Fred: Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia – The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington



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  1. outlawpatriot

    Yeeeah… pretty sure that’s the modern Russian marvel that wouldn’t start for a parade.

    That said, Fred’s right. A war with Russia, or anybody else for that matter, is just insane. It’s time knock this bullshit off, bring our troops home and abolish foreign aid of any kind.

    But we gotta win a war first. Now, that’s just fuckin’ ironic there. I don’t care who you are. 🙂

  2. tangotango-03


  3. Bill Harzia

    “…When Washington pushed the South into the Civil War, it expected a conflict that might be over in twenty-four hours, not four years with as least 650,000 dead. When Germany began WWI, it expected a swift lunge into Paris, not four years of hideously bloody static war followed by unconditional surrender. When the Japanese Army pushed for attacking Pearl, it did not foresee GIs marching in Tokyo and a couple of cities glowing at night. When Hitler invaded Poland, utter defeat and occupation of Germany was not among his war aims. When the US invaded Vietnam, it did not expect to be outfought and outsmarted by a bush-world country. When Russia invaded Afghanistan it did not expect…nor when America invaded Afghanistan, nor when it attacked Iraq, nor….

    “Is there a pattern here?”

    The pattern seems to be that if you start a war, you end up losing. That should give comfort to our side.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, there’s a flipside that Fred kind of ignores:

      In WWII, the French and British expected the Germans to follow the Schlieffen Plan again; the Western Allies expected the Japanese to be worthless fighters with inferior equipment; nobody expected the North Koreans to sweep all before them all the way to Pusan, etc.

      Defenders get surprised just as badly as the attackers do, and everyone always expects a short war.

    • Waiting appears to be a game more well suited to the globalists. I think Vietnam is a great example of indigenous fortitude but just across the border in Laos there lies a lesson regarding procrastination. Or as CA so aptly puts it “Don’t lose, you won’t like it” or something like that. Apologies for misquoting but you get the point. I’ve wondered lately if the game is to allow dangerous men to expire whilst the empire incrementally creeps along usurping more and more freedom via the long con. The wheels should have flown off this bitch long ago but somehow we extend and pretend. And no I’m not saying violate sumpter, I’m just thinking out loud.

  4. If you were to sit an American average joe and the equivalent Russian ivan down at a table, I think they’d quickly agree it’d save a lot of travel time if we simply slaughtered all our own politicians instead of killing one another at their behest.

    • LoL No, Amen brother, I have been exactly there with Ivan. and It went down just like you imagined.

    • I believe that Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin would agree with AJ and RI.

    • “If you were to sit an American average joe and the equivalent Russian ivan down at a table, I think they’d quickly agree it’d save a lot of travel time if we simply slaughtered all our own politicians instead of killing one another at their behest.”

      1) It should read: “…instead of killing one another BY THE MILLIONS at their behest.”

      2) I have relatives who got out of Ukraine in the mid-’90s after having lived a lifetime under Communism. I asked one, “What’s it like now that the Communists are gone?” The response: “Same wall, different wallpaper.” No, they don’t like their rulers any more than we do. Their rulers, however, have had to (and probably continue to have to) be very well armed and willing to use those arms to stay in charge. Wonder if/when we will wake up and force our rulers to take off their masks?

    • Having Russian family I can tell you they would agree with you. Putin is respected because he is prepared to put Russia first. That said he is an oligarch and so the love only goes so deep.

  5. Washington know-nothings get us into wars and then tell the military what they can and can’t do. It’s kinda like telling your pilot how to land his 747.
    Bound to end badly.

    – Charlie

  6. ALCON,

    The subject of this essay by Mr. Fred is a perfect example how the ‘Merikans don’t have a clue about history. “Unternehmen Barbarossa”, 22 JUN 41. The Nazi German attack on Mother Russia. Over the course of the war the Germans would incur more than 4,000,000 military casualties. Soviet casualties would be more than 20,000,000 military and civilian. 85% of all Nazi casualties were on the Eastern Front. The Soviets won the war in Europe. Not Amerika and it’s western allies. Amerika will lose another combat-action war with Mother Russia, if stupid enough to engage in one.

    Today, our faggot and female inundated military cannot, after 15 years and trillions of dollars and thousands of dead & wounded, cannot beat sandle-wearing, rag headed, Kalashnikov-toting primitives ! And fUSA’s military of undedicated, no-pride, feminized, de-nutted warriors are going to suffer the rigors of combat against Putin’s military and secure victory marching into Moscow ? Not in a hundred years !

