Culper: On Doctrine & Why It Matters


Consider knowing the outlines of at least some of your enemy’s thinking in advance.

Which is why you should also be reading this book:

‘Team of Teams’ Amazon link


36 responses to “Culper: On Doctrine & Why It Matters

  1. Von Moltka had some keen insights.

    McChrystal may be safely tossed into the flames.


  2. McChrystal… hmmmm. Where have I heard that name before….?

    Oh yeah, isn’t he the fellow who said that I don’t “need to” own an “assault weapon”? You know, being a mere civilian and all…

  3. Whoaaaa…. ! Buy that 2A, Right-to-Bear-Arms, Confiscation-is-the-Answer, soetoro-obama dick sucking flag officer’s book ? I don’t think so. Not in this world or the next. Fuck Stanley McChrystal. That fuck is a scourge on every patriot/nationalist, who ever wore the uniform and raised his right hand swearing to protect and defend !

    FUCK STANLEY McCHRYSTAL and just about every other dick-sucking POS who made flag rank in the last 50 years !

    • If you knew he would be leading the COIN ops here in FUSA, would that change your opinion as to the book’s utility?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The book may be useful, but wouldn’t it be better to liberate it? Why give the guy a dime?

      • CA,

        “If you knew he would be leading the COIN ops here in FUSA….the book’s utility.”

        Of course you are presenting me with some Sun Tzu….”If you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one.”

        At my level of ops Stanley’s hypothetical leadership would not be a factor. To me, the Ranger Handbook has much more value than anything that POS has to say at the strategic level or otherwise.

        Fuck Stanley McChrystal.

        And as an aside….thank you VERY much for all you do with WRSA. With assholes like me spouting off at this venue you always remain the voice of reason.

        Never give up your guns.

        • Your background moots a lot of what a .civ like I learned from it.

          Nonetheless, there is a lot there about the machine that will be coming to murder us and our associates.

          • CA,

            I’m not disagreeing with you on the book having value. The fact is, for ME, it has little, if any value. For others….have at it. There are lessons to be learned in every book, every posted remark, every conversation. Re: McChrystal, I have to draw the line somewhere.

            Take care

        • “And as an aside….thank you VERY much for all you do with WRSA. With assholes like me spouting off at this venue you always remain the voice of reason”.


          Thanks Pete. Ann and myself speak kindly about you almost daily.


  4. AnonForPersec

    Just because Mac wrote it doesn’t mean it’s dependable. Sure, you can glean value but please consider his allegiances; served under him many moons ago…

  5. Virgil Kane

    McChrystal, the liberal gun grabber?

    • And leader of the CONUS COIN operations under POTUS HRC.

      Read the book.

      • Dammit boys you’re being willfully ignorant. CA is saying to read the damn thing because the goddam would be masters always telegraph their punches

        That means: They tell you what they’re going to do.

        Why? F if I know. Must have something to do with the whole vanity/power broken psyche shit. But they do and they’re creatures of habit and history is the same damn set of reruns just with different props and actors. Like the books of Chronicles and Kings. Or FN Hollywood remaking all the old films. God damn leeches aren’t capable of creation or sustainment.

        • Mr. Mayor,

          I would suggest the Ranger Handbook has more utility for the average Nationalist than a book with scumbag Stanley’s name on it. A book actually written by three (3) other men. Look at the “author(s)” listed on the cover depiction. McChrystal’s name is there to lend some alleged value.

          I say again….fuck Stanley McChrystal !

  6. outlawpatriot

    Thanks. Been casting about for a new book to read. Considering what I’m involved in at the moment, this is a perfect choice. 🙂

    • Alan,

      “….a new book to read….this is a perfect choice.”

      From one statist to another, eh ?

  7. There is so much BS out there! We are in fact ‘planning’ for something that hasn’t happened since the Civil War, aka The War of Northern Aggression.
    The next one will be the war of ‘Political (Ideological) Aggression’. The anointed ‘elites’ will use any and all means to keep their power, make no bones about it. What is equally true is we ‘dirt people’ will do the same and there are one hell of a lot more of us than them. When the blue hats lose 20% of their comrades every time they go into the ‘hood, they’ll soon refuse to go out and when they do, they won’t dismount their armored cars.
    You don’t have enough ammunition.

  8. Just got a flashback:

    Administration & Logistics

  9. OFF TOPIC: Does anyone know where and who created the “Dirt People” reference to we the people? Website? Article? It’s descriptive and I’d like to read what’s behind it. Thank you

  10. ((((((David Silverman)))))

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. If you want to get inside someone’s head, to see how they think, read a book they wrote. If it is written by a ghost writer, you may be out of luck.

    So you don’t want to spend $$ on it? Well, most places still have libraries.

  13. It’s a damn good book. McChrystal ran JSOC in the mid-2000s, and he talks about the challenges encountered (and resulting evolutionary changes) while fighting irregular forces.

    The value isn’t just in studying how violence might be applied domestically. There are gems in there about how to best employ your own plans, directly from the guy who commanded Tier 1 operations in Iraq.

    It’s fundamentally a book about leadership and organization (need I say more?). It should be required reading for the pioneering resister, IMO. Unless you’re 100% squared away, then you can learn a great deal from this book, and it’s well worth the $10 at Half Price Books.

  14. So let me see if I have this right… I’m gonna read a book by a gun banning and gun confiscating USArmy (SF?) General whose COIN ops down range is now a failure due to the sheer persistence and will power of the bad guys regardless of the number of intel and SF in country.

    If you really want to learn something from the book then someone needs to read it and distill the CONOPS of his COIN Ops into about 2-3 pages tops. Disseminate widely. Might be something in there to exploit but I doubt it. My guess is that it is a bunch of winning hearts and minds BS which hasn’t worked in over 4 decades along with some high-tech fusion surveillance/intelligence gathering for action by some flavor of the boys in blue or green.

    It seems to me the US .mil is always fighting the LAST war, so they are always behind the power curve in the “new” war that they or their politicians have ginned up. As such, they’ll be behind the power curve when they are called out here because it won’t be like anything they’ve seen before. Their hubris of “winning” the last war will be their downfall.

    Grey Ghost

  15. Marlo Stanfield

    After looking at their first commandment…    The Georgia Guidestones – Illuminati Ten Commandments?

    | | | The Georgia Guidestones – Illuminati Ten Commandments? | |


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