The Box, And Escape Therefrom: Frank Pinelander Sends

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From a discussion about the current situation:

The Box is any and all things designed to get individuals into a mindset that traps them into a particular way of thinking and behaving.

Like the whole ‘Sky Is Falling’ crap. What does everyone do? They break off into their various factions from huddling in bunkers to forming militias. Stuck in reactive mode. Waiting for The Day. A day that will never come.

Then there are all the other mindsets on either side of the political spectrum.

If people would stop, and instead of seeing things from a Confirmation Bias standpoint, ponder not only “why do I feel this way”, juxtapose it against history and ask “why am I being MADE to feel this way” then they’d stop getting played and could actually start seeing solutions instead of problems/disaster.

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  1. Why am I being made to feel this way ” certainly equipped you with a self-confidence in which you know very well about your ‘self’!

  2. Frustration and the resulting anger leads people into the wrong decision making process.Live every day to the fullest. Gobble it up and prepare to kick the shit out of any obstacles in your path. Remove all negative influences,including family, from your life.Whiners,crybabys,lazy pieces of shit and freeloaders are to be banished in a humiliating fashion. Be all that you can be…including being the nastiest brutal prick on the face of the earth when necessary. Cherish,protect and love those who you deem worthy.It is not that complicated. Primates adapt and establish a society based on dominance and subservience. We are aggressive primates.

    • If you insist that you are a primate I will agree with you that you are a primate — and I am free to treat you as such.

      I will insist that I am human.


      • Any primate ,over 35 pounds can rip your fucking arm off and beat you with it. Put a guy like me in a room with you and I will show you the same type of treatment. I will tear off a piece of your body and show it to you. How do you like me now?
        I also taught special education in Arkansas. I drove a bus through through the Ozarks on dirt logging roads picking up retarded people and the physically deformed. Taught them how to swim and comb their hair.I met the families. We are much closer to primate than you are aware. Simple arrogance and bestowing a title upon yourself, human, does not give you you the privilege to besmirch and disrespect me. I am a proud and defiant primate.


        Way to go Steve. They keep trying to tell us we are monkeys, apes, etc. And the mindset that I love liberty, is not a trap. Yes there are those who take things to extreme. This is a normal part of the human condition, but when Jesus warned the early Church, about fleeing Jerusalem, he even went as far to recommend not fleeing in the winter, or being pregnant. So when Titus surround the city, those who were prepared for that “day that never comes” are those who had the right mindset and escaped. Sempre Avanti

        • Yes. The Christians in Jerusalem read the signs aright and escaped in time. The “others…” well, they deserved it.

          As a researcher about and early participant of the “patriot ‘movement'” I say there has been since the 1930s four identifiable phases. Phase I was the nationalism of Lindbergh and Fr. Caughlin, blackened by the Communists (we know who they are) as “Nazi” (sounds terrible doesn’t it?) Then there was the anti-Communism of the ’50s early ’60s blackened (by we know who) as “McCarthyism” (shudder!). Then there was the ’80s – 90’s crowd, the Libertarian Constitutionalists. The honest Liberals (we know who they are) and their “conservative” allies called them “haters.” Today, if one pays strict attention, the Libertarian Constitutionalists have mutated — following their own logic — into anarchists who are called (by we know who) “domestic terrorists,” even though there is altogether nothing frightening about them whatsoever.

          The key point being that descent from nationalism to promoting anarchy — the descent from moderate to Left-Extremist.

          As much as I thoroughly despise “our” government and the bases upon which it was founded, in the improbable case of an uprising by the anarchists I’d have to side with the government.

  3. (drumming fingers…)

    Oh my. How many times have Pinelander and I had this discussion.

    One cannot begin to be creative until one has mastered the basics. Even then, creativity is simply applying the basics in a way nobody else thought of. And even then, most people who have mastered the basics never get beyond their mastery of the basics.

    “Outside the box” is creativity. Not novelty.


    • Sincere question:

      What are the basics?

        • Successful resistance to collectivist tyranny.

          • I’d say the first “Basic” for “Successful resistance to collectivist tyranny.” is not only being raised by family that encourages you to “be your own man”, but having the fortitude yourself to continue on that path (not following the crowd….EVER) throughout your lifetime (barring that, you start once you’ve been awakened, but it’s much harder). Always questioning the narrative and having the discipline to personally educating yourself (because that requires serious discipline) to the point that seeing through the “Pablum” (narrative) being espoused/pushed by the government (national/international) which is regurgitated through the media. Once this gets to the population, the “collective” does nothing but walk off that narrative “Cliff” in the name of “Not making waves” and “Go along to get along”.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Historically? Replace with another form of collectivist tyranny, and enjoy some degree of freedom during the interregnum. Given the arc of human history and behavior, collectivism is probably more hard-wired into us than is the urge for liberty.

