind something but it’ll be close enough to suppress.

      There’s something to be said for large capacity magazines in some situations, but I agree, until actual crew served weapons are procured there’s no replacement for quality marksmanship (coupled with sound training in tactics and fitness)

  8. outlawpatriot

    No, thanks. 🙂

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    There was a reason why the Thompson SMG drums were discontinued. They were too heavy, too bulky, too easily damaged, and took forever to reload, the average Marine on Guadalcanal carried a 50 rd. drum and dropped it during reload, then went to his 20 rd stick mags.
    The US military actually destroyed 50 thousand of the used 50 rd. drums, which had been returned from combat units and replaced them with the newer 30 rd box mag.
    Time has proven the 20 and 30 rd box mags are the best choice for rifles and carbines, stop wasting money on “new and improved” gimmicks.
    Belt-fed drums and boxes are a whole different story.

  10. For defending a fixed position, one really wants 7.62×51 weapons, though a true high capacity magazine in this caliber would work well.

    For ambush, it’s the deal as long as it works with NO jams at all. Set up a total crossfire ambush with two troops with a total of 300 rounds with no magazine changes, you may win if they have no aerial assets.

    The new Magpul 60 round drum magazines make sense I think. 60 rounds without a mag change, 120 withy one mag change, is meaningful in my opinion. A SAW box magazine pouch will hold two of them.

    • Grenadier1

      +1 on the Magpul 60 drums.
      Add a bipod to that rifle above and it will fill the roll of support gun in your squad. Yes you still want the rest of the team doing controlled aim fire but having one guy that is able to send the hate, is how fire and movement works.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      When you consider the space the drum takes up vs the space of several flat 30 rd box mags, I can’t see where it pays for itself. And the cost of most of these drums is way beyond ludicrous. I paid $10 ea for Magpul 30 rd Pmags, vs $130 for a Magpul 60 rd drum?, yeah that makes sense. Or $433 for the Armatac?
      And who wants that big thing banging around on their web gear. These things will go to the range a time or two, then end up on the shelf right along with all the other queer gear.
      As I said earlier, there’s a big difference between belt fed MG’s and assault rifles, what we see here is someone trying to sell you a belt fed type mag so your AR can feel all grown up.

  11. Interesting if nothing else. I imagine that thing will appeal to the armchair commandos and gear queers.

  12. While I’ve not used the magpul60 round drum, I own and operate the ” sure fire” sixty round mags. Own many, and find them to be of outstanding quality, and function.

    Admittedly I’ve only put perhaps 1000 rounds thru all the mags collectively, and the rifles are colt, Noveske, VLTOR etc, etc. never had an issue with any.

    The magpul 60 is much cheaper, however my gun shop owner is also one of my shoot buddies, and gives them to me for his cost. Down side is, the 60 does add weight to the rifle, regardless, 60 rounds at your fingertips, vs 30 mag change 30 can be very beneficial.

    Personal needs, not Kool factor need to be objectively weighed when considering this weapon system up grade.


  13. I’ve been rethinking my position on this issue recently, and I must admit that I’ve come to the conclusion that a dedicated AR in a long/heavy/free-floated barreled configuration with the drum DOES have its place in the armory/unit and it really is begging for big optics for surgical hits to the melon.

    • Certainly needs review, as to your specific needs. Personally I’ve determined that my mid distance range needs, will be covered with the .308. Nothing against the223.

      I’m Just top heavy with a shit load of FALS and G3, and their clones. Also several BM 59s and a 62, that I don’t really have a specific mission for.

      Had the foresight to purchase a pile of mags for each many many moons ago. Can table 30ish of the 30 round FAL mags, think they were from South Africa, but not positive.

      Was purchasing the real G3 mags for like a dollar apiece. The BM 59/62 mags were spendy, like 45.00 a copy, luckily I stocked up back in The mid 80s, when they were available for roughly 10.00 a pop.

      I’d like to say I saw this coming, which is partially true. The real truth is, I got lucky and purchased when things were cheap.

      Lately I’ve been stocking up on older real clean shotguns, while everybody’s scrambling for m4s and such, I’ve been snapping up a shit load of older real clean shotguns. Been finding a bunch of Ithaca feather weights, in the 200.00 range, snapped them all up. Also semiauto model 11s, and some old but real clean model 10a. Of course 500 mossbergs, and 870s as well.

      This past week, I snapped up a mossberg 930 semi. And one of the new Keltec 14 round shotguns, at a real decent price.

      Also decided it was time to purchase a sea going sailboat. Picked up a 33 footer, have to rebuild the motor, but then I’ll sail her north to Oregon as her home port.

      Nast to,you al.


  14. The Usual Suspect

    I have competed in the Infantry Trophy Match also, but they
    did it with a 8 shot Garand, to put things in perspective.