    Today, in ‘Merika the millenial citizens of fUSA have no loyalty to their homeland. They have not been taught the history of this once, great nation. They have no clue where Russia even is, just as their fathers and grandfathers before them never heard of Vietnam. Today, we are inundated with foreign goods made by slave labor in both communist and third world nations. ‘merikans have nothing to be proud of. “I made that.” is a phrase no longer proudly spoken by Tommy down at the local manufacturing plant. We have abandoned our sovereignty and national pride to the globalists like soetoro-obama and Schumer and Reid and Romney and Ridge and Bushes and Clinton and every last one of the 535 scum ensconsed on Capitol Hill. Now, these neocon, NWO elites declare our free-trade, job-killing, trade-deficit inducing partners, the ChiComs and Putin’s Russia, as potential, military enemies ?

    Today, our military is being destroyed by social justice. Women, homos, transvestites and foreigners from Somalia, Ghana, Sudan, Vietnam and other third world shitholes are being alllowed into commissioned ranks through ROTC at colleges. What loyalty do these approved “invaders” have to the America we once knew ? Nothing. Fucking nothing. All are now being “trained” and assigned to combat arms MOSs and combat units. Faggots and females and “legal” foreign invaders, incapable of the Spirit of the Bayonet (which is no longer taught at Benning anyways) or any loyalty to the Constitution both they and the neocons wipe their asses with.

    Taking it further….DoD and Army are working now to lower physical fitness standards because the fat bodies, faggots, females/dykes and assorted limp-wristed citizens the recruiters are attempting to bamboozle into the NWO’s ‘merikan military, cannot meet procurement standards. Or, if they do get in, meet sustained, watered-down APFT and/or retention standards. Many of these 17-22 year old “warriors” cannot do three fucking push-ups. THREE. FUCKING. PUSH-UPS. In fact, many of them cannot even spell their own middle name. They don’t even know how to lace a boot. I kid you not !

    A shooting war between the troops produced by soetoro-obama’s social justice agenda and the hardened, capable troops of Putin’s military, will end in deadly disasters for those ‘merikan social justice “warriors”. Soetoro-obama’s troops are cannon-fodder who wouldn’t know a bayonet from a fucking Pogo stick !

    A shooting war with Russia ? Why ? The enemy of ‘Merika is ensconsed in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and on Capitol Hill !

    Go Trump !

    Never give up your guns.

    • Dan. I declare that to be your finest comment here, ever.

      Well said.

    • Grumpy Old MARINE

      Outstanding, nailed the total picture. Clearest and most concise analysis I have seen. Probably a little to plain spoken for most of the pussies today and want to be’s
      Semper Fi!
      Grumpy Old MARINE..

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, well said.
      Both of my uncles never returned from Moscow and Leningrad. Their remains are ground into the dirt somewhere around there. They paid the price for patriotism and trusting politicians.

      • SF 0321,

        If anyone reading these remarks cares to have even a small appreciation of the war in the East and the sufferings of men such as your two uncles, I would recommend the book “Scorched Earth” by Paul Carell.

        Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Shit Dan III, with the picture you paint they just might call us old farts back to save their asses!! Your description is true and it scares the hell out of me.

    • Right on target Dan.

    • The Russians aren’t coming to North America, so why US Army or proxies go to Russia? They sell us platinum, titanium, gold, and oil as much as we want if we manufacture good stuff, like 1943, or sell mined things they don’t have like uranium from Eastern Oregon. No need for General Winter and strategic withdrawal tactics to kill 90+% of US regular forces on or near Russian soil, if we just don’t go. Trade good, War bad.

    • “Today, in ‘Merika the millenial citizens of fUSA have no loyalty to their homeland.”

      Why should Millenials, or any other citizen group of natural persons, have more loyalty to their homeland than corporations (which are people, my friend), the 1%ers (who put their money in foreign tax shelters), or any of the other other Job Creatorz™ (who create jobs in China).

      Capitalism or Patriotism — choose one.

    • I have no insights into the US military aside from having a family that has proudly served for generations. You can trust me (or not as I don’t give a steaming shit one way or the other) we are all, WARRIORS! Old school warriors. The kind that makes killary wet her depends…of old school warriors.
      Your comments are spot on and appreciated.
      We are the enemy now. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

  7. Hell NO! We won’t go!

    What if they gave a war and nobody came?

    Recycling the sixties! Payback’s a bitch, bitchez.

  8. I remember seeing a movie years ago, I think it was
    “Dancing With The Devil” whereby a newspaper reporter
    was interviewing a Southerner during the Civil War. The
    reporter asked the Southerners – “Why are you fighting?”
    The Southerners answered – “Because they are here”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Correction – The Movie is “Ride With The Devil”

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. Yep…Besides which, Russian military doctrine now dictates, in the very unlikely event that they were being successfully invaded by NATO forces, the use of tactical nukes, on Russian territory if needed.
    Then Hillary might well blow up the world, with zero Americans surviving…

  10. Not mentioned is the reality that Russia has in the past, and very like will again if provoked, incur unimaginable casualties. You’d have to ‘kill em all’ to make them stop fighting. That, too, ain’t gonna happen.

