Your Government At Work


WeaponsMan runs the bases.

C’mon, you civics kids!

Go right ahead and vote at it.

Doesn’t that feel great!



36 responses to “Your Government At Work

  1. SameNoKami

    Neat ! 400million in foreign currency with no questions asked. I can’t withdraw $10K w/o getting an anal exam.
    The cash and the release of felons by Head Homo looks like a real life version of ‘Demolition Man.’
    Create chaos. Take over.


    Thousands more “refugees”? We have been invaded and conquered for many years. It started in the 1980’s. The Dead Elephants’ handlers needed cheap Wetback labor. The Jackass Party needed voters. And now, here come ‘da Muzzies. If you want to see what the future will be like, look no farther than Hamtramck and Dearbornistan.
    Oh, on a side note, get ready for another False Flag. TPTB have just put out an alert to the ORCS that the BGF is targeting cops and prison guards for their “Black August” revenge party. More to follow.

    • <–this. We were invaded long before Syrians became flavor of the day. Ronnie Raygun waved a wand and 12 million were suddenly special and no longer criminals. Viva La Amnestia! But they've all turned a blind eye! All the while repeating the meme that "white kids" won't do these jobs blah blah blah. Oh and the other yobs, the good yobs? Those went abroad. Nafta etc etc. Welcome to paradise! If you are still patronizing establishments that employ wetbacks, stop. Only one way this will get fixed and that's to starve them off. Occasional edumacation in line and then leaving can work too. Mention under your breath but just loud enough so the peeps in front and behind can hear you, "oh man, I heard there was an outbreak of that drug resistant TB coming from South America, I'm outta here".

      The people employing these fckers know the score. I can't blame someone for wanting to make money, but once you connect the dots as an employer you should be making the right decision. As a freaking customer it's a SIN if you buy something from these traitorous shitbirds.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    The Republicans are too busy besmirching Trump to
    even think about impeaching Obunghole.
    Besides they really don’t want to get called a waycisst.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      More importantly, they largely agree with the Prezidizzle. They haven’t really mounted much beyond token opposition to anything he’s done in 8 years. The GOP is all for socialism, they just prefer it to be better managed (i.e., with them running it.)

  4. Haven’t read the linkage yet, but isn’t it a relief to know that Barry has finally figured out economics?!?

    He just INVENTED a whole new business model for the thugs to exploit!

    Truly, amazing.

  5. That’s money laundering and way beyond patently illegal!!! Guess though if you are melanin enhanced, the law doesn’t apply.

    I don’t get the deal with Greenwood. What did he do? I’m not a fan in any regard, just curious.

  6. The Byzantines paid off the moslems for years, in order to not have to fight them. Then, the moslems used the money and what they plundered to one day take down Constantinople, after over running the rest of the Empire. If you feed hyenas, and run out of food one day, they’ll eat YOU. The Iranians back Hezbollah, Hamas, The moslem brotherhood, and ISIS and any other scumbag outfit that wants to annihilate westerners, along with their domestic enemies. Giving them lots of money is not going to discourage them in what they do. And it is treason.

  7. Uncle Larry

    The US government backed the Muslim KLA, Muslim Al Qaeda, Muslim MEK, Muslim ISIS, Muslim Al Nusra and the Kurdish PKK. Is our terrorist problem just a matter of who is backing which terrorists? Hmmm.

  8. I want to know HOW the black House can get their hands on 400M with being accountable!!!! They have all that money just sitting around ???.?

    • … Sorry, should read “… WithOUT being accountable.”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      400 million in cash to the government is nothing. It’s not even couch-change.

    • They fucking OWN the printing presses. Simple, really.

    • It’s not money. It’s just paper (actually I guess it’s technically some blending of cloth) and nothing at all more, and once you look at it that way, it’s easy to see how they can just conjure it out of thin air. It’s value comes from the minds of we the people. As long as we assign value to it, they’ll keep simply printing it out and reveling in said value.

    • Actually, the total amount is $1.7 Billion. The $400M is the vig.

    • Grey Ghost

      Two words: Federal Reserve.
      The fascist worldwide central bankers worked out the deal. The Federal Reserve (U.S. Central Bank) wired $400million to the EUCB (European Union Central Bank) and the EU money printers in Brussels rolled out the cash on pallets. CIA has sub contractor with aircraft with no markings. Yes, there are armed “guards” in the back of the plane. U.S. State department gets the diplomatic flight clearance for said aircraft full of cash.

      On a side note, this is not the first time the U.S. has sent pallets/plane loads of cash to far flung places in the world. Don’t ask me how I know.

      I don’t get why everybody is getting so upset… the magic negro has been doing as he pleases from the beginning… he is just continuing to do what he wants with no opposition. He knew the GOP wasn’t going to do anything they already told him so.

      I can’t wait to see what the October surprise will be this year.