          • Well, at that level you’re talking about the person and genius of the strategist, not the workaday tasks of the people following orders. And first off that strategist would have to have an ideology — an ideology that leap-frogs (so to speak) over contemporary “thinking.” “Restoring the Constitution” and “resisting collectivist tyranny” is not an ideology. If that is your starting point you’re doomed, and if that is you’re end point (i.e., your final cause) you’ve accomplished nothing.

            That’s thinking “outside the box.” 🙂


    • Frank Pinelander

      It’s also, as we discussed and you pointed out:

      It’s not about thinking outside of the box, it’s about knowing the dimensions of the box and constraining the opposition within it.

      That is done daily to the Praying For Doomsday crowd. Some responses to this prove that, between the chest thumper that would merely have his eyes gouged out if “locked in a room” or another that fears a profile.

      Our opposition also has boxes it not only falls into naturally, it also has boxes it MUST fall into in order to maintain a perception of legitimacy.

      • Free Pineland! Frank.

        You got to think like a psychopathic globalist.
        It is perfectly plausible, and essentially a very effective tactic, to give people hope, then when their hopefulness has served it’s purpose, pull the rug out from under them. Sure some end up blood spitting pissed off for being played for a sucker, but you create widespread demoralization also. Cunning, a most effective social engineering at that.
        I think as we get to the pivotal juncture of time/point of no return, 97 days till Nov. 1st, what we will see is Trump will either self destruct on que, (Endorsing Ryan and McCain etc? If nothing else, endorsing those right wing cultural marxists traitors is the act of a true cuck: You would have to be A, living under a rock on the dark side of the moon not to know what those fucking trators are about, B, you have been co-opted and turned, or C, you where always a plant of the deep state), and the scepter of power is passed to the megalomaniac vagina, or whatever is required will be done to keep the dirt people from voting their way out of this, which is all the above in any case.

        No doubt it is going to get really sporty here real quick. A culmination of serious dis-armament going to arrive with coronation of the clinton regime II. We have implementation of a slew of UN small arms treaty actions, from executive orders to federalization of civilian law enforcement, various states AG’s are jumping the shark on gun control as new improved precidence, BLM has provided the “optics” for crisis as a means from white supremacy, to cops as genocidal/racists.

        It’s all about guns. Don’t bullshit yourself. Guns are the only thing that matters now. Since the birth of the new world guns are what has been the single most pivotal thing going. Not since the birth of Christianity, has anything possesed the determining dynamic of freedom in human activity. Nothing is comparable to guns, how guns, the fighting rifle in particular, have shaped the course of this world since their invention. And nothing has changed in that basic regards. But what is paramount in that regard, is the rifle has evolved into really the only thing in the entire sphere of human activity of freedom that matters. In a world ruled and gone mad by the human extinction movement, aka cultural marxism and the organized crime State, the oligarchy class only has one existential enemy, it is the Freeman with a rifle.
        Simply stated, of all the forms and actions of liberty verses tyranny, no matter how diminutive or spectacular, the rifle is the one constant. Without the rifle we wouldn’t even be here today, as American Free Men. We would not exist. We could not. We are here today exactly because we have rifles, because we own such Property, because our rifles are our right arm of our primal freedoms. Our rifles, their advent and evolution as an invention of projecting physical force far beyond the mortal physical ability of ones arm muscles, has resulted in another constant, an incredible power, a force multiplier of almost immeasurable might, a natural born power which even the most repressive state or actor can never equal, the most powerful arms system of them all, the force of moral imperative, for our rifles existence, are a natural projection of our sovereign existence.
        Scoff and laugh if you will, cry all you care about resistance is futile.
        But facts are facts.
        If the truth of our rifles, hence our primal rights, and vice-versa, where not so, those who presume to rule us Freemen, would not be acting in such ferocity to disarm us of our rifles, hence our primal freedoms. That our rifles are our supreme instruments of our self determination.
        That today, here and now, in the face of all that goes on, everything foisted upon us, those in power skirt around the imperative of power we have both as individuals, and collectively, our manifest nature as a plurality who possess this nascent potential to kill those who want to rule over us, rule our souls, or kill us all to the last man. Take your pick.
        That in the final equation, it is the rifle, that without our rifles, we would be slaves with little effective means to defend ourselves, to defy, resist, and win against some form of state tyranny, or be dead.

