Europe’s Last Chance

They will not avail themselves of it.

Europa ist verloren.

And FUSA is next.

Get ready for the fight of your life.

Your government and its allies want to murder you and replace you with a more subservient crowd.

No fooling.

(H/t GoV)

braveheart(Don’t be that guy.)

57 responses to “Europe’s Last Chance

  1. Realistically you can speak out or vote? Are you effing kidding me?????????
    On a separate note, today I had a good session of dry fire practice from prone and sitting on targets 250 meters away. My how practice does make perfect. It’s so fulfilling to see those cross hairs holding steady on distant targets.
    Go speak out and by all means vote. That’ll help.

  2. just plain todd

    fuck europe. they deserve it. fuck us too. same reason. murika!!

  3. Progressives often refer to the masses as ‘cattle’ that can be driven to the end they have envisioned for them, certainly in Europa this seems to be the case as the females have already started to signal their supplication. This may not be the case in North America, at least not in the heart land.
    Buy more ammo

  4. The newest Pat Condell vid:

  5. Islam has a commandment that says “kill the infidel wherever you may find him”.
    Anyone who wishes to have a free secular or Christian nation needs to adopt the principle of “kill the open-borders idiots wherever you may find them.”
    They have already imported Jihad, thousands of Europeans and Americans have already been robbed, beat, raped, stabbed, machine gunned, crushed, incinerated or blown up in the name of Allah.
    Reasonable people have asked the elite not to import jihad, the elite laughed in the people’s faces for seeking safety from a predatory invasion.
    It is past time to remove these enemies of civilization from power like the diseased flesh they are.
    Politicians willing to unleash these predations on the innocent citizens of their nations will have no qualms about cheating at the ballot box.
    Sometimes more sudden & permanent solutions are necessary.
    There is an age old remedy for traitors.
    And it is reusable.
    I recommend a short one.

  6. What is FUSA ?

  7. I have liberals, socialists, democrats and no nothings of all ages and education levels who mock me, usually behind their internet persona. They cannot catch a clue that what started decades ago in the usa and Europe to maybe one person at a time is now expanding to small and medium size groups and will eventually have the ability to threaten hundreds or more at a time routinely and will be uncontainable(sorry Obama, but it will be “uncontained”).
    Those “white males” that have been complaining to their families for years and now are supporting trump are “hoping” that trump is actually strong enough to win and loves his kids enough to not leave the country the mess that it is. Because we know we’re all in the same pool now, even though liberals think they have their own pool; and if it’s not now with trump; we’re going to get in boiling water under Hillary; just like Germany is now with merkel.

  8. Europa ist kaput

    • So is Detroit. What’s your point?

    • Europe extends from Britain to the Ural Mountains. Eastern Europe and Russia, much more Jew-wise than Western Europe, may well survive the current, debt-financed Judeo-globalist open-borders assault. I rate North America’s chance at less than 50-50, but still possible. It largely depends on when the kosher debt-bomb explodes

      • They’ll renounce the debt before they lose the Casino. And don’t forget they have suspended GAAP accounting rules for the Federal Government.

        That is why I say we’re at least.10 to 20 years away. 2008 should have been the end of the party in a sane universe.

        Wash, rinse and repeat. They are many moves ahead of us.

        • probably not. Were ‘Murka’ – World’s #1 debtor – to “renounce the debt”, defaults (and wars) would cascade across both the domestic and global economy, taking the casino with it. Mrs. Clinton – corrupt, incompetent, and murderous – as Prez will be the Terminator

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Someone forgot to remind the Russians to breed and also to keep their men alive past 40. Russia has excess women and is waning in power. China has excess men and is growing. They’ll end up with the Golden Horde 2.0.


    The implosion continues. This is music to my ears. They slaughter the innocent unborn yet condemn and prosecute those who stand up to the Muslim invaders. Hell better be building more subdivisions. When the Jihadists begin their slaughter, there has to be enough room down there for all of the corrupt, craven, syphilitic Europeans.

    • Mr. Weasel,

      “They slaughter the innocent unborn….and prosecute those who stand up to the Muslim invaders.”

      Is it much different in the fUSA ? The Amerikans as a nation, Installed a Taqiyya-practicing Muslim in the position of POTUS. He does whatever he wants and the SCUM of the US Congress do nothing to defend against this Muslim onslaught. Now, we have an anti Pro-life POTUS candidate….Clinton, who may very well be the next scoundrel in the White House.

      I am more concerned with events in my homeland than Europe. Concentrate on Amerika. Not Europe.


        Dan III: You are correct. There are no men in Twin Falls. There are only criminals and poltroons in Congress. There are only collectivist rat-bastard lawyers in SCOTUS and the entire federal court system. There are way too many corrupt, syphilitic-thinking, homicidal idiots with badges. There are vast numbers of FSA-Gimmedats-Dindus-Cosmic-White useful idiots.
        And then, there are the very few of us. This situation will not end well. I cherish each day and continue to plan and prep. Bleib ubrig.

