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  1. Considering those in the freedom movement are mostly the downtrodden(because those doing well are perfectly happy the way things are)I see charging them for knowledge they can get for free on the internet somewhat opportunistic. There will always be those who prey upon the fears and ignorance of others and find a way to make a buck off of it. MVT is exposing itself as just another PAYtriot site among the sea of carnival barkers and grifters out there. Charging for anything other than material goods and actual services is always tacky right from the get go. But hey, I have no doubt he needs the $ more than I do. Mebbe CA should charge to encourage others to employ the critical thought skills God gave them and think for themselves, but then he’d be just another PAYtriot himself…

    • Matthew Wilbanks

      Max has been giving away information for free for years, but now you’re going to complain about him trying to make a buck and support his family? Sure, I can probably get the same information for free somewhere else, and I will continue to do so. His business venture will succeed or fail based on whether what he offers is worth the $25 or not. Since you apparently judge whether a person is a real patriot or not based on them charging or not charging I’ll just call you what you are, a Socialist and an ingrate.

      • Yup. You got me pegged. LOL.

      • Wilbanks,

        I concur with tfA-t. Color me ingrate.

        Seeing as you’re so offended by tfA-t calling Max’s I would think you would be waving a fistful of dollars at Max….”take mine, take mine”. But instead, you’ll do just what tfA-t suggests, free info courtesy the Internet. Allow me to regurgitate YOUR values here: “I can probably get the same information for FREE somewhere else, and I will CONTINUE TO DO SO.”

        So, as you like to employ the name calling I’ll return the same to you….you’re a fucking hypocrite ! I rather be an ingrate than a hypocrite. But you, on your mighty high horse, will say one thing but do what you chastise others for doing/supporting. You most certainly revel in your hypocrisy. Feels good, eh Wilbanks ?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yes, people can find information for free. Having an instructor to help make sense of the information in a practical way is something different.

      Put it this way – who would you want performing surgery on you: guy who’d completed med school and his internship, or a guy who’d read a bunch of books and seen some videos? Both may have the same amount of generally available information, but one has a much better idea of how to use it.

      • This was the jist of the comment:

        “Charging for anything other than material goods and actual services is always tacky right from the get go”.

        I was merely pointing out that “goods” and “services” are things that are actually produced. A forum IMO does not fit that criteria.

    • tfA-t,


      Priceless !

  2. Conducting the actual training that Max does, and the way he does it, is what makes the value of the training apparent. Max is not charging them for something that can be gotten on the internet for free, because on the internet, you’re only looking at a video, and there is no reason to expect a person will then go out and practice what they see. There is also no one to correct mistakes, or to have you repeat the drill until you have it down pat. This is why Marine Corps and Army basic training is not done over the internet. Or any other kind of real world training. Having a person skilled like Max makes all the difference in whether or not you GET the training. tfA-t, do you remember the substance of any of those film strips, videos, or other non-involved training “aids” you saw in high school? Uh-huh. Right. I’m sorry your poverty keeps you from a lot of things that you want, but you do know the cure for that, yes? And keep in mind, the Viet-Cong, the Taliban, and ISIS and a lot of other non-state actors fended off the might of the US, for decades, and their training consisted of basically, the stuff Max teaches and trains people in. That he gets paid for it, shows that he is intelligent, and that it has value. You want free? Go have the hippies or the college snowflakes train you. Ever hear the phrase, Freedom ain’t free? Stop crying poor-mouth, it’s boring, and it makes you look lazy.

    • Butt hurt?

      MVT has nothing but a small loyal cult following. I’ve never seen anything he puts out worth even seeing a second time let alone paying for. What I do see, is total amateurs dressed in MC’s bee-bopping all bunched up right into the kill zone or hopping out of trucks when the patrol has already been zeroed-in and compromised, when they should be hitting the accelerator and un-assing the AO. But as long as he makes a buck – right? But what do I know? I didn’t attend some weekend class, instead i raised my right hand -TWICE and signed that proverbial check, lived the life, and performed with active duty SF, Rangers, and the 160th Night Stalkers while assigned with the 187th… I guess real life military training is nothing compared to some plastic pop-ups, and a handful of instructors headed by his highness. SHEESH.

