Proudly Preaching The The Choir Since 1996


The title commemorates the past.

Ms. Wolfe then discusses the future for her work.

Here’s to twenty more years!

4 responses to “Proudly Preaching The The Choir Since 1996

  1. “…I got the idea that all over the supposed political spectrum, there were people who were friendly, or at least amenable to considering alternate ways of being free. And of cheerfully disrespecting those who imagine they have the authority to keep us unfree.”

    Kinda puts that anarcho-Stalinist plan of identifying enemies according to their political ideology (crimethink?) in a corner, doesn’t it?

    • MichiganJim

      No…those who believe it’s their business to rule over others, do that for themselves. And stand a decent chance of being killed for it.

      Why do you try to blame Claire for what you yourself choose? Kinda goes along with that voting philosophy, eh? “It wasn’t me…it was them.” Hey, foolish consistency is something anyway.

    • MichiganJim

      “political ideology” Oh, that’s what those .40HPs are.

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