Drunks Always Do Better Under Stress

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Hillary’s Handler Carries Diazepam Pen for Patients Who Experience Recurrent Seizures

166 days.


trust(Via EoT)

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    I have been working with dementia patients for a few months, using games, therapies, etc to help them hang on to cognitive resources as long as possible. Early signs include anger, a flipping personality (you never know what is going to show up-anger, happiness, confusion, sadness, etc) and an inability to remember things from the past, be it 5 years or 5 minutes ago. I have been watching Hildabeast. Just be ready for President Kane if this woman is elected.

  2. what a cold and callous bunch U R! FDR had polio and was in a wheelchair! Woodrow Wilson was a vegetable for the last year of his term! Churchill’s top Admiral, Dudley Pound, had a brain tumor the size of an orange! It’s true, he used to nod out at staff meetings for 20 minutes at a time, and entire convoys got sunk as a result, but so what big deal. Now get used to it: Mrs. Clinton, a woman of great courage and competence (her innovative e-mail set-up just got ‘Murka’s #1 spy in Iran hung), is going to be our next – and hopefully last – Prez.

  3. ALCON,

    Julian Assange of WiliLeaks stated tnere will be more to come. Will he be releasing information, e-mails, documents, etc., regarding the poor and diminishing health of the Democratic nominee ?

    Could this be the forthcoming “October Surprise” ?

  4. Ya seizures, BTW diazepam is Valium. Great stuff for coming off an amphetamine or coke binge. Mother’s little helper.

    Her seizures may be related to a pill addiction? Not that it matters, just speculating here. Her n Billy were rumored to enjoy the Bolivian Marching powder so it would fit. Prezidents are much easier to control when they have “levers” “dependencies”. Your country as you knew it has been gone for some time, this shit show is what’s left.

    Smile and tend your garden.

    • Roy Hobbes

      “Prezidents are much easier to control when they have ‘levers’ ‘dependencies’.” Applies as equally well to Governors. Need look no further than the present Governor of Minnesota to see that.

  5. Dout it is diazepam. Diazepam is very poorly absorbed by intramuscular injection. More likely lorazepam. Midazolam would be too sedating, I think, but short-acting.

  6. Dudes, there is a lot going on here. You want to talk about how gone down the rabbit hole the oligarchy is. This is a tiny glimpse into how fucked things are under the permitted optics of a Potemkin USofA.

    The Clinton machine is really bad. For all its bloody murderous greedy criminal history, at some juncture in it’s existence as an organized crime regime, it could only have evolved from a state level crime syndicate into a national hence globalist franchise because of a pact with the Devil, the deep state. For all her political/criminal powers granted her, she has been enabled, the pantsuit psychopath is the scripted optical front of globalist oligarchy which has absolutely nothing good to do with any concept or form of government we as a people have believed in or not.
    Essentially the Clinton’s represented to us through a totally allied 5th column media the last of a thread thin of the con of representative government.
    The narrative is leaking like a sieve.
    The pants suit is becoming a political bridge too far.
    She was always a seriously flawed and incompetent political figure, I think her power is rooted in her conniving leverage knowledge of where the bodies are buried. She was always a special kind of crazy bitch, a real nasty piece of work. When you have to constantly kill people to cover your trail it means your involved in such terrible things where there are no other options.
    If you have watched her political life, she has never accomplished any aspect of her “professional and political career” without leaving a trail of failure and a lot of dead bodies. It has required an army of psychophants and handlers to sweep up the trail of devastation and mop up the river of blood in her wake.
    They are stuck with “IT” now, she is become a different kind of serious liability, it’s too late to change horses. No matter how rigged the scam is, she has to interact to some degree with the dirt people, her built in vulnerabilities, the stunning level of incompetence and corruption is a stench no optic perfume can disguise. It is getting worse by the day, even hours. I suspect at some point she will become an insurmountable liability, the true level of how reviled and dangerous she is to everyone, will reach a point where far more measures will be required. There are darker and larger forces behind all this, what is at stake here is all the marbles, a presidential election and the will of the governed is ultimately inconsequential to what is going down, and that is the point. But will of the governed has become the point, and that is the ultimate conflict.
    They are gonna have to make a choice soon as things go down the crapper with this charade, probably pull the plug because she is about useless at this point, she is become an immediate and more dangerous threat then Trump and The Great Fuck You because her liabilities are on orders of magnitudes of a far more immediate present danger to the narrative.
    She is becoming a catalyst for a very angry fed up plurality of American’s, a symbol of everything gone bad and corrupt, the kind of figure head they can’t afford or disguise, a vagina is no substitute of a narrative for white guilt as with obama, it’s a barren dried up vagina too, a dangerous old crones snatch. As a red blooded American man, what is more foul than that? One that stinks up the seat in the oval office.