        Guns are going to be used decide everything here pretty soon.
        Like TINVOWOOT, there is no getting around this. It is inevitable at this stage.
        It’s the tiny indomitable plurality of armed dirt people who live free or die, an oligarchy of psychopaths, and a vast sea of useful and not so useful idiots soon to be cannon fodder in between.
        The impetus, the political inertia, the the weight of tyrannical force, the pogrom to disarm us dirt people in order to liquidate us is coming. For as armed Freemen, we are all that remains as obstacle to totalitarian power. Us lowly armed dirt people. Imagine that! All because we own property in the form of a rifle. Little Ol’ me and you. We should be flattered and proud as peacocks the leviathan state, with all it’s power and wealth, it’s resources bent to this one purpose, that it fears us so, gives us such credence. It is telling beyond mere words how profound this is, how much power as individuals we possess. It begs the question of how much power as a determined minority we have that such attention is lavished upon our humble selves and rifles.
        That they have abandoned all pretense of legitimacy, that in itself is a most indicative sign the gloves are off. Everything at this stage those in power do is now predicated upon guns, who has them, who doesn’t, who rules by the gun and who must be ruled by the gun.

        They are as ruled by Freemen with guns, as in their hubris to be the omnipotent ones who rule by the gun.
        Funny thing this power of the gun…
        Just as it is our rifles that determine our lives as Freemen.

      • Epic levels of sarcastic rebuttal come naturally to you, don’t they?

      • “It’s not about thinking outside of the box, it’s about knowing the dimensions of the box and constraining the opposition within it.”


        • TheSpartanMonkey

          Box? I don’t see no stinkin’ box.
          If there is no box, I am always neither outside nor inside it.
          Hillary wins and bans guns – who gives a fuck.
          Trump wins and builds his wall – who gives a fuck.
          Make your own life, your own destiny, using your own rules. And if you can change the game to make ‘the’ rules *your* rules, even better.

  4. It’s a trap. The problem is how not to get caught in it.

  5. Wait, So Problem Reaction Solution is not the way to go?
    Shit I thought after 9/11 that was all cleared up. ‘Murica! sarc/off.

    Stay positive, keep prepping. Do, learn new things by doing them. And yes enjoy every single day!

  6. Separating the Tares and the wheat.
    What is the purpose of Tribulation?

  7. I turned off the TV in my home years ago. The only thing I see is the occasional documentary. I promise you on a crate of ammo, turn off that bullshit and then go back 90 days later. Your mind will have returned to it’s normal and you will be horrified and utter pissed off at what media organs are putting out.
    There is no news. Only op-eds. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

    • This. The Jew media has one purpose: communist brainwashing. The media INFLUENCES. It does not report.

      • you mean…that NPR – Reds, sodomites…and other Jews – story today on Greeks getting cozy with “their new Syrian friends and neighbors” wasn’t…exactly…true? That there was some kind of Tikkun Olam globalist agenda? I don’t believe it. It all sounded so real. There were interviews and everything. Aviva Schluuuuurman wouldn’t lie to us


    Proverbs 27:12

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. robroysimmons

    Great piece thanks Pinelander. “Conservatives” are always asked to support others, that is a box and they are stuck playing Ms Jellaby to the world’s precious “Diversity”

    I’m outside that box and I ask “What the fuck have those assholes done for me and what are those assholes doing to me and for whom do they do it for?”

    You conservatives are TRAINED to never ask questions, you are given a script by the very people selling you out to the Left

  11. “Waiting for The Day. A day that will never come”. Taken from a historical perspective, that statement is nonsense. I refuse to be this generations Solzhenitsyn.

  12. FSS World News Update – 8-5-2016 – Unknown Disease – Iraqi Movement – Market Attack – Survival News

  13. There is a journalist by the name of John Rappaport which
    in one of his books he was talking to one of the most famous
    hypnotists. The hypnotist told him – “Heck… it is easy to hypnotize
    people – they are already hypnotized”

    I think the average time to get hypnotized when turning on the
    devils tube is about 23 seconds. Just turn on Sponge Bob and
    observe the childrens demeanor 🙂

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness,” for He appointed
    them a New Kingdom (world – form of government)

  14. Yes, we could change the direction of our nation and fix this mess. All we need to do is have 51% of society thinking, even a little bit, and have reasonably honest elections. So… it’s hopeless. Ain’t gonna happen. I spent nine years working toward that six sigma unlikely reality. Back to stockpiling rice and beans and guns and ammo. Don’t forget not to get on the boxcar. That never ends well, no matter what they promise.

  15. Be careful about thinking outside of the box, you might end up healthy, wealthy, and wise OR dead.

  16. Frank Pinelander

    Food for thought, for the rational.

    A Kameraden, former Navy EOD, slightly older school. Class was on taking out/down a building. The natural course of events was conventional thinking: VBIEDs and similar. Afterwards, everyone was required to write a paper on how they would take down a building.

    “I would dress as a HVAC repairman and do this this and this.”
    Paper was confiscated, classified and buried. Was interesting on how some products in the HVAC line changed in the timeframe subsequent.

    The Box requires MSDS warning labels. Warning labels are instruction manuals.

    But hey, kinda hard to read after someone gouged your eyes out, because you thought brute force was the only way.