  10. Kay de Leon

    That guy left out a whole lot of realistic possible actions, imho.

    • wrong-o. Kill one debt-controlled shabbatz goy politician, it’ll be replaced by another. They and their (((Masters))) all have to be liquidated

      • 100-200 million…

        • How did you two trolls make it past puberty?
          Because your total losers.
          If anything is responsible for why leaders like Merkel obama and clinton exist it’s guys like you.
          You want to lose.
          You wallow in being cowards.
          God bless you both.

          • two words…

            GO. AWAY. Dick. Breath.

            OK four.

            • outlawpatriot

              No, how about you go away? And take the goat humper with you. 🙂

              • You’re part of the problem old timer. I bet you dream about that raggy red white and blew. You’ll see the light one way or another. Fly that bitch and you’ll be targeted with extreme prejudice.

    • “I could save Europe right now.”
      That is what Merkel thinks. The storm trooper next to her has already been vetted to only care about protecting her person. There are no Bundeswehr personnel willing to be the next Stauffenberg. If there were then he would have popped her already.

  11. This guy acknowledges that this is WAR. Yet he sees only 2 options: voting and speaking out. He has already boxed himself in. The concept of getting weapons to arm yourselves and seeking and killing the enemy never occurred to him. He will lose because his enemy is smarter than him. They are aggressively implementing option 3.

    The US is not far behind Europe. Yes we have gun owners, but America really needs is more Armed Citizens. And we must implement option 3. I don’t think the West has the stomach to do what needs to be done.

    Europe is toast. There is a glimmer of hope for America. Read Matt Bracken’s ‘What I Saw At The Coup’.

    • I had the same impression. Voting is supposed to fix this problem? Get a clue, dude.

      However I think it is too soon to write Europe off. It certainly is true however, that it will get messy over there. At some point they will decide to empty the ghettos and dump the people back in North Africa.

      • Second the thoughts on Europe’s chances of surviving. Unlike the usa, which is 40% or greater full of immigrannts and minorities(depending of how the illegals are counted); many European countries are still 90% or greater native. If they start within the next 5 maybe 10 years kicking out the muzzies and anyone else that threatens the natives; they can survive; the usa I give no chance. 50 years of a wide open southern border will turn the country into looking like south America and acting like the south American basketcase governments.
        Personally, I’m hoping England turns it around, it ought to be safe there if they do; as it’s got great border security being a big ass island.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      I WILL implement option 3 if it starts getting really hot in my AO…Fuck Europe. They are done..If only 1% of us fight back we win. I couldn’t live with myself sorry I’ve always been a fighter

    • “…The concept of getting weapons to arm yourselves and seeking and killing the enemy never occurred to him…”

      Generally, yes, and this is just ONE of the aims of the globalists; they intend to change the US culture to excise that portion from it, killing the WILL to act.

  12. The whole point of the invasion is to ensure enough invaders vote for the continuation of the collectivists in power and overwhelm the economy, just like here. It seems to be a coordinated effort among the collectivist controlled countries. At this point, I don’t think there are enough freefor votes in European countries to turn it around. They will have to fight their way through, otherwise it is lost to the alliance of the collectivists and Muslim horde.

    Grey Ghost

  13. HHH Old Vet.

    MtnForge, Haha, that is the picture in my mind of Hilbeast where the Merkel is. Have often wondered why Obutthead hasn’t gotten that treatment.

  14. It never ceases to amaze me that the elites somehow don’t believe that sooner or later they will be held responsible for their actions. They should review the results of collapsed civilizations to see what became of their historic counterparts. A quick review of the French revolution, the Bolshevik revolution, Mussolini’s fate, Gaddafi’s demise…..the list goes on and on. When the blood starts flowing, some of it will surely be theirs…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You need to do some more research.
      The 2nd Russian Revolution of 1917 (there were 2 that yr) was pulled off by the elites from the FedRes (undercover agents operating as Red Cross emissaries to Russia, Lenin had just left the USA after getting aid promises), and Gaddafi was killed off by who…….? Like with Amb. Stevens, another obscure planned Hillary murder to get rid of witnesses?
      The elites have studied history and basic human psychology, they know the masses won’t string them up until we get REALLY, REALLY pissed, and they won’t let that happen. Humans are easy animals to study, and they know how far they can push before something lashes out and tries to bite it’s handler. And then there’s all the bread and circuses too, keeps the animals occupied with mindless shit, they never know who their handlers are, nor do they care. Yup, basic human psychology is all you need to know. The rest is easy.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “When the blood starts flowing, some of it will surely be theirs…”

      Yes, they will have a few empty chairs at Davos – eventually. But even then, those they lose will have lived better than just about any people in the whole of human history. Even when they lose, they won. Being a master of the universe – even if only temporarily – comes with a lot of bonuses.