    Preference cascades once they reach a certain scope are immune to narrative and meme and take on an energy unlike anything. It is a characteristic of America they have strived long and seriously to subdue, co-opt, and extinguish. It is why Trump is become such a threat, he has come to be symbol of that cascade, a unifying symbol of the dirt people. Trump is close to becoming irrelevant also. He is a result of our culture correcting itself, as culture is always upstream of politics, culture balancing itself against tyranny, as the crux of our culture is liberty – as upstream of tyranny. It is not a majority thing. It is law of primal freedom and happiness. No level or scope of corruption or tyranny diminishes this inherent primal imperative. It is why America must be destroyed, why obama and the clintons, why cultural marxism. To destroy that which can not be destroyed unless you destroy every living soul that cherishes this primal imperative.

    And underlying it all there is another dynamic. Guns. We have guns too. It is a tempering dynamic, it is on everyones mind, it effects everything, influences everything, regardless of the particulars, the reality can not be disposed of through narrative. It is the 1 ton “Guerrilla” in the room.

    As Andrew Brietbart said, “We have guns”

    “…They can only win a rhetorical and propaganda war. They cannot win. We outnumber them in this country and we have the guns… I’m not kidding. They talk a mean game, but they will not cross that line because they know what they’re dealing with. ”

    The question of the day is will they cross that line? Out of blind hubris? Panic? Desperation? Or they no longer give a shit about optics and appearances of legitimacy, and go for broke. And you got to wonder, are they are so insular, so distant from the dirt people, accustomed to such a long durable reign of unfettered power and influence, they can’t see the forest for the trees, and as the axiom goes, “Hubris before the fall”.

    • Well said sir, well said.

    • Grenadier1

      What happens when the line crosses them?
      Are we seeing yet another public display of celebrity enabling?
      This is Prince and Michael Jackson and countless other stars who’s social, symbiotic lamprey continued to pump them full of designer drugs in an effort to sustain the gravy train. Keep pumping her full of medication and maintaining the illusion that all is well. Only one morning all will not be well. A 911 call will go out or a plane will make an emergency landing and the train will come to an abrupt and sudden crashing stop.
      They are hoping beyond all hope that she holds out until after November. They hope she wins because she never has to actually take office.
      What happens if that line of reality has other ideas and in late September she pulls an Elvis? Whats the process to replace a candidate that late in the game? How many followers will cry conspiracy and hit the streets burning an looting?

    • “The question of the day is will they cross that line?”

      I don’t believe “they” have to but we might. In one more generation people will have been “educated” to honestly believe guns are the problem. The guns most people leave their grandchildren will be handed over to “the authorities” in a .gov buy back “reward” program. They will be turned in willingly and with smiles.

      On the other hand, “they” are pushing our rapidly aging generation into open conflict. Whether it be by BLM, the manufactured muslim problem, or whatever conscripted dialectic is to be “that final straw” which pushes us into violent action; they will point the finger at us as “starting conflict” and the majority will agree with them. I believe this is what they want. It is, unfortunately lose/lose for us as we will all appear as individual “right wing crazies” or so the meme goes.

      The only way to actually win this battle is to begin ASAP, to play the same long game they have been playing for 100 years. It starts with educating your own children (younger folks) and grandchildren (us older). Do not allow them to attend .gov schools. Dispensational Biblical reality is paramount. Logic is paramount. Actual history is paramount. Math, English and actual Creation based science are paramount (as evolution is a lie of tremendous destructive proportion). Provide a generation with a foundation based in actual reality and things will naturally correct themselves over time.

      Liars and thieves will be seen for what they actually are, not presidential candidates. Yes… we actually have come down to donald trump and hillary clinton. We have fallen THAT far (not that we had that far to go…). It is mind bending that anyone can make an argument FOR either creature. I rather doubt things will improve on a national level; but on a smaller local level surely positive change can be made. Begin in your own extended family. Several families become a “local”. Several locals become a town. Several towns become a county. Several counties become a state. Begin no matter how dire the outlook might be. Begin today.

      Withdraw children from .gov schools and educate them in reality. It will take much work and much time. Clair Wolfe is right when she says it’s too late to work within the system and too early to shoot the bastards. The fact is… this construct is intentionally perpetual and has been for a long time. They are tempting us into open hostility and unless nearly all men everywhere wake up, bind together and resist together by shooting the bastards (HIGHLY doubtful) they will win. They own far more hearts and minds than we do. If we don’t begin to shoot the bastards, allowing our grandchildren and great grandchildren to hand over all the weapons we’ve been buying, they win. They own far more hearts and minds than we do. It is education that is the key to “owning” hearts and minds. The ability to think independently, to analyze and thus separate fact from fiction has been “educated” out of Americans. They (we) have been told what to think not how to think. Been going on for a while now. This is what needs to change.

