Because War Is The Health Of The State



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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Been preaching this for years, the neverending war.
    It really is a game to the elites, a money making game, and the masses refuse to listen or learn.

  2. War is hell for sure, but went I got sent (Afghanistan), I can’t say I didn’t have a lot of fun. Right or wrong, I’d sure love to find a good war and get in on it. Sorry, but I’m just being honest.

  3. @jbryan314

    There’s plenty of “good wars” to go have “fun” in.

    Go Merc it since “right or wrong” are secondary considerations. The pay these days for such beats the hell out of what the gubbermint shells out anyway. It’s like getting paid to go drinking at your favorite bar! Maybe the next trip to the playground will have an enemy with state of the art artillery, fighter aircraft. bombers, attack helicopers, cruise missiles, their own complex satellite network, precision munitions and state of the art comms provided by endless borrowed money from unborn generations to throw at you. That will bring a whole new level of “fun” to the circumstance instead of going up against stone-agers with towels for helmets. Try hanging out in Ukraine for awhile. That looks like it might get interesting fast. Join ISIS and see how the “other side” does against Russian airpower, plus you get a throwback to WWI with some chemical weapons experience. Maybe you could end up in a shitty jungle instead of a mountainous desert, you know, someplace that would provide a completely different and far more interesting landscape bestowed with a wide variety of flora and fauna so that in your spare time you can engage in some Linnaeus plant classification and entomological practices and when the soil fertilization is all done and over with, come out of the experience being damn near be a Renaissance Man.

    “Give War a Chance” – P.J. O’Rourke

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The war my father fought in 1939-45 in (Holland, Russia, Norway and France) is not the same as what the US has been fighting for decades. Wait until somebody sends 200 tanks your way and tell me how much fun it was, after they soften your position up with 500 artillery pieces. (I think our next war is going to be a dog pile, with US on the bottom. The entire world is going to seek revenge)
      I missed the ground war in VN by 2 yrs (3rdMarDiv 1973-74), and am now grateful I did so, since I wasn’t part of the profit sharing program back then anyway.

  4. I suspect if someone were to count up the years of war in the 20th century vs. the years of peace, they will find more war than peace.

    For those desirous of more war (since the only war they know is Iraq or Afghanistan) I note the same number of Marines died on Iwo Jima as in both Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Yup just all kinds of fun as long as you are the one NOT dying. Some U.S. Casualty stats:

    Grey Ghost

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. To grok such is to grok much.