Let’s Get The Band Back Together

gun guitar case 8.6.16

Comrade Ushanka sends.

Set should open with this crowd-pleaser:

24 responses to “Let’s Get The Band Back Together

  1. Left Coast Cannibal

    That’s California Camo or Bernieflage!

  2. “There’s a bathroom on the right.”

  3. Ya know, a shorter arm with a top folding stock that will lay completely parallel to the barrel (only gun I can think of is a few shotguns) can be tucked into the neck of the case aND hidden under foam, leaving enough room for a guitar in there too.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    The coexist sticker is a nice touch!

  5. Sad that Tom Fogerty rhythm guitar player died of AIDS supposedly from tainted blood transfusion be that what it may rest to be sure it was probably a liberal running the blood bank. What surprises me on many of the blogs on western rifle shooters association so many people use rock lyrics and soft porn to emphasize their conflicting upsetness. Don’t forget rock ‘n’ roll is part of the problem music for the masses along with the dose of soma for this brave new world that killed the republic of the United States of America the day the Dwight Eisenhower left office.

    • yeah. NO.

      The issue has always been st00pit lazy-ass parents, dope n booze, publick skrewl, and TeeVee. Most here grew up with rock roll and somehow were able to see the light.

      • “raised on rock” what happened is your hippo thalamus was imprinted with that satanic majesty’s request and you and the rest of us are in need of a music flushing. Rocks intent is to deaden you to eventual takeover by the black pig media r&r&s&drugs. Stop looking for meaning in that pop garbage and seek a new experience. Unplug

        • FYI. I get the “satanic druid beat theory”.

          It was all part of the 70’s experience- I guess you had to be there.. Hell, my dad ran with CCRs drummer and was dating a Playboy Bunny. My buddies from the old days, along with myself, each have a pair of concert grade P.A. speakers we bought when Detroit’s Cobo Arena was upgrading in the mid 80’s along with high-end electronics to run them. I dragged them to 2 Army bases when I enlisted and still have them. Ironically, I don’t listen to music anymore, not even when I’m driving. I haven’t even powered up the sound system in years. When I have, it was to blow away anyone who’s nuisance noise disturbed me. So they’re basically a psychological warfare instrument at this point in my life. Imagine 10 pairs of these things stacked high in your backyard on the lake with a bonfire, a pig roasting, and 1/2 barrels lined up and tapped, girls running around half nekkid, and all the imported get highs that were available… Yup. the 70’s ROCKED. Yet, somehow most of us still managed to succeed in life…

  6. How about a Stratocaster vs Les Paul debate rather than the usual AR15 vs AK47?

    • That’s a cul-de-sac as well. Have made money with both; it’s always a question of “what requirement are you meeting””.

      Good choice CA for the set opener. John Fogerty wrote that for precisely these circumstances. Full circles are round for a reason. 🙂

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Alfred E. Neuman

    A Kel-Tec SU16C would be a good choice in a case………

  9. just plain todd

    strat’s where its at. les paul was a commie fag. bwaaaaaaaa!

    • Just ask Waylon or Merle what they think about Les Paul. Don’t take no talent to play the Rock.
      3 Chords is all you need to know. Even a 15 year old punk can do it. So says Unknown Hinson.

      • One more. Listen to the words of the hippie rocker. Kind of current even though the video was made years ago. Uknown is ripping it with a Stratocaster in the last bit. Jerry Reed played a Stratocaster as well as anyone. http://youtu.be/AVvk1j3TQHk

    • As Jeff Beck said, “Nobody ever went up to someone with a Strat and said, ‘when ya gonna get a modern lookin’ guitar?'”

  10. just plain todd

    god forbid any of you end up in kommiefornia, but if you do, go to the Fender museum in Corona , ca.

  11. Steve Kristmann

    Make mine a Fal playiing Basso Staccato.
    Bad Moon rising definitely works for me!

    Yours In Liberty! – Furthermore islam (and it’s enablers) MUST be destroyed!!
    NorthGunner III

  12. anotherusualsuspect

    We won’t get fooled again……..will we.