      Case in point… How many still believe the .gov 9/11 fairy tale? “Are you going to believe me (.gov) or your own lying eyes?”… they still ask. We know how most answer.

      They own the educational system. They own the media. They own everything our youth (and we) see and hear. It is not called television “programming” for nothing. It is a non-stop daily barrage of misinformation being sent forth on every station from MSNBC to Discovery, from FOX to NatGeo. How could they lose? We (and our parents) dropped the ball and turned the education of our youth (and many of us) over to the state and to their media partners. Withdraw and educate properly those under your care. Understand that… “In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth.” This is HUGE! Discover for yourselves what God says to us, by way of the Apostle He sent to us, Paul… this is HUGE! I see no other way. Gonna be a long hard lonely road. So be it.

      At the end of the day, it does all come down to what satan wants for man vs. what God wants for man. The path the world has chosen (trump and clinton sparing on every channel of the TeeVee as if this matters) is satan’s path. It is a lie, all of it. It’s a freak show that gets freakier every day! hillary’s handler carries an injection of diazepam out in the open? If this is not a freak show I don’t know what is. Does donald’s carry crack cocaine when he needs it?

      While God is still offering grace and peace to this horribly fallen and sin cursed world, there is still time to make at least a small positive difference, if not in the lives of many, then in the lives of a few. Who knows what those few will be capable of? Hopefully more than me. I know what I’ll be doing. I got a Bible (and a gun just in case).

  7. Guess this is deemed better for public viewing/consumption than watching her boy apply a healthy dose of diazepam rectal gel to her south forty.

  8. Bill Harzia

    Has anyone seen any “No Flash Photography” signs at her events?


    The masses will still vote for the Amerikan Evita. She will still be our next POTUS. The Fascist FDR served four terms, for God’s sake! The media hid his polio. Hollyweird is behind her. The wimmen are behind her. The Gimme Dats and Dindus are behind her. And, the Dead Elephants are behind her! Deal with it.

    • So is her past behind her for all to see, a baggage so humongous it dwarfs even her pendulous ass and crepey thighs…..

    • Mr. Weasel,

      My, you’re so cynical. ☺


        Dan III: You are right, sir. The Frogs have a saying that cynicism is just another word for experience. I hope I am dead wrong. Even though I am sitting this one out and will not vote for Mr. Trump, I still believe there are enough moonbats and wimmen our there to put this disabled homicidal maniac in the White House.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. The following is an one hour audio which might shed some

    Eyes Right

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  12. Doesnt matter. Health, nope. Emails, nope. Scandals, nope. Rape, murder corruption, lies, treason, theft, you mame it. Doesnt matter to the majority who will cast a vote for her.

    She can slaughter babies live on television and still “win”.

    To think otherwise is foolish.

  13. Shinmen Takezo

    Absolutely–she has diminished mental capacity.

    And it exactly mirror Parkinson’s disease… of the type that directly effect mental capacity. I know, because my ex-writing partner has the exact type of Parkinson’s disease and behaves in much of the same manor.

    This explains why Hitlery has to sleep often–this is because of the amount of drugs she has to take which induce sleep.

  14. The truly frightening part is the number of ordinary Americans willing to support her despite all the evidence of her incompetence and corruption. I guess it’s true, as a nation of clowns we tend to elect those who best represent us and then complain when they show up in a giant red nose and big floppy shoes.

  15. Virgil Kane

    Conjecture. He’s carrying something black and cylindrical and about 5″ long. The zoomed picture doesn’t look like the picture of the pen. I’m not familiar with them, but that’s an odd grip for any method of deployment I can imagine. It looks more like a flashlight in the Graham grip. Neither of those options make sense given his current environment.

  16. Relax, guys. It’s no big deal. She is just having problems operating her human suit. I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it soon enough. I for one welcome our new Reptilian Overlords.

  17. William Munny

    And now you know the real reason behind the lack of pressers and incredibly rabid calls these past 10 days for Trump to be replaced: They don’t want her in ANY debate scenario. They want to bypass any situation where she has to be unscripted and think on her feet.
    Trump isnt going anywhere but look for all sorts of excuses from her side in the coming few weeks, about how her schedule is full, and how she won’t dignify Trumps candidacy by going toe to toe with his abhorrent positions etc etc
    Her handlers know if it went to that there would surely be a Stillson magnitude moment, and she would be finally carted off to a home (stair free of course)

    • Ya, it’s going to be hilarious seeing how they pull off the debates. The empire is having it’s Brezhnev moment. What a delight this all is.

    • Mr. Munny,

      “They don’t want her in ANY debate scenario.”

