Seattle Metrosexual Has His Lunch Eaten By Herschel


“I’m afraid, and I think that big, strong policeman over there will keep me safe.”


13 responses to “Seattle Metrosexual Has His Lunch Eaten By Herschel

  1. HHH Old Vet.

    Huhh, there’s a couple of city kids in our family, but no worthless weirdosexUall’s, THANK GAWWD.

    The Attorney authors of both articles have to be DemocRAT antigunner, Turd lickers.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    Attorney Hubbard is just another well educated pussy. He is not above lying, deceiving, or twisting a fact to service his opinion. I’m sure he has exhaulted thoughts on diversity and evil white ranchers too. I value the honesty of a multi-state trucker over this fat fool. The Emerald City needs some swamp cleaning.


      SS: Maybe Mt. Rainier or the Cascadia Subduction Fault will apply some swamp cleaning to that septic tank of progressives, deviates, and stoners.

  3. “In the hands of civilians, they are not protection from crime.”

    Ya keep pumping that false statist meme you useful idiot, or worse perhaps you are an active collaborator eh?

  4. Awesome machines….

  5. A couple of big, strong policemen didn’t keep Jack Yantis safe. And they had “been screened, trained, authorized and empowered by us to do the job”.

    Todd Hubbard is a fool. And a tool.

    • Mark Matis

      Todd Hubbard is not a fool. He is, however, a GD pig sucking POS. Like so many others.

      Kill the pig whores. Kill the pigs. Then take care of the Todd Hubbards.

    • “Todd Hubbard is a fool. And a tool.”
      The Matrix has provided him with many comforts, not the least of is an illusion of security, as long as he is a good tool for the masters. As soon as he is more trouble than value, the benefits will end and reality will be imposed. I lived in Mukilteo for a year and found it a combination of the worst parts of Seattle and lacking the charm of rural living, but it’s been a few decades and probably gone downhill. There is a Washington State ferry dock.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Useful idiots ALWAYS believe they’ll be taken care of if “their side” gains power. Funny how it never works out that way. Is it any wonder history is an almost totally abandoned course of study in our public schools?

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    That POS atty. Hubbard musta failed his property law class with a F-.

    Real simple MR. Atty.= what I buy is mine; get it? It’s called “legal ownership.” I own it and within the constraints of common sense, decency, and laws, I can do whatever I want with it, as long as I don’t hurt someone or something.

    Real simple MR. Atty.= you are attempting to and are inciting a group of people (your readers) to steal and/or deprive me of my property. If you believe in God (which I doubt) He has warned us not to steal.

    We used to have a Constitution that prohibited all of this, but that’s neither here nor there. We have reached a watershed moment in history, MR. Atty.

    If you have the courage and the balls (which I doubt) you will trespass upon my land (which I own) and knock on my door (which I own) or, perhaps you will stealthily attempt to come in the dead of night, and, as you have written down in words, you will attempt to FORCIBLY STEAL MY PROPERTY.

    You will be met by me with my property in hand which will defeat your goals, aims, and proclivities. This is precisely why I purchased, bought, and own property of mine–firearms and ammunition. They protect me from the like of you, MR. Atty.

    That is, if you get past a few well-trained, very sharp-toothed, and powerful K9s (which I own), and past an elaborate fencing system (which I own), and past my neighbors (who I owe mutual allegiance to) who may well stop and question you for being in our neighborhood at any hour.

    Even though you failed your legal property law classes and have no clues about property rights and theft, you, like most cowards and Marxists, will put down a few ink spots on a computer screen and then hide and sit back.



  9. Really? I feel no need to apologize for being raised by a real Father/Mother and Grandparents that made me work, earn my keep, and be a benefit to the family and society. I just see that purple scarfed wuss, and see my Grandfather, a WWII Pacific Combat Vet just beating the dogs shit out of that freak even into his seventies before he died.

    Damn. Same for the article. Seattle Times?
    Nuff said.