      • So you shot real people and not plastic pop ups when you were office pogue?

        This should’ve been readily apparent to you but just how in the hell is some 45 year old guy going to go get his blue braid? He could go to gifts galore and buy it (or any other color) but the constraints of time and reality sorta pinch most people’s schedules

        Two things in closing
        I’ve been under direct enemy fire unlike yourself so save your fucking bullshit and kiss my ass.
        And many, many thanks for yet another selfless dissertation exploring The Wonder and Majesty of Being You.
        What a

        • LFmayor,

          Seems to me you’re the “Dickbeat” here.

          “I’ve been under direct enemy fire…” so what ? I guess if you want to consider some whore MF’ing you for skipping out on payment for her services as “enemy fire”, that’s your prerogative.

          “Kiss my ass.” Mark the spot ‘mayor ’cause you’re all ass ! LoL.

          What a clown you are.

      • MichiganJim

        “But as long as he makes a buck – right?”

        Right. The alternative is stealing it from someone.

        See Rand on that uniquely American phrase—“make money.” It meant something once, before geniuses like Greenspan and Yellen started making it for us.

        • Meh. BORING!

          I’ll let you in on something.

          You need to make $10,000. here and $ 50,000. there and make it ALL WEEK LONG. Either way, you peasants amuse me as you doddle around chasing your tails trying to make a fake buck. LOL.

          And LF.. Growing up in Detroit, I think there may have been a few shots fired at “real people” – I can’t remember. 🙂

          • Well, it’s a free country and you don’t have to pay for anything you don’t want (hahahaha!). No, but seriously I see tons of value in the forum and the classes, so I pay for them.

            Thanks for your service. Do you still train and with a team? You should blog about it!

  3. Given the number of folks with ‘real world shootem up’ experience who have trained with Max and talked of the value, this just becomes another doo-doo stirring opportunity for a certain participant on this board. However:

    …forums have value when there are participants who bring their own knowledge to share. I am one of those folks who has contributed knowledge and analysis; I can continue to do so in the future. Server cost to host a forum? No problem kicking in a couple of bucks. But to pay to offer my own time and expertise on a forum? That rubs me in the wrong way. I understand that Max wants to charge to read his future posts, and that is his right. But I’d rather have hard-copy books and such for $$. So I don’t know whether or not I will ‘pay to play’ this go-round. Hopefully I will get back to WV before too long for some ‘skills refresher training’ which does rebate the forum membership cost.

    • Doc:

      It’s amazing how this thing has taken wings. It’s like it creates two camps. A couple of things:

      1) Thanks for being helpful, but:

      2) What’s the deal with the second part of the comment? Did you put that on the MVT Forum somewhere? I didn’t see it. To put this in perspective, I’m asking for $25 per year. So to put it another way, you don’t think there is anything on the blog or forum that is worth a paltry $25 per year? Given the amount people waste on crap, even a shitty meal, you think that is too much for access to the MVT forum?

      I’m perplexed. I am not charging for blog content, but I will put certain articles in full on the forum only, where it will cost $25 per year to read. Plenty of people are signing up, because they recognize the value, but for some, $25 per year is an insurmountable obstacle. I’m not gonna change it, so it is what it is: no more free chicken.


      • No, Max I continue to buy your books and hope to see you again this year 🙂 Hell, I still owe you a set of pullups! And I would love to buy the expanded version of Patriot Rising with about 50 pages of diagrams for the huge battle of Romney. I get lost trying to follow the movements.

        My point is not about paying for what YOU write, but it rubs me the wrong way to be paying for the right to share my own expertise in several different subject areas. No, I haven’t been very active in your forum recently. And I assumed now that it was subscriber-only that I no longer had access to comment on this issue.

        Alright, I’ll paypal and come over and explain why a 10% lower price for 25% less ice cream is NOT a price reduction 😉

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Mike Bishop

    A man’s time has value. Period.

    Good on Max.

