The Dirty Lowdown

Hillary Maleficient Poster

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ZH: Retired Green Beret Blasts “Make No Mistake, Everyone Warning About Clinton Is A Target And They Are Marked”

Ridiculous overstatement and fear-mongering.

We live under the rule of law, not of men (and women).


hillary and vince

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  1. Chief Shortingbull

    All of the above, topped with the awesome sauce of the Orlando shooter’s dad sitting right behind her in the same frame. For laughs I had to strap on some hip waders see what the defense was going to be on the comment section at reliably liberal processed news product websites like the washington post. Evidently having someone who was in the klan compliment your opponent lets you have a pass when the “allah, please kill all da gayz” dad of the year gets preferred seating at your campaign rally.

  2. Virgil Kane

    Why is the picture of Clinton and Foster photoshopped?

  3. Always thought that Foster photo was a bad photoshop, still do. Not saying Vince didn’t get a free ride on the Arkancide express, just that the photo seems to be faked. Either way, Vince died of “apparent suicide”. Good thing his office emptied itself of sensitive files too. That was a close one. How’s Downtown Ron Brown these days?

  4. If Bill divorces her and moves out of the country, then you know things are going to be Venezula bad for everybody unless Huma can keep her satisfied.

  5. Peddling. Fiction.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

    I’ve lived most of my life in Arkansas. Unless you have blinders on in that area, you would know that they are guilty of ALL of the accusations. There is even more that has not come to light.

    The one about the two boys on thee train track is true but the reason is different. They were “mules” for the drug runners and had kept some for their selves.

    Vince Foster was killed because he was about to spill the beans. The charge about Chelsea not being Bills’ is also true.

    She is fanatically evil as the day is long.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Maleficunt, sorry.

  9. Marlo Stanfield

    Any one else notice the his and her hair do’s between her and Vince? Dude must have been laying some serious pipe to get a bitch to match his hair. | Concerned American posted: “Read the whole thing:ZH: Retired Green Beret Blasts “Make No Mistake, Everyone Warning About Clinton Is A Target And They Are Marked”Ridiculous overstatement and fear-mongering.We live under the rule of law, not of men (and women).” | |


    Okay, marked by whom and for whom? From these statements one can logically conclude that there is some hidden army of hit men/women who will get their marching orders. Well, who are they? There has to be some kind of paper trail or some Jim-Bob former Arkansas State Trooper who has a list of the operatives’ names.
    Think about it. The detractors of the Hildabeast are legion. Thus, it would take legions to destroy them. And, the more who slip on a banana peel, choke on their lattes, drive off a lonely road and get the John Noveske/Karen Silkwood Memorial Award, the more suspicious and outraged the rest will become. If I come home from work and find a Scarlet Carson rose on my doorstep, then I will activate my shields.

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    I believe it was a boaking accident. I have to go now.
    -Seymour Skinner

  12. keith park

    No offense, but this is old news to us non-somnambulists. Sounds like there is the veiled suggestion to shoot those bastards and take down as many of them as we can before their buddies riddle us with lead a la Patrick Swayze in the move Red Dawn, “We’re all going to die: Die standing up.”

  13. her name will Echo through the Ages. If she doesn’t fry the Planet. But that is a risk we must take in order to unleash chaos

  14. I can’t read what it says under the word Malefacent.