  11. Steve Kristmann

    Hiligula wants a war with Russia?!?!

    Handler nearby with the diazapam happy injectable or no, that
    cankled murderous harpy is totally nucking futts!!!

    If ‘Her Shitheadedness’ wants to step into the ring with Putin…
    she can shut her pie hole and go to the head of the line and
    face off with him personally!! And that goes for all the other
    cucks, and village idiots spouting such insanity!

    You Go First: The Peace Amendment

    “…Whenever and wherever old men have sent young men off to die, sooner or later someone has suggested that the old men should go first.

    There are two reasons for this, I think. The first is that, unless you’re running an empire of some kind—which we Americans are not supposed to be doing—and you’re fulfilling a Manifest Destiny you imagine that you have, to reach out and steal everybody else’s life, liberty, and property, finding yourself involved in a war represents a serious failure on the part of a nation’s political leaders. In fact they’ve screwed up bigtime, and there ought to be a price to pay for that.”

    Personally I favor the price either in the form of hemp rope from lamp post
    or tall tree or the ‘ceausescu solution’ (recommended dosage .308) but

    Trust me..we don’t want to see this episode!

    Yours In Liberty! w/o any parasitic political puppets!
    NorthGunner III

  12. Not going to be a war with Russia.
    In fact I suspect that Russia will be seen as the savior of Europe when the Mark 2 Industrial Corpse Grinder (islamic version) goes fully operational. After Europe throws itself into the Grinder and comes out a burned hulk of its former self there will not be a Marshal plan to save it, will check that there will be a Marshal but he will be a Russian Field Marshal. Vladimir will trot in all bear chested on a white horse an rebuild the grand cities of Europe.
    Maybe they can take all the ground up bits of Muslim and fertilize the middle east to make it lush and green, or use them to heat their homes or something.

    Now China?
    Yeah there could be a war with China.

    • The patience of Russia is not unlimited.

      As would be the patience of any reputable government.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The manpower of Russia, however, unlike in wars past, is very limited this time around. If Russia is going to save anyone, it needs to invent a Wayback Machine and implement a Lebensborn-type program about 30 years ago.

        • Or use current generation weapons against the stone-age enemy. If Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan were turned into glowing glass, how much would one need to continue to worry about the acolytes of that murdering pedophile prophet?

          Hell, if one were to say SCREW this “win their hearts and minds”, how much would one need to worry about them? After WW II in Germany and Japan, US soldiers were undoubtedly attacked by the people. How did we handle that then? My bet is that we gave the people of the area a chance to turn in the murderers. If they did, then only the murderers were dealt with. If they didn’t, my bet is that our response was somewhat more harsh than what we have done in every war since then.

      • Word.

      • absent dollarcollapse, losing a Major War is the only other dynamic I can think of that will collapse Sodom-on-the-Potomac soon enough to do us any good. One more reason to get Mrs. Clinton into the WH

  13. I hope somebody has a copy of the piece, ’cause all I get is a blank page!

  14. Putting together Fred’s commentary with DAN III’s observation, if the fUSA goes into a(n) (un)Civil War 2, what makes some people so sure that we civilians won’t whip the shit out of the “Taking it further….DoD and Army are working now to lower physical fitness standards because the fat bodies, faggots, females/dykes and assorted limp-wristed citizens the recruiters are attempting to bamboozle into the NWO’s ‘merikan military, cannot meet procurement standards. Or, if they do get in, meet sustained, watered-down APFT and/or retention standards. Many of these 17-22 year old “warriors” cannot do three fucking push-ups. THREE. FUCKING. PUSH-UPS. In fact, many of them cannot even spell their own middle name. They don’t even know how to lace a boot. I kid you not !” current regime … Forces …(I had to snicker when I wrote that, kind of an oxy-moron)
    No soldier wants a war, but they sure do want to get it over and done with in the shortest amount of time.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We civilians have no cohesiveness, everyone is in it for themselves, never heard of teamwork. Never in the history of mankind have people been so self centered as today, but you expect them to pull together like in WW2?…….. dream on.
      None of my younger friends have a clue what it means to all meet on a Sat. morning and spend a few hours target shooting or learning map reading, (which none of them really understand), they’re all too busy doing other worthless shit to think of anything involving a team or group. And it’s been like this for yrs. We have a tactical school nearby, none of them will bother to go, too busy (and too scared to look like noobs). When TSHTF it will be a massive clusterfuck for a long time, and then necessity will force people to start paying attention to things other than their own self gratification, but in most cases, it will be too late.
      For those of us who were SF trained, we sweated blood and busted our asses, we did it because we wanted to excel, that won’t happen again, these guys already think they’re Rambo, and sadly, so does most of this country.
      Incompetant arrogance, the new social disease.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. An enlightening,sometimes depressing article.We allowed these asshats to get to this point. I will not trade my life for any other. Great ride. It is not over yet.
    “Silence like a cancer grows”.