  6. outlawpatriot

    Hmmm… T-Fat or Max. Seriously, anybody here got a problem with that choice?

    Peter, for the love of God and all that is Holy. Shoot that rabid dog. 🙂

    • Yet another sign of the apocalypse – me agreeing with Mullinax. t fat, we all get it that you’re wealthy thanks to dad. and you live in the upper peninsula of detroit. and that you were a great infantry typist, and your shit doesn’t stink, and you’re better than us (in your woefully arrogant and incorrect opinion…) we thank to for coming down off your throne on the mountain to interact with us. Now, please, shut your ignorant cock sheath, because no one gives a fuck about your opinion. But please keep stocking up on ammo and stuff, because when it goes loud I’ll be there to resupply.

      • The rules here are pretty simple: say something that will get you or me arrested today, and the comment will be pulled.

        Can anyone point to a tfAt comment that breaches that rules?

      • You are all being collectivists and you don’t even know it. There is no hope for this country or any movement, other than my bowel movement when I hear comments such as these. Now all you children go to bed and get ready to slave in the fields bright and early. 🙂

        • tfA-t,

          I’m certain you read the remark from WRSA’s resident collectivist “outlawpatriot” ? Guys like him aren’t insulted by that moniker. Hell, that statist considers “collectivist” a badge of honor.

  7. 25$ is the price of a meal at a restaurant (or three meals at McDonald’s)
    If Max wants to charge an insignificant amount to join his forum, what is the big deal?

    I suspect that making money is secondary to weeding out the couch commandos. (‘cuz they wouldn’t pay to join a forum.)
    Which suits me and the rest of the forum members just fine.

    In either case: He still gives away free chicken on his blog.

  8. Two dollars a month and “hardcore” patriots are beotching about it, really? Come on folks.

    30 years in the game now and I’ve seen thousands of “dyed in the wool” patriots who are more socialist than Putin. It really makes me both sad and SICK.
    As for “me and my house”- well hell I want to survive and I VALUE that. A lot of socialist “patriots” will beootch about a small fee to help the cost of a venture they BENEFIT FROM but won’t support it. Does that make you valuable to a team? No it makes you the dirtbag that everyone avoids because people like that WILL let you down when the time comes. 30 years experience in this movement has taught me that.

    If you don’t wish to use those services, then STHU and don’t use them, if you do, then pony up the cash. The same that complain about it will think nothing of blowing that much on beer, cigs, lotto tickets, cable, etc. then go on and on about how they are concerned about TSHTF. If they were TRULY concerned their ACTIONS would match their so called BELIEFS.

    In 30 years I’ve seen SO MANY radio shows, blogs, video productions, magazines, classes, etc. go by the wayside due to LACK OF SUPPORT by so called patriots. Guess what, after they go, those same cry babies are complaining that they are gone.

    Are you a capitalist or a socialist?

  9. Bucephalus

    $40.00/year to participate in AmRRON Corps (up in the Redoubt).

    $40.00/year to support Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF).

    $125.00/year for a budget Sportsman’s Club (private range membership).

    $25/year to support Max’s forums seems reasonable….especially if it has the “https” in the address.

    The last video on Packet Radio was very informative.

  10. ALCON,

    Although I agree totally with tfA-t’s remarks about the new MVT fee, I can’t help to wonder what the big deal is. You either want to buy the merchandise or you don’t. Quit wasting bandwidth.

    Oh, and all of you supporting MVT’s pricing policy….have you sent payment yet ?

  11. robroysimmons

    How many of you PAYtriots have cable tv? Love and support some of them people who hate your very existence, thanks suckers

    • Sitting here pretty comfortable financially, as I statistically reside in the 1%, I don’t pay for cable tv. I don’t even have tv. IMO, only a retard would watch that garbage, but that’s just me., I also don’t buy cigarettes, beer, lotto tickets, fast food, i haven’t even ate out in years – as the food is all the same crap served on a different plate. Maybe that’s why I have plenty of loot? Again, what do I know? besides “a fool and his money soon part their separate ways”


      serfs peasants tamaeto tamahto…