Z Man: The Revolt Of The Media


Free speech?

Open and vigorous discussion?

Shut it down – just like the Big Boys do.

‘Cuz freedumb.

11 responses to “Z Man: The Revolt Of The Media

  1. Oh yeah! It’s happening and will now accelerate. You will be treated as a felon and enemy of the state. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

    And we’re at it, turn off the effen TV and blind the SOB’s!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    “When the news is bad, or just plain silly, as it is pretty much all the time these days, why not skip it? Listen to McInerny talk about Aquinas instead of listening to the evening news. Read Aquinas on the Apostle’s Creed rather than reading The New York Times. Less fretting over the news, and more reflecting on the Good News.

    C.S. Lewis used to say he rarely read the news. If there was anything important that he could do something about, he trusted his friends would tell him. As for the rest, he thought the best response to those things he couldn’t do much about — horrible wars, people dying, government scandals — was to fast and pray. (and this reader adds: ammo up and train hard and fight the “good fight” that is now upon us.)

    If you truly believe that God is the Lord of History, then often the most practical thing you can do is pray.”

    …and prepare.

    Local. Local. Local.
    Subsidiarity, Gentlemen.

    H/T RandallSmith, Professor of Theology at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas

  4. Bucephalus

    Stop buying stuff from their sponsors is a good place to begin…..

    A fictional novel about a guy who snaps and proficiently targets all the mainstream media outlets, the liberal law-makers, and legislating-judges, would certainky make the best sellers list.

  5. If I was leading the charge, I would put the scoundrels
    in the front, preferably 200 clicks ahead:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. LOL.

    Nice pic up there of the peasants as they assemble as a mob.

    If those same scroungy unkempt serfs had used their brains and made intelligent choices instead of sucking booze, smoking gretts, watching tee vee, supporting sports teams, eating DcMonalds, or paying for shit they could’ve gotten for free on the internet -LOL, they would be financially solvent and lounging around the pool, out water skiing, or cruising their classic hot rod jamming tunes.


  7. (((Zuckerberg))) now censoring comments at the (((Podhoretz))) Review. No. Really? On a related issue, VoxDay had an interesting post re ESPN, the kosher “pro sportz” network featuring Jew-billionaire-owned teams of Black/Brown steroids running around doing kid stuff with sticks and balls. Subscriptions are suddenly down, way, way down, millions down. I think that a lot of this is White men, gradually aware that (((someone))) is destroying their race, nation, and civilization, putting down the beercan, turning off the Jewbox, and considering ways to do something about it. First, they’ll vote for Trump. Then, when that doesn’t work, they’ll think of something else. I bet some already have

    • “There have been some in recent days telling how the Jews are laughing at those of us who are trying desperately to warn our fellow White Men/Women about who their real enemies are. They relate they have neighbors who are Jews and who know nothing about a movement by other Jews for World Conquest.

      For one thing if that persons Jewish neighbors are really telling him that, then they are lying to him for they know full well what is going on, but will never admit it to non-Jews. For they know full well what has happened to them every time that a host nation finds out what they are really up to.

      The Jews are always crying about being persecuted. Now if just one or two countries had expelled them at one time or another; then we could conclude that that nation acted out of racism or prejudice. But when every nation in Europe; in deed, the whole ancient world has expelled them and some of them more than once. Then it is silly to say that all nations are racist or bigoted against the Jews. There must be something that is causing so many people to hate and detest them.

      And that thing, for the most part, is their constant subversion of the host nation; selling their secrets and even their freedom to their enemies because the Jews have no loyalty to anyone, not even their own people. And some times the so-called upper Jews have caused the expulsion of the so-called lesser Jews so they would not have to divide the pie up so many ways. This we find that the Jews have been expelled from the following, which is only a partial list.”…


      My nephew in France has expressed to me his thoughts on the ((()))s.
      The ((()))s are about to get what they have gotten all through His-story.

      It’s once again a BAAAD time to be of a certain (((persuasion)))

  8. The “Media” and government have been revolting for a long time.

  9. I do not like the herd mentality & I do not like the Dallas Cowboys. I am from Texas and I only like Cowboy boots from the example in the story. I long suspected that TV is nothing more than a propaganda machine programming the masses…