Just A Coincidence


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  1. Must be a coincidence, and anyway Iran is our friend, Obama told me so……

  2. Huma Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, MI. Her father is from New Delhi India, her mother was born Pakistani. She DID grow up in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. To call her Iranian is a total fabrication.

    Valerie Jarrett, while having been born in Shiraz, Iran was born to American parents who were in Iran….her father is a well known physician who ran the childrens hospital in Shiraz. She left Iran at the age of 5. While technically
    of Iranian birth she has also lived in England before moving back to the US.

    There is no need for lies and disinformation…..the evil and treasonous conduct of both these women are more than sufficient to justify their removal from our society without the need to invoke lies and innuendo over their births, origin and alleged allegiances.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      So little Huma is just a misunderstood native born Michigan Gal? I don’t care if her mother gave birth on the remaining copy of the Constitution in the Archives: this chick is all about the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law. Want more info? Try this:


      Our Miss Valerie has had it in for this country for a long time. She wrote in college of making muslims a priority in this country. She has hung out with Mayor Daley in Chitcongo, and was instrumental in slum housing. Want more info? Try this:


      Lies, innuendo, and allegiances? Newsflash: we have lived under this for 8 years.

    • Hi Dan,

      Your info is interesting. But for my money, Jarrett could be born on the moon. She is a scoundrel of the highest sorts. No different than her puppet boss, Barry barack soetoro hussein “I-Was-Born-In-Hawaii” obama.

      Hemp would only be too good for the both of them.

      • If they get to Oregon or Washington via AF-1, I’m sure they’ll all enjoy the premium hemp. BHO has commented on his use in the “past”.

        Oh…. the kind for rigging sails and recovering vehicles from ditches. Not as long as FedBux buys gas for regular folks, betcha.

        Whats the shortest and worst runway AF-1 can reasonably land on and not worry about re-launch? Just a thought exercise for the last flight out. It’s a long list of places most people have never heard of, esp. if there is at least one friendly tanker on-duty somewhere.

  3. HHH Old Vet.

    well, CRAP!!

  4. Bucephalus

    Check into the amount of holdings Susan Rice has….

    Another product of the Brookings Institute

  5. Huma’s married to a Zionist sex-pervert

    • The Weiner is no more a Zionist than Ronald McDonald is a greater mind than Stephen Hawking … he’s a JINO. At least you got the pervert part right.
      Your Jew hatred is very tiring. And bullshit.
      Just because SOME of the banksters have Jewish heritage doesn’t prove your thesis. There are a LOT of members of the oligarchy who are not Jews in theory, and many of them are likely as fundamentally as bigoted as you.
      As for myself, as a Jew, I despise the likes of Soros, Feinstein, Schumer, and the rest as much as the next guy here … Maybe more, because they are NOT REALLY Jews in spirit or behavior. They are sell outs, who betray the Jewish people and all of humanity, and they deserve to hang.
      The rest of us, by and large, are decent people and have FAR more in common with you than you’d ever be able to bring yourself to admit due to your twisted, almost Hitleresque, prejudice.
      Give it a rest …

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not-So) Wise Cave Owl,

      “Huma’s married to a Zionist sex-pervert”.

      And you’re a Muslim practicing Taqiyya….so what’s your point ?

  6. In business, the best input is negative input, based on truth. If you are a responsible steward of the business..you address the problem, solve it and make it standard operating procedure. On to the next problem.
    In government and most of the public sector, blowing smoke up someones ass and/or getting a little shit on the end of your nose is standard operating procedure. Having this valuable ass kissing service performed by a reamer of Ms Jarretts caliber is priceless. Ms Humas choice in husbands should tell you all you need to know. Huma has a tongue like an anteater.

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  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Charley Waite

    Screw Kalamazoo also!

  10. Only because the Iranians are puppets for the Israelis.

    • Even if the Iranians are opposed to Israel, they aren’t working for the interests of the American People, as Israel is not, as Globalists are not. Pretty much everyone is looking for a bite of flesh without being scratched.

      The reliable friends/allies list is a much easier list to manage than the enemies list. Can the Empire count on Canada? Yes, as long as they fear the Empire and have use for it.

  11. Miles Long

    Advisers or handlers?

  12. Holly fuck, I gave a total of 38 years of my life thinking I was doing something good protecting all yours freedoms. Dan, speaks the truth, and now to most here, the truth doesn’t matter. Fuck that bull shit.

    Dan, thank you for the truth, I was aware of both. The truth will always matter to me. And both bitchs will get what they got coming, for their actions, not their birth place.

    I come here for the truth, when you sick fucks are able to write the truth dosnt matter, im amazed. There truly are some switched on men and women here, true patriots, and then their are you really sick lost soles, with IQ’s around 35/40.

    I’ll pray for you your sorry asses, starting tonight.