NY: Queens imam and his assistant shot to death by gunman in attack local Muslims blame on Donald Trump – ‘His drama has created Islamophobia’

Ozone Park, eh?

Joey Baggadonuts says he didn’t see a f***ing thing.

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  1. Those daily terrorist attacks around the entire world by radical mooslims has nothing to do with it.
    It’s all Trumps fault.
    Get back to work citizen.

  2. Marlo Stanfield

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  3. Cause we know Hispanics are all for Trump, perhaps the moslimes will demand we build the wall.

    • Sand niggers and niggers are incapable of logic. When they “chant against Trump,” they are, of course, changing against THE WHITE HOST NATION that lets them be here with their free speech even after everything that has been revealed. Remember that.

      This sand nigger blames Trump, not any of his brother sand niggers who have murdered innocents by the thousands.

  4. Two? Not much of a start, carpetbaggers.

  5. “People being shot in the head in broad daylight is unheard of,” said Millat Uddin, a 25-year resident of the neighborhood who is not related to the victim, Thara Uddin. “Killing people brutally, like they’re an animal.”

    Yep, totally unheard of….

  6. The public conjecture and “news” fails to highlight the bloody, internecine power struggles within Muslim groups. May have been a local non-Muslim, maybe it was one of their own.

    Ozone Park is an area in transition, but has strong elements of Italian heritage within it. Just look at local ethnic catering halls online… I do not see that the Islamic element and the deeply (Gothic even) Roman Catholic populations are miscable to any degree whatsoever.

    Should things go pear shaped in The Burough of Queens, the smart money will be on the guys who run the carting industry and the construction/concrete industry.

    As an alternative explanation to this, consider the odds that it is a provocation by a third party…. always ask “Cui Bono?” Somebody sure does… maybe the new Police Commissioner (25 years on the job, started as a Transit Cop) will solve this one… my guess is he’s lost in the optics sauce on this and it will get ugly(er).

    Possible entities that could benefit from a local rehash of the Crusades are numerous… the Feds, CPUSA/ DNC, the NYPD (budget authority, manpower increases…) various local politicos that may have the juice to drop an Imam to get foes fighting each other… (btw, anyone hear or see Al Sharpton lately? This may be a tad deep for him, but he did involve himself in the Crown Heights riots and some aspects of the Freddy’s Fashion Mart where workers were killed by arson mobs. Who was responsible? Who knows. It may even just be a business beef over Halawa money exchange.

    Bottom line – stay the HELL out of those areas unless you belong to a tribe that can cover your back. NYC is pretty heavily restrictive on firearms (East German STASI level), but it won’t stop what will happen if this cycle takes off.

    These are only my opinions and do not necessarily reflect the facts of the matter, although I am pretty sure I have a good grasp on the cultural and ethnic sensibilities.

    To advise the reader, I’d take shrimp scampis the size of my fist over any kebab or schwarma… been to a number of weddings in reception/catering halls in the area that I would describe as “interesting”… one so much so that they would not let me in to my own Father’s 50th Birthday because they thought I was a Federale. Crazy, but true.

    • It doesn’t really matter WHO did it or WHY they did it. Fact remains an Imam and his ASSistant are dead. A small spark in the darkness of transformation. Whoever it was HIT the right man… the IMAM.

      I’m guessing CA is still calling it “spicy.”

      Intel question of the day: Do you know the LOCATION of the Mosque(s) in your AO?

      Grey Ghost

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I do not see that the Islamic element and the deeply (Gothic even) Roman Catholic populations are miscable to any degree whatsoever.”

      Islamic elements don’t play well with any others – even others of their own.

    • Very good grasp.

  7. I guess…

    San Berndino was Trump’s fault and

    Ft. Hood

    etc etc etc…

  8. colddeadhandsdays

    This is NOT Europe. Come here and start your shit you’ll literally receive Unintended Consequences in a very Bracken manner. Jolly festivities. 🙂

    • Virgil Kane

      You keep saying that. Tribalists riot, loot and kill. They gang up on those outside their tribe. Whites don’t. We’ll keep waiting on “the right time.” Shit happening in Milwaukee doesn’t affect me in Georgia. Shit happening in Atlanta doesn’t affect me.

  9. I find it ironic that they are whining because they were attacked because of their religion. Yet over in the sandbox they drown, burn and behead people….because of their religion. Seems like they can’t handle what they dish out.

  10. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  11. Thank you, Lord, for at least YOU are truly just!