  17. Fred (not the author)

    Russia has been expanding and contracting for a thousand years. Each contraction is larger than the last and each expansion is larger still than the last. It is currently in a contracted state. So, if the pattern holds, the next expansion will have it larger than the prior soviet union. Lovely.

    And, is it just me or does that thing look like an Abrams 2.0?

  18. Shinmen Takezo

    I’m all in favor of a war with Russia.
    The USA has been provoking and prodding Russia for years now.
    Under both Bush and Emperor Seotoro.

    They/them need this war to cover up the massive financial mess to unfold.
    And when it happens, the USA is going to get its teeth kick down its throat.
    We are going to lose massively–Pearl Harbor will seem like ride on Disneyland’s “It’s A Small World” in comparison.

    I want them to go to war with Russia–because the blow-back will annihilate some of the major cites here in the USA with nuclear weapons… and thus the kill ration of commies/democrats to conservatives will be 90/10. I’ll take those numbers any day. The left will lose a massive portion of their power base, not to mention all the rat politician who will be vaporized.

    And this war will be completely over with 48 hours.
    There will be no massing of tanks as seen in the Gulf Wars.
    There won’t be any yim-yammering in the UN jockeying for votes.

    It will be over in a couple of days.

    Russia will nuke all the forward NATO bases in Europe–at the same time sending several of our carrier battle groups to the bottom with those 300 mph nuclear tipped torpedoes which cannot be stopped…. or they will blanket them with these koo-koo-dady-ohh hyper-sonic missiles developed specifically as “carrier killers,”

    The 82nd Airborne will still be loading up to go when they call it quits after the limited nuclear exchange which will bloody our armed forces. DC will phone Putin and sue for peace…. and then the good times will roll, because the American people will revolt having seen first hand just how incompetent our national leaders, along with our military leaders really are.

    The big green curtain will be pulled back to reveal the dopes at the controls of our country–and things will get sporty. You will see a breakup of this country along the lines of the USSR and you will see regional government arise out of the wreckage–and the liberty movement seeds which we’ve been sewing will sprout.

    So bring it the fuck on.
    It won’t go the way you think it will go.

    • “annihilate some of the major cites here in the USA with nuclear weapons”

      Watch the TV show “Jericho”, which is available on Netflix (or, if you’re old like me, DVD from Amazon).

  19. “… location, location, location…” the key to Fred’s piece. Its a logistical battle that we lack the resources to engage. The Russians on the other hand….

  20. Russia lost 19,000+ every day in WW2.

    America. Couldn’t hhandle 4 a day in Iraq and the fraus went balistic.

    Game over.

  21. The folly and insanity of today’s western leaders knows no bounds. It wasn’t enough for lunatic Merkel to import millions of refugees who mostly came to rape Germany’s daughters and to loot its welfare state. No, Merkel had to join in on the insane crusade to overthrow the legally elected govt of the Ukraine and then take the side of the Nazi founded Banderites in Kiev. Does she really think the Russians are gonna withdraw crying? 80% of the Russian men born in 1923 didn’t survive the great war. There is no quit in them. Poroshenko continues to attack Donetsk and just days ago, Crimea. Does he really think Obama is gonna come to his defense during an election season when Putin finally puts his foot down. War with Russia puts Trump in the White house. Putin knows this and has put massive amounts of military assets on his western borders in the last weeks. With Poroshenko violating the Minsk agreements daily, Putin has covered his ass by documenting everything and has all the boxes checked for an attack.

  22. Stealth Spaniel

    Fred has nailed it in no uncertain terms. After reading the comments here, I can only assume that the Military will be stripped down to real soldiers with the LGBT community up in smoke. Not a bad idea, really. But we will need a new national capitol. I don’t think we will have Washington DC anymore after Mr. Putin gets crabby. Oh……and the saying “I’m with Her” will have a whole new meaning.

  23. The outcome of a Russo-Amerikan War would depend a lot on what Red China does. It could side with Russia and attack economically or use proxies to attack American infrastructure. It could also use the war to start its own war to secure the Spratleys. It would not likely sit back and just be a spectator


    Pete,To late to remark