Grigg: Beware, Adams County – A “Sociopath” Will Soon Return to Duty

Officer Safety Notice


Jack Yantis could not be reached for comment.

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19 responses to “Grigg: Beware, Adams County – A “Sociopath” Will Soon Return to Duty

  1. It’s a big rural county………

  2. Terminate with prejudice.

  3. I say great! The SOB needs to be out in the open.

  4. Likewise, LaVoy Who, could not be
    reached comments, questions,
    or an interview, in place of Mr. Yantis.

  5. Idaho.
    The American redoubt for Patriots, my Ass!
    What a fucking disgrace and joke.



    • Shinmen Takezo

      I took a trip up there last June and yes, other than there literally being nothing at all in Idaho…. I found the level of oppression in these small local communities even more than in the more liberal parts of California. I do not see blatant highway and community speed traps set up in California as I did see in Idaho… where because of the failing economy and near bankrupt communities–they have turned loose the “King’s Agent’s” (as outlined in the Declaration of Independence) to eat out the sustenance of the local and interstate residents.

      If you like living in a literal “asshole” move to Idaho… on the other hand, in Montana right next door, I never even saw a Highway Patrol or local cruiser, saw no speed traps because the limit was over 75 in places–and saw plenty of poker clubs in Missoula where I could ply my part time job freely.

      • You should of looked me up when you were up there…I live in the Bitterroot so the next time your up hit me up and I will either cook you a meal or take you out to one of our breweries… That goes for anyone else to by the way…

      • You must have driven through a different part of Montana than I did recently. Nothing but a police state is what I witnessed. It gave a whole new meaning to Montana for me.

    • SameNoKami

      Double word.

  6. just plain todd

    this is good for info on how cops are, but as is said here, local, local, local. if the locals can’t won’t don’t solve problem, i surely won’t drive 1800 miles to do so. best of luck up there! again, like the Bundys or LaVoy showed, most people aren’t worth your trouble.

  7. Bill Harzia

    This article makes staying in California sound like a good idea. This is not the first story I’ve heard about cops in that part of the country behaving like that.

  8. “That was not the last time Wood threatened to murder fellow law enforcement officers.”
    Since they did arrest him for that, may be they won’t arrest him after he actually murders them.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. The Walkin' Dude

    Eric Frein? Is there an Eric Frein in the house?

  11. How is this kind of shit even possible?

  12. just plain todd

    Sean, its possible because it is what an immoral, lazy, self indulgent society with no self respect and no value of the family or God has sown. it is now reaping its just reward we were given great gifts as americans, that no other people on the planet got. with those great gifts came great responsiblity. and we totally pissed it away. hard to accept that your average american is a total POS. but we as a group are. as Ann B. has said, we will burn unlike no others have…….because we knew better. we saw what happened to the others, and ignored the lessons. we deserve this. not all of us, but fair’s got nothing to do with it better rig for condition Zebra.

  13. With only 14 cops convicted of murder since 1912, why expect any different?

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    It sounds like Officer Safety is a real dangerous ass-to every decent, peaceful, and caring citizen-man or woman. Let’s hope that his enabling boss decides that Officer Safety is competent enough to patrol- by hisself. Might be worth helping Officer Safety be real compliant. On a dark road, on a dark night, several Patriots might be able to point the way to the promised land. And it ain’t Idaho.