WeaponsMan: Time For PT


WM shows both the math and the attitude needed for substantial physical change.

How’s your PT?

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  1. Meh. No fat bodies around here. Taking the 42 footer out in the morning to test my tuned-up Ford Marine 460 Interceptors by running Canada’s North Channel to Manitoulin Island and back. Now that’s a real work-out. :)-

  2. I hope that’s not Kev in the picture

  3. Bucephalus

    PT not bad here, running and going to the gym is “out of scope”, but a customer wants to buy a bunch of maple logs; all I can cut, skid, & deck.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Uncle Larry

    If that was me in the pic, I’d be looking at my entrails on the floor behind me.

  6. Here was my comment to the referenced article (and, specifically, to a doctor who said that losing 2 lbs/week wasn’t feasible longer term):

    “Agreed on the slow and steady. I’m not a doctor, but think about this in a logical manner – none of us gained the weight overnight, so what makes you think that you can lose it overnight AND KEEP IT OFF???

    A pound a week is roughly 3,500 calories, which is just a deficit of 500 calories/day. VERY doable – and you’ll lose 50 pounds in a year (I’ll give you Thankgiving and Christmas weeks off, and hope you can be weight-neutral then).

    Oh, FYI, that’s 50 pounds of FAT. If you’re smart and do a reasonable amount of weightlifting, you’ll gain muscle weight (maybe 10 pounds over the year without steriods is about the limit for most people, especially older ones who need to take it a little easier than when we were 17 or 25). Thus, you’d be a negative 40 pounds, no mean feat. But consider this: each added pound of muscle will consume about 50 calories/day just to stay alive. Those 10 pounds of muscle allow you to burn the 500 extra calories just by existing. Yeah, you need to keep working those muscles (especially the big ones in the legs and hips) to keep them at the desired size, but it makes weight maintenance a LOT easier.

    There’s no magic cure. You (and I) gained our weight by being slothful (whether by choice or and injury). OK, the reverse is also true – become UNslothful, and the weight will come off. Simple, but not necessarily easy. That’s where mental discipline and motivation come into play – and that is up to each of us.”
    That all said, I’m 55 and in lousy shape. I need to lose probably 40 pounds of fat, and to get my muscles and cardio-vascular system back in shape. I’ve got 2 motivations working for me now (besides not dropping dead at an early age): the Olympics – usually seeing all of these folks in tip-top condition motivates me to start doing SOMETHING for myself; and 2) my daughter is starting Jr. ROTC in high school. She’ll be getting in shape, and I simply cannot allow a girl – my girl, whose diaper I changed – to outdo me. Oh, and the 3rd motivator is Hillary Clinton – no, I’m not at all looking to impress that witch, but I’m concerned that we could be facing some serious troubles within a year if she’s “elected” or otherwise is in power. NO MORE DELAYS, NO MORE EXCUSES – tonight is the start, and I’m not quitting until I’m down to my goal weight and a lot stronger than now.

    Thanks for the article, sometimes we fatbodies need a swift kick in the ass to get motivated.

  7. Bpfreebuckeye

    That looks to be a little under 200#…you can/should get to & surpass that…keep working!

  8. Focus on core and aerobics. Cut down on the snacks. Have you seen an obese or overweight salafist of fighting age ? The true believer doesn’t go home at 1700. THX as always for your insight.