      Grey Ghost

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Better yet, how do we know they did not miracle up 900 million,
    and keep 500 million for their retirement?
    No one in the 3 monkey’s media seems interested.

    • That’s probably exactly what happened, or something similar. Hundreds of millions of dollars in government money doesn’t get moved around without a bunch of crooks getting their share. Several hundred million dollars? Who’s going to miss $50,000 here or there? It’ll go to some agency, who’ll give it to a company for “contract work”, who’ll pay a bonus to a certain person’s salary for the year. Disgusting.

    • I’m sure there were planes heading off in different directions. 400 mil to Iran was just part of the scheme.

      Fucking scumbags.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. It is unfathomable to me how the US is forking over even one red cent to another state that has been hostile to the US for more than 35 years. This original $400 million deal for fighter jets was made with the previous Iranian regime led by Shah Pahlavi which was cooperative and on friendly(er) terms with the US at that time. The US got paid, but didn’t deliver the goods due to the Shah’s regime being overthrown. The previously amiable US-Iran relationship pretty much went down the toilet from that point.
    It was probably safe to say that Iran then became an enemy of the US. So how is it that the current regime and sworn enemy of the US can be demanding payment (along with $1.3 billion in interest) for any damn thing?
    Oh, I forgot, we have a musloid occupying the White House who is collaborating with this sworn enemy on a daily basis. More and better details in the link below.

  12. Just acknowledge for once and all that the ‘rule of law’ is dead and gone in the good old US of A: as if you didn’t already know ……..nothing, absolutely nothing should come as a surprise at this point in the well orchestrated game. Some times just telling the truth does set you free – makes thing much easier ……….

  13. If you’re attentive and intelligent, you’ll never allow this .gov to get you “in the system”. I believe it better to just accept your fate and hold court right out on the street if you know what I mean. You’re going to lose anyway, might as well do so with some dignity as a free man. Just remember, playin the percentages, a one to one exchange is actually a win….. Even if you aren’t around to hoist the trophy.

  14. What has transpired since really the pharisee occulted powers (aka shadow government) & CIA JFK schwack in this country is almost unfathomable & ineffable. To think that this country is eroded decayed this severely is almost unfathomable & ineffable. The idolatry demi-god worship of celebrity, sports figures, TV personalities & politicians coupled with indolence, ignorance, complacency & apathy clearly indicates the country is Morally bankrupt & lacks any scintilla or modicum of moral turpitude. Ethics, Honor, integrity have been turned into seemingly nearly extinct dinosaurs & are void from our current lexicon of our societal or cultural construct. The void & incremental of leadership under the spuirous banner of politic into cronyism & corporate fascism of body politic is the how it was done. The “Greed is Good” mantra of Wall Street & all for the love of money. One would think at the point when the bottom is realized that cathartic epiphany would finally occur. The waiting of that crystallizing “Hive Mind” collective intelligence & singularity of purpose is the hardest part for many I suspect.

  15. Dennis Garoutte

    We have been overthrown from within, some get it most don’t. We are truly between a rock and a hard place and way behind the ball. Only Jesus can fix this now. Choose wisely.

  16. “The law is very clear that somebody in their private capacity, on private time, on their own equipment, has a First Amendment right to post about things of public concern,” Marjorie Esman, director of the ACLU of Louisiana, told The Intercept.

  17. Marlo Stanfield

    Khan was on Anderson Cooper in the past week and said there was no such thing a Sharia Law? After my years with Uncle Sam listening to Moslems on base speak of Sharia Law. Wonder how many people believe him because he has had a public speaking class.  Needless to say Anderson Cooper didn’t call him on it. From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Friday, August 5, 2016 10:15 AM Subject: [New post] Your Government At Work #yiv3065930359 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3065930359 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3065930359 a.yiv3065930359primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3065930359 a.yiv3065930359primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3065930359 a.yiv3065930359primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3065930359 a.yiv3065930359primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3065930359 | Concerned American posted: “WeaponsMan runs the bases.C’mon, you civics kids!Go right ahead and vote at it.Doesn’t that feel great!’Murika.” | |

    • Steve Kristmann

      Hi Marlo,
      “Khan was on Anderson Cooper in the past week and said there was no such thing a Sharia Law?”

      Khan was and is practising Taqiyya; it’s what all islamists do when they’re around us Kuffar as they call us. Anderson didn’t challenge him on it because like the majority of presstitutes, he’s a dhimmi and intentionally ignorant of islam’s nature (especially to homosexuals of which he is one).

      Deception, Lying and Taqiyya

      Dhimmi and Dhimmitude

      Khan and those like him are nothing more than domestic enemies, as are their enablers.

      Yours In Liberty w/o any damned dhimmitude or pisslam!! – Furthermore islam MUST be destroyed!!
      NorthGunner III