  15. History is filled with seemingly domesticated populations that flip the switch to genocidal in the blink of an eye.

    I for one am not ruling anything out.

  16. Europe is toast and FUSA is fully infiltrated and compromised. If you think this train will head down any different track with the right conductor then you haven’t been payin attention. I for one would like to see the vile murdering corrupt woman get in because she will surely get us up to speed where the wheels can leave the tracks.

    Get right with God as you understand Him and keep prepping. Learn by doing. Grow some food, raise some chickens. Oh and smile because if you don’t enjoy every breath you’re taking in right now, then they already won.

    • I may be inclined to deny it on an emotional level, but I know, intellectually, that you are absolutely correct. And your advice in the second paragraph is equally apt. “Oh and smile because if you don’t enjoy every breath you’re taking in right now, then they already won.” Indeed.

  17. richardfryer

    Great points here in the comments but we all keep failing to state the elephant in the room.

    In the US we are facing a “civil” conflict. There are foreigner elements but the core of the threat is from within. The established powers at virtually all levels fully support the threat elements for a number of reasons. The end result is that any real attempt to engage the threat at this point would be rapidly and decisively crushed by the establishment.
    As painful as it may be to say this, the situation is still to stable to directly engage the threat. None of us may wish for chaos and disorder, but it is only in the chaos and disorder that the threat may be directly engaged. Consider it a test or your fortitude. Until the status quo is engulfed in flames the threat to all of us is directly supported by the establishment.
    Europe faces the same challenge. Germany prosecuted you for even speaking out. Until the establishment in Europe is distracted any attempt at engaging the foreign threat will be rapidly crushed and politically structure g up to ensure no one is willing to take up the call.

    • Fryer,

      There are some of us here who have been mother-fucking the situation you tell us we don’t acknowledge. You’ve just fell off the turnip truck pal. So save your preaching for when you’ve been here awhile, eh ?

  18. What most want and think of when they say ‘vote’, is an elected champion who will give them approval to fight back and will fight for them.
    Ain’t gonna happen. Anyone who would defend Europe or the FUSA can/will never be elected.

  19. But hearts n minds… Surely everyone yearns for freedom and liberty.

    100-200 million and all will be well. Those who cannot grok that are still dreaming. Those who have kids will see them sold for sex slaves and the ugly ones for bio-fuel. No worries have another beer.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “100-200 million and all will be well.”

      That could easily turn into a much higher number. WWII gave the world 50ish million dead, and it damn near deep-sixed Europe and big chunk of Asia. This time around, the lack of food and the explosion of disease would not be checked by any sort of Marshall Plan, etc. You’d be seeing literally unprecedented devastation.

      • I mean 100-200 million just here in fusa. 1 billion dead in ww3 would be expected.

      • Sure just murder 100 to 200 million.
        Fits right in the the globalist plan.
        You do know that THEY plan to murder 100 to 200 million to get the world population down to something more “manageable”.
        Just a little murder and all will be well.

  20. Steve Kristmann

    The rapefugee invaders are already here…and they’re not being
    dealt with properly! Remember that tptb (and that means the leo’s,
    etc) will do whatever they need to to ‘protect’ this replacement population.

    One only has to look at Michiganistan/Dearbornistan, Lewiston Maine (little Mogandishu), islamberg New York or any other colony of islam that’s allowed to thrive here in America.

    Another new assault just occurred in Twin Falls (one wonders how
    Rawles is taking this and what he makes of it):

    Another Muslim migrant sexual assault in Twin Falls, Idaho

    More info on the above assault:

    Idaho: Muslim charged with sexual assault was touted by media as “moderate” two months ago

    Remember, these savages are doing exactly what their ‘perfect man’
    mo’ the genocidal charlatan and pedo preached by example. You can
    no more take the jungle out of the savage than you can take mo’ out
    of a mohamedean…you can’t ‘fix stupid’..or cure this form of rabies.
    The choice is either total exclusion or total destruction of islam and it’s other options are viable.

    Yours In Liberty! – Furthermore islam MUST be destroyed!@
    NorthGunner III

  21. “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”
    The Covenants of Gods

  22. Steve Kristmann

    Here is how it is in pictorial form:

    Yours In Liberty! – Furthermore islam (and it’s enablers) MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  23. Pete,
    The comments here used to be of value and on point. Not so much anymore. Where have the intelligent men gone? They have been driven away by children hurling rocks.

    I appreciate what you do brother.

  24. But we do get a meaningful “NO” vote in the US. Under rule .308, subsections 5.56 and .311, and if resent history is any indicator we may have to use that vote soon. Unlike the poor castrated slobs in Europe we Amerikan peasants still bear arms. So our “vote” gets counted no matter WHO doesn’t like it. I do not CARE what the SJW, BLM, The feds, The UN, The EU or The SPLC thinks about anything. If they don’t like my free speech , my firearm, or my religion . They can kiss my ass or bark at the hole. Or come and take them.