Buppert: Punish and Suppress – Police Unions Are The Red Army


Read it all.

The police are there to protect their “civilian” bosses in government.

There are implications that can be drawn from that fact.

Several, actually.


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  2. But…but ,no police unions and no enforcers we would have…Anarchy!No badges to suck or boots to lick??No”heros” to worship and grovel to??Men would have to step up and settle their own problems??ARrrrg!

    • Right.
      Anarchy, true freedom, the thing all statists fear the most.
      Make no mistake, there are no “little bit” statists, or statists that only prefer certain aspects. Every statist is 100% so. Statism is all or nothing.

  3. Growing up, my Dad was a newspaperman. Politicians love to see their name in the paper. I remember the slimey pieces of shit when I was a whippersnapper. They creeped me out. The Barnhardt axiom stands the test of time.If you run for office you may,at best be a sociopath.
    Another true axiom is: becoming a product of your environment.Surround yourself with shallow,self-absorbed,narcissistic lying,scumbags .All of a sudden…you are one.
    Keep your channels of communication open. Test your capabilities,under duress. Ramp up your intelligence gathering capabilities. Practice dissemination.Measure results. Test alliances.Run your generator,while subjecting it to a load. Practice with iron sights. Purify and drink pond water. So much to do.

  4. Here is a synopsis of Buppert’s essay:

    There are no good cops.

  5. “The police are the primary means every government on Earth exists another day. Absent their intimidation and violence, no one would comply.”

    Well, that about sums it up perfectly.

    I went to Cabela’s the other day and they had huge banners hanging up right inside the door posting a big ‘Thank you to Law Enforcement’ and signed by hundreds or thousands of ‘citizens’. I was stunned and wondered if any of those fools that signed that stupid banner had any idea what they were doing. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON SHOULD HAVE PUT THEIR NAME ON THAT BANNER.

    Cops are not hero’s my friends. They are psychopaths and thugs and would shoot you dead in an instant if ‘ordered’ to do so. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

    • You should have taken up-close readable pictures of those signatures. Those are people that you will need to shoot soon. If you don’t eliminate them they will turn you over to the criminals the first chance they get.

      • Does this sound like a viable plan? Eliminate hundreds of people, without getting caught? Then what? Now you have only driven more people to seek the police for protection.

        Shooting sheep is not a valid strategy. You need to educate yourself on successful insurgencies. This tactic (wild orgies of violence) rarely works, especially among a Euro population.

  6. And then, there’s police that REALLY “act stupidly” (Hat tip: pRez’dent 0Zero)

    Punta Gorda police identify officer who shot, killed woman at citizen police academy


    How much you want to bet NO ONE does any jail time for this Charlie Foxtrot that ended an innocent woman’s life?

  7. This anti-cop ranting thing feels good, but is ultimately very unproductive. If you look at the history of most successful insurgencies (Ireland is a good start), the institutions were infiltrated. Specifically, the good cops helped the insurgents with intelligence and material support.

    Many cops are sympathizers with the liberty movement, III, traditionalists, etc. The more terrorist attacks we see on them, the more likely they are to view us as allies.

    Instead of ranting and raving against the cops, try to befriend one.

    Furthermore, as a thought exercise, what do you think would happen if every single cop quit today? Freedumb? LOL, really?? They’d just be replaced with people probably much more unscrupulous.

    • One man’s “anticop” is another man “shining light behind the blue wall of silence”.

      How about this?

      How about all of the good cops address the institutional corruption by first admitting publicly that there are real issues with excessive force, cover ups, and “dominate the encounter” mindset?

      • Yep, you are right. There is a big problem with the “wartime mentality.” I have spoken with two big city cops who I know fairly well, and they confirm it. They are under the stress of combat quite a bit, and it has taken its predictable toll. The result is “dominate the encounter,” and MRAPs. I think many of us are focusing on that immediate problem without thinking of how we arrived.

        We don’t have Mayberry cops anymore because we don’t have Mayberry demographics. Such a gentle, fair criminal justice system is not compatible with the people that the (((globalists))) have imported. This ethnic component to our present police state is the key to understanding it.

        This problem is not going to get better anytime soon. The equilibrium point will continue to shift toward a more militarized police. See Europe for our 10-year out projection. I base that on the identities of our new “guests.”

        The question is, would you rather the cops see you as a threat, or as a person to work with under the table in eliminating common threats? Do you want the cops to give you handcuffs, or a target packet?

        I am well aware that many of the cops will follow any order, no matter how unconstitutional. I am also aware that in the future many will come after people like us. They are the state’s enforcers, after all. There is still value in developing positive relationships with those who are receptive.

      • CA, you mean all the good cops that knew there was one among them shaking down women in a sex-for-no-ticket scheme, who let him quit rather than be fired, get a job in my area and molest and assault my daughter ?
        Those good cops ?

      • Remember Jack McLamb?
        Even then he was a small voice of reason.

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • what do you think would happen if every single cop quit today? Freedumb? LOL, really?? They’d just be replaced with people probably much more unscrupulous.

      First of all, if every cop quit today, people would be able exercise their right to travel without being harassed, robbed, and murdered by some badged goon with blinking lights and backed-up by 1,000,000 of his armed buddies. Some good decent folks would start sweeping the porch of lowlifes and scum, and continue out into the street and straight thru city hall and onto the DC. You act as if street criminals are omnipotent and are unstoppable. You’re nuts. They do what they do, and get a free cot and a hot when they happen to get caught, because they know they are protected and have “rights”. Fuck You PIG. Nobody NEEDS you asswipes.

    • BraeJager,

      We have a gentleman’s disagreement.

      “Many cops are sympathizers with the liberty movement, III, traditionalists, etc. The more terrorist attacks we see on them, the more likely they are to view us as allies.”

      Evidence? Please offer me an example of a cop refusing to follow orders and not get canned. BTW, terrorism can’t be visited on uniformed government personnel; that, sir, is insurgency.

      Per your thought experiment. shall we apply the same to traffic signals and government schools? So both of those are sucked into the ether and no one is capable of doing the right thing without the explicit threat of a wood shampoo or government intervention? Apparently you’ve spent no time in the third world and developing countries where spontaneous order fills the void of the statist whip and manacles.

      So before the institution of government policing, everything in civilization was in the hazard?

      Roads are a good example. According to Gerald Gunderson’s Privatization and the 19th-Century Turnpike, “In the first three decades of the 19th century Americans built more than 10,000 miles [16,000 km] of turnpikes, mostly in New England and the Middle Atlantic states.

      No such thing as a good cop. Impossible. Where are these unicorns? Every cop in America will do whatever they are told. Everyone, even the Oathkeepers. I would also suggest you look at the distinction between malum prohibitum and malum in se.

      I lifted this from filming cops who offers a 10k reward for anyone who can find a good cop who meets the definition of a good person.

      “Here it is: a good person is someone who, at a bare minimum, does not routinely engage in acts like armed theft, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, and the initiation of violent force or the threat thereof upon innocent people.”


      Just one. Hell, if your position is correct, you’re 10k richer.


      Bill Buppert

  8. Decency?
    Get a clue.
    Let me know how its
    working out for the Republic,
    the Constitution, the non-existent
    borders and every dollar you’ve
    earned that is stolen and given
    to illegals, welfare grifters, and
    the corporate friends of the treasonous
    political class.
    The “patroit” community, news
    aggregators, nothing more.

  9. Most, MOST police officers are on our side. and I mean MOST. They are us. If you feel this is not the case in your community, volunteer. There are always ways to participate. We can’t just sit around and wait for what’s coming. Be part of the institution or it all only gets harder.