Culper At The Rawles Shop: SHTF Intel Basics


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  1. Bucephalus

    Looking for an obtuse but reliable “trigger” ?

    Transportation is a key life-line to the country; thanks to NIMBY.

    WHEN (not if) E/W interstate transpo becomes unreliable due to security concerns or situations; we will have 72 hours to make final defensive preparations…96 hours tops.

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    Outstanding and easy to understand, I can not recommend this enough.

  3. “You know, as I lie here I can’t help but comment. The reason I’m out of 9mm rounds is I was not properly briefed. Now the reason for that is this mission was not properly researched. If certain people had bothered to gather intelligence on the creatures before bumbling into this situation we wouldn’t be down to single shot big bores when we should be packing full-autos preferably belt fed”

  4. oneoftheusualsuspects

    I would like to hear Rawles’ rationalization of the in flux of refugees into his AO. How does he explain the Twin Cities DA behavior vis a vis the incident with the little girl and her three best friends; I was under the impression the ‘redoubt’ was conservative all the way around. Nice to have property in an area where land values are likely to rise given the herd headed that way. Its all malarkey, fo sho.

    b out.

    • Uncle Larry

      Minnesota gave us Hubert H. Humphrey. The feds say there are 115,000 Somalians in Minnesota. The Somalians say there are 250,000 there. Who do you think is closer? That doesn’t even include the other Muslim refugees.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      Boise is full of former Californians-mostly LA & SF. Pretty damned sad when you follow every Liberal and Leftist bellwether to live your life, and still there is no room for you at the inn. It was too expensive in their old AO, so they moved to fXXk up the next place. Now, of course, they are whining about bike paths and 3000sft houses and “fair treatment”. Rawles should’ve made the new comers pass a litmus test.

      • When I lived there in the mid-90’s, there was a movement to require all Californians of said origin to get a visa at the Idaho border that was good for 90 days….bumper stickers and tshirts galore back then had, “Don’t californicate Idaho…” The North End of Boise expanded all over, and moved into Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, some of Emmett (mostly in the newly build subs at the bottom of Freeze Out), Kuna, let alone Sun Valley, Ketchum and Hailey…even Idaho City had a bit of it…most likely from the ones who left ‘Wilderness Ranch’ because it snowed too much in the winter….you name it…I used to hunt near Kooskia…it had even started there…very disappointing. It was telling when they wanted to rename Squaw Butte to something ‘less offensive’….about the last places near Boise that aren’t tainted are probably Sweet and Ola….just sayin’…

  5. I have been collecting intel in my own AO here for some time including known liberals, cops, municipal employees etc. (all quislings at the least). Just set up google alerts too. Good catch!

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Google alerts are good stuff, and I use them for work. Wouldn’t even consider using them for this kind of data gathering. Google forgets nothing.