Kansas statistician runs exit poll at Wichita voting station

Key graf:

…Clarkson went to court to get access to the paper audit trails from voting machines in 2014 after she found what she called inexplicable discrepancies between results of large and small voting stations. A district court ruled Clarkson couldn’t have access to those paper trails…

Paper ballots.

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Nice write up for the DNC.
    If Canklesaurus were to accidentally lose, it’s Putin’s fault………with Trump’s help. They hacked the polls, which is not fair to kindly SJW Dems.
    All the more reason to riot and burn this country down, in winter.

  2. Speaking of the DNC and Wikileaks… top headline (in red) on Drudge:

    Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC Source

    • I have been seeing reports of a BIG release from Assange this week regarding a supposed video secretly shot by the Saudis. It shows Huma and possibly Hillary herself negotiating pay for play.
      Not saying its actually valid but it jives with some of the leaked emails.

  3. what with unionized “public employees” jiggering the touch-screen machines, I’m sure communist vote-stealing is endemic. It was, of course, the Stupid Party that led the charge to replace paper ballots with machines. Nevertheless, given the size of Mrs. Clinton’s lead – esp. in the EC – she’d win w/o the chicanery…’Murka now has a substantial collectivist majority, again thanks to decades of Republiscam insourcing of ethnoid cheap labor + debt financing & consolidating each successive Demoncrat accretion of gubmint

  4. “A district court ruled….”

    While folks bemoan, bitch and complain about the badged thugs, never forget they are part of the system. The judiciary along with the district attorneys all deserve a hemp necklace. They are every bit as deserving of such as the badged thugs. LEOs as they and the copsuckers like to call themselves.

    • The pigs, however, have the guns. And are quite willing to use them, any time they’re told to do so. In fact, “Law Enforcement” in this country only exists to:

      1. Protect their Masters
      2. Protect their Brothers in Blue
      3. Generate revenue.

      Members of the “Legal” system are among their Masters. And yes indeedy, they are deserving of justice. But such justice can be far more appropriately served AFTER the Praetorian Guard decide they chose the wrong career.

  5. I make my living as a bit wrangler, I do databases. You might say I work as a high level consultant to the big bit ranchers from coast to coast.

    Take it from me; paper and pencil is the only way to go. And, it’s dead simple to do in ways that would be cost effective and secure. If we use computers then fraud is possible to contain but that comes at a cost and not many people really know how to do it. Think banks – do you think they will be making mistakes and losing track of your money? Of course not, but they have the money and the incentive to do so. Even given all that, faults do occur, however usually those involve the human interface.

    Voting? HA HA HA HA HA. They do not have the incentive, they will not allocate the money (why do so when it can be better allocated to bribery and graft?). Even if they did want to make this secure there would still be failures.

    Note that there is one easy way to make computerized voting secure – that is to add a paper trail. You vote on a computer but it also spits out a paper record that is verifiable by the voter which is placed into locked storage and this is what is counted. That they do not do this tells us everything we need to know.

    Anyone who cares about their votes should be screaming for an end to computerized voting.

  6. why vote? the simple people don’t elect POTUS the electoral college does. you fools!
    Now, like fucking today, ID the members of said college in your AO and after cankles is ordained remove them and theirs from the gene pool. Do your mission planning, MDMP now.

  7. Ok so the popular vote in a district when a majority is reached then determines who the members of the electoral college then cast their vote for. So in a way we do affect the out come a little. Look at the are you are in and decide if its even worthy or your time to vote. I my state well it is a waste of my time. Between the libtards, tax sucking slackers, and illegals in the area, a white bible toting gun slingen vet is out numbered. Oh it takes a concerted effort to get the names of the members of the EC.

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