Europa Ist Verloren


GoV: The Sound Of Silence

To those doubting relevance, what do you think Team Mo has planned for FUSA?

And before the bluster musters, ask yourself honestly how effective American patriots have been to date against the domestic collectivist enemies?

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  1. FrozenPatriot

    The bluster musterers won’t have any impact except to wake up some of the quiet professionals who eventually will. Some dogs bark, and others bite. The saddest part is when the barkers refuse to unass their well-worn deskchair and at least support the biters in a non-blog environment. There’s safety in a pack, but packs do not form via multicolored pixels.

  2. The smarter members of team Mo must realize that misbehavior on their part in the US, and maybe in Europe, will tend to sway American voters away from the appeasers. My prediction, for what it is worth, is that (1) things will be quiet here through Election Day and (2) less quiet in Europe, although the team Mo leadership there realize that since more Americans are watching the events in Europe, they need to keep a lid on their delinquents.

    • So you think that is trump is “elected” team mo will run for the hills?

      All he’ll do is sign into law something worse then the ndaa or patriot act. We all know how well those have worked out.

      • Stewie: I didn’t say anything about what happens after T is elected. I agree, they won’t run for the hills.
        ’06: I suppose they’ll put the word out to the less-dumb ones that they need to delay plans to the middle of November or afterward. That’s all I’ve got.
        And I agree on the spelling issue. I am sick and tired of seeing adults fuck up words that I had straight by the second grade.

    • And how do you suppose they “keep a lid on their delinquents” having turned them loose (not” “lose” for the less than literate) through antisocial media open source insurgency 4gw, validate yer hate, and membership, on twitter? Gonna rein ’em in by the same means?

      Too late. Genies are notoriously hard the rebottle. And “open source” has one very great flaw re: central plotters… control.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. So tell me, which is more insane: Hitler’s desire to commit genocide on all the other races of the world. Or Merkel’s desire to commit genocide on her own race and culture. The end result of both will be the same, millions of dead in Europe. The specter of a ultra feminist culture demanding the importation of a known misogynist, raping, pedophile culture, easily out does any level of insanity spouted by Hitler. We have never seen anything like this in the eons of time. Normal, peaceful people, and abnormal murderous people, both have had positive images of their cultures and had normal mistrust of other peoples and cultures. Both set up boundaries to protect them from the unknown and different and possibly dangerous. Neither Gandhi nor Hitler supported the importation of strange, foreign and obviously dangerous peoples and cultures onto their lands. The socialist, communist ethos that Merkel and her kind spring from, never inhabited this level of suicide of culture and race. The madness of Merkel far surpasses the megalomania of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.
    Someone please find fault in my above hypothesis. Can some historian please search back through the eons of time to find a similar insanity? I thought I could gauge the depths of insanity within the human soul. I had a 5,000 year frame of reference. But nothing has shaken me more than this new psychosis. Prepare to avert your eyes from horror that is about to explode across the pond.

    • “I thought I could gauge the depths of insanity within the human soul.”

      Have you read the Bible? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Kind of interesting how those massive battlefields where tens of thousands of poor souls lost their lives have never turned up any artifacts to back up the story. Shouldn’t there be millions of arrowheads and spear points laying around, or did they just keep recycling them all?
        As an expert in this field, perhaps you could lead some scientists to these sites and explain exactly why there is such a lack of hard evidence, or is it because these events were so grossly exaggerated through time?

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Just got to think outside the box the Elites created for you. Remember Dear Leader?
    “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.”

    So, to all of our European Bretheren who legally can’t own a gun:
    Smuggle them
    Hide them
    Build a new basement that is capable of withstanding target practice
    Rob a mosque-cuz we all know what is hidden there
    If you truly cannot get a gun, review your other options. There are many.

    Seems to me that the local military should be overwhelmed with applications for the bomb squad. Just sayin’.

    • Long bows, recurve bows, cross-bows, lots and lots of arrows/bolts for same. Sling-shots, knives, spear guns using the bottom, straight part of coat hangers for the projectiles. Get creative.

