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For your understanding.

They are serious.

Are you?

23 responses to “Hajji-Prop

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Why all the focus on Islam when the real threat is the USG?

    What is your altererior motive here?

  3. What we’re seeing here is a classic case of “nothing to lose” demonstrated by sacrificing themselves by performing suicide missions for their beliefs. The fact is, the muslimes have never had anything to lose to begin with other than fucking sand and stinky women(how could they be fresh and clean under that black sheet in a blistering sun all day and not even rudimentary indoor plumbing?). The white race hasn’t fought back because they have everything to lose… They have full bellies, running water, 4 gig smartphones, dish TV, and free porn, what could be better? I expect nothing to change other than the level of evil perpetrated by both these muslimes fanatics and our very own PTB.

    • Now see? That’s a cogent comment.

      And you didn’t even have to write fuck once.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    I took a look at the “Mu-Slim” prop PDF magazine.
    “Slick” is all I can say.

    And can FREE-FOR generate materials and videos like this?

    I talk to liberty movement people who are still using flip-phone and who cannot boot-up a Kaypro computer… let alone use use a short-wave radio.

    I will not talk about being soooooo disconnected from modern thought so as they cannot even generate a message to penetrate the thick skull full of mush–and will not talk about the lack of talent to generate materials such as seen in the Haji-magazine.

    I think there better be a lot of people out there who (older and wiser and not able to hump in the bush any longer) who should pack up heir reloading equipment, who should hang up their LBE shit and learn get up to speed with modern methods of disseminating and generating effective FREE-FOR PROP.

    The cluster fuck that ensued in Burns Oregon is a perfect example of the lack of such capability…. that dummy who instigated the take-over resorted to going off campus and giving seminars, when instead a slick, well written, video about the problems in the west, released on the internet would have saved his ass from going to jail and saved LaVoy Finicum from doing the .40 cal watusi.

    Grok these words please.

    Thus spake Shinmen.

    • Dear sir, This page might not be glossy, I like it, but fancy it ain’t. It conveys the data just fine. How many people have you told about this place and GoV, and sipsey praxis this month? How many? The data is being collected, correlated and uploaded, it ain’t Cosmo or Glamour, but it’s here. Tell them!

      Do you have an idea? What’s your concept? Do you have saudi oil money for print and distro?

      May the LORD our God almighty bless and prosper this web page, put a hedge of protection around it and it’s owner. Bless all who come with the knowledge and wisdom of your natural law, oh God. Provide for us in order that we might prevail against evil in this, the end time, so that in success, we might glorify you through Jesus.

  5. Me too, I’m serious as well. By the way, I’m a scalper.

  6. That men should be separated from the weapons that their civilization builds with its own knowledge and wealth is absurd. Be that fruit the wheel, shelter from the elements, or a machine of self defense; that God, by his gracious and boundless love, has blessed us with knowledge, understanding, and the fruit of our toil, would have us standby while uncircumcised philistines separate us from our fruit is even more absurd.

    That we would submit to the half idiot, evil worshiping, demon infected hordes that their godless controllers tell us we should “just coexist” with is the most absurd.

    You can’t have my weapons and I will not coexist, into extinction, with your camel humping retards either. Folks have been trying to teach them to dig a well, water crops and to stop shitting in their drinking water for a thousand years.

    We don’t want to, but when forced, we won’t blame the unassimilated stooges of your regression, we’re coming for you dear leaders. And all the facilitators, NGOs, mouthpieces, and pay masters and everybody else involved in bringing these AK wielding hordes into our midst. We will burn this whole fucking thing down. And the foreign retards with an AK? That’s simple to mop up.

    Why did Moses kill the egyptian? Because; fuck that imperious prison camp running motherfucker, that’s why.

    The undercurrents have it that the eastern european Christians of the former soviet block are preparing to fight back, will you?


  7. The Usual Suspect

    Speak for your self , I’ll blame those fuckers too.

    • okay dokey. My point was, they will be dealt with, in due time. Without command and control, money and support they will get onto ships headed for tripoli. I’m not saying they WON’T fight absent leadership, though surely less likely, I’m simply saying that they are not the primary cause of their own status nor our state. They, being stupid you see. God bless you.

  8. Now you’ve got European men writing this drivel about “Toxic masculinity”. With thinking like this in abundance, maybe Europe needs to die.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      At this point, historic Europe is probably gone no matter what it does. It simply doesn’t have the warm bodies for the fight, let alone the will.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    Well, sure, that’s what *they* say their motivations are, but they are biased towards themselves, and therefore, their opinion can’t be trusted. Our dispassionate analysis has entirely ruled out Islam as a motivating factor. Global warming and concern over income inequality may be causes, but further study is needed by expensive, publicly-funded think tanks of highly-credentialed experts
    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Elites

  10. So that I’m clear, ISIS is our biggest problem here in FUSA? Look around, the Cartels are here. They make ISIS look like pussies (hat tip to Clint). This open border shit, the flood of heroin into this country, you think that was a mistake? You think ISIS did that? Thank God we made Afghanistan safe eh?

  11. I’ve been watching team Mo step up the pace of op’s both here an abroad. To ignore or underestimate their reach and motivation would be a mistake on our part. Take this for what it is, a window on their world.

  12. I live in a rural area and noticed some farmers have MANURE SPREADERS to fertilize their fields with cow manure. Also have noticed photos of Mooslims filling the downtown streets in NYC with their prayer rugs. How about using a manure spreader to spread PIG MANURE right where the prayer rugs are placed on those NYC streets. Lets see how the rag-heads like kneeling on pig poop. Just something to think about. I really loved a video of a Texas farmer having pig races around his farm field right next to land the rag-heads bought for their mosque.