      In conversations since Trump secured the nomination, I commented to others how Trump will tear her a new ass (and thats a LOT of ass) in the debates. It will be interesting to see how correct you may be regarding her dodging the scheduled debates. For even if she does get on a stage opposite Mr. Trump, she will be exposed to the world for the piece of flotsam she is.

      You may very well be correct Mr. Munny.

      Time will tell.

      • exactly backwards. It’s Trump whining about “rigged debates”, not Mrs. Clinton. When she debated Rick Lazio (NY Senate seat), she ran rings around him. More recently she did the same to another fatuous Republiscam, Trey Gowdy, during the Benghazi hearings. If she “debates” Trump she’ll play it cool, calm, and lawyerly. Trump will wave his arms and yell, as per usual. She’s in like flint, for which we should be grateful. As Prez Hiligula will run Leviathan full speed off the cliff

  18. Could she be having TIA’s? The pause and chatter at the last rally was astonishing, with the SS agent rushing up behind her because of some animal rights protesters. Her eyes went round and I swear to god, she looks like a snake staring at a mouse.

    Really: https://youtu.be/NXdkiaZvTVQ

    Then suddenly she was laughing that weird cackle and then talking again. It is like the scene out of “mommy dearest”, chilling.

  19. She has a vagina. Isn’t it time for someone with a vagina to be president?

    You already had the guy packaged and sold as a “black guy”.

  20. Yeah, “Stewie”, you summed it up real well!!

    For whatever reason, she has a developing pathology or lesion in her brain, most likely. It is either benign, or neoplastic. May be congenital, secondary to, or subsequent to possible injury, external or internal injury. Affect shown by symptoms, suggests left temporal lobe locus, small chance of frontal involvement, possible elsewhere, or even two sites.

    Could be as simple, but disabling, as an AV malformation, or result of local neurotrauma from an earlier clot, or a blow to the head, with subsequent TBI, and seizure development, which occurs often, around 50% of time, or more, (by the way, also with truncheon blows to head, or contact with anything else including hard ground, especially if knocked out! Medically a well known issue, seizures onset typically by or around 15 years post trauma). So far her effects have been shown as gait and speech disruption, and so far as we can see, brief confusion and memory affectation, unclear if mood behavior anger issues is independent or secondary to brain lesion. Time will show if worse, or unlikely honesty development on part of someone in the regime

    Injector pen is a well-known control of seizures, in this case for cosmetic ‘fool the public purpose’, but medically as a usually effective anticonvulsive treatment for seizures. Pen has 10 mg. diazepam, for this purpose, 8 seconds injection time, in to the leg thigh muscle. It is automatic when the trigger mechanism is pressed.

    Also, they can’t hide as well as in history, nearly, but not quite. But an educated public that gives a damn is required. This public is way too full of itself, with too many weak and lazy sisters, as the saying paraphrases. They don’t care about right from wrong, even the few who know such. They only embrace criminals, and amateurs, these days. The wool can be pulled over their eyes easily, including on those who ‘slept at the Holiday Inn’, just the night before. They all think they are accomplished geniuses.

    Speaking of geniuses in opposition to Liberty, individualism, Dick Morris brought up an interesting and valid point, that slides in real nifty slick (willy?) as a means to federalize control of local PDs. Worth a listen. Ties in to conveniently to globalization, foreign control, already, as Dick points out in his short lunch piece.
    Obama Is Illegally Taking Over Local Police Departments
    And yeah, I recently drank deeply of what the nwo types have already done!….

  21. The mind control chip inserted by Soros is short circuiting. She said so herself.

  22. To add to the conspiracy, watch the guy who comes in from the right at the 12 second mark. Watch his hands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk6kJqINnZs . It sure looks like he’s pulling a tranq dart!

    • Don’t buy tranq dart.
      Saw a comment (zero hedge?) explaining that a subdermal implant can send electric burst to brain to stop a seizure. Switch normally implanted in upper chest but no reason why it couldn’t be in upper back. Activated by magnet (in medic’s ring?). Fuck it. Sounds plausible.

  23. Neros Lyre

    Its all good,Trumpnados gonna save us!He just endorsed McLame and lyin Ryan so wave the flagrag harder,sing the whole anthem,recite the pledge!WooHoooooo!MuriKa!

  24. She’s a hot mess.

  25. Marlo Stanfield

    Could also be on Meds? Now if she is just another old ass drunk who can’t hide it. Specially with all her aides there to help, then she is unfit for the job. Sad.

    WordPress.com | Concerned American posted: “166 days.(Via EoT)” | |

  26. Am I the only one who thinks you can’t swim in the abyss but for so long before something reaches up and pulls you under? I’m not a superstitious person by any means but what that, dare I call her a woman, has done…well perhaps she sold her soul and he’s already come to collect. Met Karl Rove once (shook his hand, short convo) and I swear on my mother’s life the thing looking back at me behind his eyes disturbed me to the core.