  6. above average for Gates of Strudel, but the average remains quite low. Muslims this, Muslims that…and not a word about (((who))) owns the political class which flung open the borders. And just for the record,
    most all European hardLeftists (“progressives”) were supporting Hitler in 1940: this was during the Nazi/Soviet Pact. The (((Reds))) didn’t become anti-Nazi until Germany and Russia went at it

    • If memory serves correctly, in the mid 30’s Hitler was a darling of the U.S. .gov class also

  7. And the US thinks they have problems?
    At least you can defend yourself, in the UK we can’t.

    • “At least you can defend yourself, in the UK we can’t.”

      Sure you can. Some/many of you will have to die for it but you can defend yourselves, even take back your nation if enough are willing to risk it all for your children’s future.

      We have many guns but exactly the same problem… who’s willing to kill and die?

      It’s shame that good men always wait until the situation is much worse than necessary and the struggle and the peril so much greater.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        It’s just like here, people aren’t willing to break the law to carry concealed. “oh, but that’s illegal….I might get in trouble” They would rather conform than survive.
        Brainwashed until they have no survival instincts left.
        I keep hoping to see Germans walking the streets with all those hidden WW2 weapons, but I’m sure most of them are too terrified to touch one. Their grandparents would gladly beat the shit out of them today, but fortunately, they’re all dead now.

      • “It’s shame that good men always wait until the situation is much worse than necessary and the struggle and the peril so much greater.”
        It’s probably because we fancy ourselves to be civilized that we wait til we have no other choice.

    • Do they still sell petrol ?
      Teach a man to build a fire and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.
      Can you make a crossbow ? Black powder ?
      Can you slit a muslim’s throat and take his gun ?
      Come down to will. I think when the burka wearing and clit-cutting becomes mandatory, your women will grow balls and there’ll be a fight.
      Be better to stop it before it gets that far.

  8. American patriots will be a lot more effective against their domestic – and other – collectivist enemies when (more realistically, if) they wake up and comprehend that Team Mo is nothing more – or less – than a fully owned, controlled and supported subsidiary of Team NWO, and that Team Mo operatives are too retarded by medieval primitivism to be a threat to anything outside Islamobugfuckistan without such support.

    • Agreed completely. Here is a fundamental truth, that being ignored dooms “team freedom” to expend its energy fighting the wrong battles.

    • Steve Kristmann

      Matt Bracken definitely was on target with this:

      Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

      Don’t think for one minute that the hmf’rstittic collectivists aren’t using
      ‘team mo’ for their own geopolitical purposes.,.and that ‘team mo’ will
      end up biting them in the ass if given the chance (as well as attempting
      to kill as many of us ‘kuffars’ as possible).

      We’re dealing with both domestic and imported enemies, and their enablers.
      Conduct yourselves accordingly!

      Yours In Liberty! Furthermore islam and its enablers MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III


    While the world goes to hell. I’m going for a boat ride thru the Soo locks and onto the BIG Lake Superior today. Everyone enjoy your day. 🙂

    • outlawpatriot

      I hear Canada is a wonderful country. Perhaps you could make landfall and stay. Bein’ rich and all should male the transition easy. Yes? 🙂

  10. Complaining without offering a solution is called whining and that perfectly sums up the entire GoV piece.
    Want a solution for team Mo? Arm up and drive the sonsabitches out of the country and back to the sewers they crawled out of. See how easy that was?

  11. The Usual Suspect

    I for one am longing for the day Europe’s cultural suicide
    fantasy becomes fact.
    That might get Muricans to take off their rose colored
    sunglasses and face the stark reality of the same scenario
    playing out here.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “That might get Muricans to take off their rose colored
      sunglasses and face the stark reality of the same scenario
      playing out here.”

      That assumes that people don’t want the same outcome here. Sure, there are certainly those who don’t, but there are an awful lot who do.

    • Sometimes medicine has to taste bad to be good.

  12. Uncle Larry

    Merkel and Hollande must swing from tall trees at the end of short ropes. That’s number one. Then their staffs must face the same fate.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    Don’t forget, our’s too and their helpful handmaidens
    the media.
    They have jacked us off so long, they must have
    callouses by now.