Herstory, You Mean….

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  1. I’ve never commented here before, but that shit is hilarious. Perfectly illustrates the absurdity of all this.

  2. Irma Grese. German girl. She ruled Auschwitz,Bergen-Belsen and Ravensbruck as only a German can. Discipline is the key to success.I apprenticed with German and French/Basque chefs.
    Hillary must have a trait that we don’t know about.I don’t think it is is discipline. The power is the drug. Throw in the sycophant admirers and Bingo! The Bushpig arrives on the scene.
    She has a lot going for her. Attractive. Likeable,Trustworthy.Loyal.Honest.and goshdarn it,people(morons) love her. Smells like the shithouse door on a tuna boat.

    • “I’m going to raise taxes on the middle class!” And the ‘crowd’ goes wild.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Commies hate the bourgeoisie with a passion – and none of them ever stop to think that they might be members of it.

  3. Bill Harzia

    I can’t remember where I first read this, so I can’t give credit, but five words sums her up:

    “Hillary Clinton – America’s Ex-Wife.”

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. SameNoKami

    Hillary !!
    Because Obama wasn’t bad enough !!