Bezmenov, Redux

Read the old WRSA post, noting especially the links to the transcripts contained therein.

Watch the video above.

The collectivists are near the completion of their Long March.

Their subversion of the Federal law enforcement apparat and the US military, along with most of the other organs of Federal, state, and local government, will reach its climax with the inauguration of Hillary Rodham Clinton next January.

The majority of the FUSAn population is already in a submissive posture.

If you do not have the resources by then to at least become a Forest Brother or Sister, you will learn what millions in Europe, Asia, and South/Central America have learned:

Being conquered by the Bolsheviks is a stone-cold bitch.

Alea iacta est.

11 responses to “Bezmenov, Redux

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Never cease to be amazed at the masses and their tolerance for deception. And then turn around and tell you how enlightened they are, thanks to Faux News, etc.
    WTF is wrong with people? They actually thrive on ignorance and brainwashing, like it’s a life goal. Offer them a book to read, like “1984”, and they laugh at you.
    All out of tolerance for stupidity, may they all die in ignorant bliss.

    • Bucephalus

      There is a “MICE to RASCLS” pdf floating around on the internet; it’s an explanation of a recruitment methodology of one era or another.

      The point is; the brainwashers use those exact same tools on all of is….. and they apparently use it quite well.

  2. Thanks Micheal Savage. Heard him first on The Savage Nation.

  3. Frank Pinelander

    The biggest thing that struck me about these videos, and in discussion prompted their redux, was one comment in particular about how Bolsheviks play their game. The stage is set so: “you fight us, we win. You don’t fight us, we win.”

    That is of course, if one plays by the arbitrary “rules” They set forth.

    Hence my comments on The Box posted after this.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. …In addition to formally endorsing House Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump on Friday evening also threw his support behind Arizona Sen. John McCain and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, with whom he has sparred

    Trump says, “We have to unite.”

    What a mess…

  6. Should be interesting what types of counter-measures are adapted to diminish or defeat the threat of weaponized UAV’s that number in the 1000’s here in Fusa. The recce capabilities alone with it’s vast array of electronic and thermal sensors are quite impressive, and provide a force multiplier that the enemies of Freedom will exploit to its maximum potential. The Brothers of the Forest had it easy compared to what Team Freedom faces.

  7. money hanger capitalists kill they own system with they own money,and now we have face communist is the problem. zeitgeist.