Update Your Linklist: Claire Wolfe’s New Blog & URL

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Her fundraiser and Amazon links are on the right margin, should you feel so inclined.

Consider supporting the original freedomista.

8 responses to “Update Your Linklist: Claire Wolfe’s New Blog & URL

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. This is good news.

  3. Notarealperson

    Don’t worry folks, Hillary’s ascension to the throne will accelerate things quite nicely.

    Say within 100 days of her getting sworn in.

    It’s almost go time.

    You won’t need to start the fight, she bleed us first, she just can’t help herself. Tyrants always go for the death and gulag options.

    IOW she’ll be coming for anyone with a gun and who believes in the Constitution.

  4. Who gets to call when it’s time to shoot the bastards?

    • The BATF can, most likely after arresting “right-wing domestic terrorists”. The call won’t be public.

  5. Bucephalus

    Too late to “talk” about possible remedies too….😣