Lind: How Trump Wins



But unlikely.

And less so if HRC drops out for ‘health reasons’.

Plan accordingly.

RCP polls

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  1. colddeadhandsdays

    Those polls are bullshit. Manipulates the max. She is FAR behind by EVERY social media metric by a HUGE margin. It doesn’t jive…I just read a HUGE poll of 50K people, 1000 in every state. 33% dem, 33% Republican and 34% independent. Trump Demolished HUGE margin. Then there’s the Long Room polls which are directly opposite these biased Real Clear polls.

  2. Trump would throw a wet, patriotard blanket over the Right, same as Bush did for 8 long years. We don’t have time for this. Mrs. Clinton will bring the various cultural, political, and economic crises to a quick, catastrophic climax. She is the Beast of Chaos. Exactly what we need. White Trumpaholics like ColdDeadHands still think they can vote their way out of a Judeo-globalist open-borders ethnic deathtrap that has already snapped shut. They’ll have to learn the hard way

    • Haxo, I think you make some very astute points more often than not, especially in regards to “jewish” and “christian” zionism, but to say “we don’t have time for this” I don’t think is one. With more time does come further ability to prepare, more opportunity to win people to our side, and surely more opportunity to examine and study, learning the weaknesses and strengths of what it is we are up against. No?

      I am not a trump supporter, I do not believe there is any voting our way out of this, but I see time as our friend. What is it that makes you prefer a quick catastrophic climax? I’m curious…

      I do agree however that the waiting is in fact the hardest part. (Apologies to Mr. Petty.)

      • “What is it that makes you prefer a quick catastrophic climax? I’m curious…”
        Cuz Haxo wants to kill him some Jooooos, which he can only do in a world without the rule of law.

    • Bringing a crisis to a head – let alone multiple crises – does not equal solving them. And the “catastrophic climax” that you seem to long for will necessarily include untold death and misery – without a external war, which almost always occurs in times of crisis. Then all bets are off as far as the misery and death toll.

      Not a single one of our problems is beyond solving. Trump, for all of his many and very manifest faults, is a builder and not a destroyer. Whether he is able to solve one or more of our problems, if elected, is an open question. What Mrs. Clinton will do on the way to NOT solving any of those problems (and the fact that she not only won’t, but probably doesn’t WANT to solve them) is NOT a question.

      Why you pine for such a catastrophe as Clinton would bring, while there is still some reasonable hope to solve our problems (at least to some extent) is beyond rational thought for any decent and reasonable person.

      You want catastrophe – go to Syria or Somalia, they have plenty of that there. If you’d like a cooler climate, go to Ukraine or (soon) Sweden. I’d rather keep our problems as far away as possible, in terms of both time and geography. I believe that all decent people share my point of view.

      • Tex-
        There is no ” reasonable hope to solve our problems “. Not without war, death, upheaval, misery, probable famine, and much destruction. Destruction of the status quo. Unfortunately, the chances of said upheaval and destruction actually resulting in a society that any of us want (anarcho-capitalist/minarchist utopia) are between slim and nil. Leaning towards nil.
        Neither Trump or zombie Ronald Reagan or any mortal man could unfuck our current situation of trillions in debt, unfunded liabilities that the entire planet cannot pay, looming war with serious adversaries (Dragon+Bear) armed with unserious dykes and SJW, racial animus on par with Hutus vs Tutsi, treacherous “elite” in the gov-media-mil complex, generations of entitled Gibs me dats, … Need I continue?
        Have fun voting, I understand the desire. Just remember, hope is not a plan.

  3. It has been reported that they polled and still are polling 15% more Democrats than Republicans to give all of you a brain washing into thinking Crooked Hillary is leading in the polls

    When the actual “truth” is Trump is leading by 10-15% over Hillary

  4. Polls are manipulated.

    Was of time.

  5. Its all about getting us to accept defeat and NOT go to the polls. Same song second verse, could be better but its gonna be worse…

  6. Uncle Larry

    Trump is drawing 10 thousand to his rallies. Hillary is drawing hundreds on a good day.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. A recent poll declared:
    special attention was given to young voices of color

  9. Do battleground states have ballot measures legalize marijuana? This is a key tactic to drive young (stupid) voters to the polls who will vote Hillary (cuz Trump is mean).
    The real issue is how much can they skew the results without the proles noticing? I think it is about 6%. Admittedly a WAG. If Trump can do better than 53% to 47% he might be the first billionaire to move into public housing vacated by a black family.

    But, yeah virtually all polls are manipulated to skew to Hillary.