Belgian Machete Blues

Days Since Last Muzzie Madness

UK Daily Mail: Muslim knifeman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ stabs two Belgian policewomen in street rampage before being shot dead by cops as prime minister warns it is likely to be terrorism

GoV: Breitbart Reports Muslim Who Slashed Two Female Belgian Cops Has Since Died After Being Shot By Police


21 responses to “Belgian Machete Blues

  1. Guess they missed the mental illness memo. Someone is going to lose their job.

  2. Steve Kristmann

    Meanwhile, in Rawelsland more is coming out about the
    attack on the 5 year old girl in Twin Falls by the 4 rapefugee
    invader cubs:

    BREITBART EXCLUSIVE: Idaho father of the developmentally disabled 5-year-old girl saw part of video of her being raped and urinated on by 3 Muslim so-called ‘refugees’

    IMHO, all the invader cubs should have been summarily hung and
    their families and enablers driven out of Twin Falls. chobani and it’s
    founder can FOAD!!

    Yours In Liberty – Furthermore islam MUST be destroyed!!
    NorthGunner III

    • If I were the father, I’d be standing on a soapbox every day in front of the white house with a megaphone letting anyone who would listen know what muslims do to children (and women and dogs, cats, horses and gays) until the attorney general locked me up.

      • Mark Matis

        That filthy whore would instead just have her pigs shoot you. And they would do WHATEVER they were damn well told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

    • Mr. K,

      So the question remains….”At what point do the aggrieved and their neighbors/friends/fellow citizens punish the offenders ?”

      BTW….the offenders in this matter include those who brought the non-citizen, Muslim invaders into one’s AO.


      • Jimmy the Saint

        “So the question remains….”At what point do the aggrieved and their neighbors/friends/fellow citizens punish the offenders ?””

        Next February 30th.

    • Read an artice about idaho becoming a “redoubt” for patriotic political refugees. They are looking to lay low and be left alone. Meanwhile blie team is pumping this redoubt full of rapefugees who are already running things.

      Seems counter productive to me.

  3. Muzzies are getting lazy. They better put together a serious attack killing 20 or more pretty soon or their attacks will just be labeled as those mentally unstable.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The labels don’t matter. The impact on the Western rank and file does. However the attacks are labeled, they’ll scare people and lead to further state control of things.

  4. If she was my child, they would all be dead.

  5. As an aside, the Belgian police are equipped with the Smith & Wesson M&P in 9mm. I don’t know what their duty ammo is, but glad to hear it was successful in eliminating this goat humper.

  6. LaGrandeGuy

    Islam is a cancer on the face of humanity.
    Churchill called it ‘the most retrograde force on earth’ and this was in the 1890’s!!
    Basically what happened is the shitty second cousins of the jews got all aggressive and took over a shit load of territory, like from Morocco to freaking Indonesia!
    Their utterly bogus and uninspired code fits in well with the globalists because it legitimizes the most heinous and disgusting crimes and degeneracy. And progressives are guilt-tripped into turning a blind eye to the muslim world’s hateful racism, sexism, violence and homophobia, basically because musloids tend to have a brownish tint to their skin. Can’t make this up…

  7. colddeadhandsdays

    Why have these bastards not been killed???????

    • Becuase these muslims are one stop short of being given secret service details and the feds have threatened anyone who speaks ill with prosecution. Thats enough to stop the entire population.

    • Because the blue Poo Poo will hunt down the dispensers of righteous justice with a lustful vengeance, employing the unlimited assets they have available to them funded from the taxpayer trough, then murder/execute on sight, or arrest and prosecute the good men who seek the relief not being given by the legal system.

      Short answer. The cops.

  8. I just wandered into here, and wanted to say, Death to islam.

  9. OT: But a very interesting read.

    Worth reading all 4 pieces. And here we are. How many squirrels like this lad are out there?

    The IRA separated Sinn Fein from OPs. Think about why they did that. Ol Gilberton Kessler did a shit pot of damage but at least his Teevee series is coming along…..

  10. Mark Matis

    The shame is that this acolyte of the Religion of Peace did not succeed in killing those pigs. It’s about time for the Only Ones and their Masters to enjoy the fine ministrations of the Diversity they have foisted upon the Mere Citizens of their nations.

    And hey, it’s BELGIAN pigs, home of the EU, so what would be more appropriate? Hopefully the attacker applied something worthwhile to his blade before starting. Maybe their condition will change within the next few days. Sure would be a shame if their health trend was negative.

  11. Nice shooting kudos to the Belgian po-po.
    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    Make the mascot of Islam the passenger pigeon.

    The open question throughout Europe is whether, at any point, the locals will simply skip to that step on their own, government apologists for the Religion of Pieces be damned?

    Should the inhabitants thereabouts break out in common sense, I’m stocking up on drinks and snacks; it’ll be far more interesting to watch than the paltry Olympics.

  12. just plain todd

    meh…….the future belongs to those who fight for it. can’t see murikans or any other westerners doing much of that. we are to fat, lame and lazy. besides…..somethings on my bigscreen now. gotta go. go team muzzy!!!!