SLL: The Most Dangerous Candidate

angry hillary

Robert calmly and persuasively lays out the inconvenient facts on HRC’s foreign policy “achievements”.

If the Deep State Powers-That-Be can keep that cyborg crone online through 20 January 2017, we will all be in for Big Fun.

Across the planet.


10 responses to “SLL: The Most Dangerous Candidate

  1. The strategy is to keep the money transfers flowing from taxpayers to defense contractors. The strategy is not about expanding or defending the geographical wealth of an empire. Their track record is success at keeping the money flowing, that’s their goal, that’s what they care about. Their track record at empire is failure, their great game strategy makes no sense, but it doesn’t have to, it’s just optics for war hawk voters of both parties. SLL got sucked in to accept the war hawk fantasy football frame. He still believes a “government” should make decisions for him.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. And I believe I said that once Trumpet got the nomination from the Dead Elephant club he would proceed to call Hitlery something ugly that would further galvanize leftist support for her and make his supporters look bad. Did he just take it one level past full retard by suggesting publicly that someone bust a cap in her ass?

    BOHICA kids because TINVOWOOT. I wouldn’t count on us making it to November without some hum dinger false flags here. The people in the crime syndicate are getting incredibly sloppy and this is bad for business. The shit show is becoming too transparent.

    Keep prepping, keep praying and smile.

  4. Bucephalus

    Arguably; the closer we get to November, the easier it becomes to prioritize.

    The “Triggers” and lists are more defined than ever.

    It’s almost like 2AM (last call) in a singles bar; less decisions to make…..

  5. Evil in it’s true manifestation,reveals itself. A person needs only a modicum of common sense and an intelligent quotient of a hammer. Are you fucking kidding me? Three people have been assassinated in the past month or so. Are the families so traumatized and in fear that they refuse to speak. Why do they not seek a forum?
    I saw JFK taken out over fifty years ago.Lee Harvey, Jack Ruby. Sam Giancana(Salvatore to my Italian brothers) Castro,LBJ. The cast is endless. Again…Are you fucking kidding me! I am surprised we have made it this far.
    ” People get ready,for the train is coming.”
    The face of evil wears a mask. Judge by actions. Words are cheap.Do not lose your sense of humor or you’ii splatter your own brains on a wall. Do not be afraid or timid in your actions and deeds.The shittiest, dirtiest,smelliest job that must be done in a day should looked upon as a gift from God. A test of your mettle. Invite nasty into your world. If you do not challenge yourself in your daily life, how in blue blazes fuck,are you going to step it up when your life depends upon it.
    A daily checklist should be run down in your head.If you are writing everything down,stay at home and roll bandages and reload. On your feet,under duress,no sleep,shitty food with people attempting to kill you. People around you bitching and complaining. There is no Magic Switch that turns you into a competent bad-ass. It is a way of life.Confront evil head on. Pick a fight and kick it’s ass.

  6. Mrs. Clinton is a Woman of Destiny, sent by Providence to lead our nation to broad, sunlit uplands. Resistance at the polls is futile. And I’m tired of hearing about her mental and physical issues. She will easily transcend all such, and post-inauguration will astonish with us all with Bold Initiatives both domestic and foreign

    • Kudos on your quoting Winston Churchill. But let’s go beyond that:
      “But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Grofaz 2.0.