  12. Probably another muslim.
    If not, the death score thru July ’16 is –
    jihaders 1672
    good guys 1

  13. “Cops and witnesses described the shooter as tall and Hispanic, carrying a large handgun, and wearing a dark blue shirt and shorts.”

    The rag heads are also involved in the dope trade (shocked face) so the Trump hit men meme being pumped by the Daily Snewz may not fit. Could the hitter be out of town and therefore mistaken for hispanic? Sure but the broad daylight busy sidewalk hit is out of character for the guidos unless someone really did want to send a message. Down there the guy would just disappear one day and then show up in a car trunk at JFK a few weeks later.

  14. ALCON,

    Well folks, the assholes here and elsewhere, supporting the annointment of Hillary Clinton as POTUS, will be dealing with more attacks on firearms Freedoms and implementation of Sharia law, should this criminal and scoundrel Clinton be seated in the West Wing. The treasonous bitch Clinton, has called for a minimum invasion of 600,000 Muslim invaders almost immediately upon her coronation. Why ? There are no family-sustaining wage jobs for natural born Americans let alone millions of poverty stricken Muslims. Why are The Powers That Be inundating hard working and nationalistic Amerika with the poverty of the Third World ?

    Here, at WRSA, we read often the anti-Semitic rantings of WRSA’s resident, Taqiyya-spewing Muslim Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl, calling for Hilligula’s annointment as POTUS. Why ? Because the bitch will ensure final destruction of, and fUSA conversion into, a third world shithole. The exact environment that Islam and Sharia thrives in. Muslim Haxo and his handlers want complete destruction of this once, great nation.

    As many of you are aware the enemy is amongst us, here at this blog and elsewhere. Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl is one specific example of the treachery imbedded within the Internet and it’s assorted conservative blogs.

    Go Trump !

    Never give up your guns.

    • Dan, you left out “Majik Fire Hornet,” the most ludicrous and ambiguously gay of his many noms de merde……

      • Mr. ’06,

        Did you work the “Two Shop” when you wore the uniform ? Thanks for your remark.

        • I worked the AV/recording in the main lecture hall at the War College, among other things. Quite an education for that day and time, but without the diploma.

    • outlawpatriot

      Excellent observation regard that goat fucker Haxo. 🙂

  15. p.g.t. beauregard

    Wake me up when we have three of these a day, and when a secondary explosion goes off when the crowd gathers. Until then, Id say this little dustup is some pissed off parishoner.

  16. Virgil Kane

    That’s awful.

  17. From the composite sketch of the alleged shooter, he appears to be a Middle Easterner. Perhaps the factional infighting has been exported to the United States?

    Marlo, your link reference doesn’t go to the shooting on the ground, it is a link dump and click bait.

  18. Image the embarrassment of dying while wearing a “man dress”.

  19. Two dead moose limbs? Inshallah.

    A good start.
    Best news I’ve heard all month.

    Doubtless jihad isn’t nearly as fun for would-be jihadis when it’s a two-way shooting range.

    Like gardening and other salutary but largely lost skills, there should be books explaining propagation of the trend.

    Nota bene Renaissance, Enlightenment, and global prosperity succeeded serial Crusades. History doesn’t exactly repeat, but it certainly rhymes.

  20. here is a thought, maybe some people within the middle eastern community do not have faith in calling the FBI over the traditional Muslims…….they just simple go back to the old ways of killing the fuckers.

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. .Islamophobic

    That translates to “fear of Islam”.
    The question is why wouldn’t you be?
    If some people see a snake, they are afraid not because they have been bitten before but because they know the history and potential of being bitten. Ah, but you say not all snakes are venomous, no, but they all will bite and some are most definitely lethal. You fear a bear in the woods not because you have been attacked but you know their history.

    For 1400 years Islam has been invading, slaughtering and colonizing. It has been beaten back and held in check by those who saw the danger and said no, not on my watch, met brutality with brutality, (Vlad the Impaler) that is the only thing Islam understands, but it is a single minded political ideology, with one and only the one goal, domination, like an incurable disease, it always returns, an unstoppable evil. They immigrate, procreate, dominate, exterminate.
    The only cure for Islam is its total eradication from the planet!
    Since 2001 they have carried out in excess of 30,000 terrorist attacks, uncountable brutal murders and every savage act known to man!
    If you are not islamophobic then you are a fool and if you won’t stand up and defend yourself, your family, your country and your way of life and culture then you deserve your fate.

    So be afraid, not to the point you cower and submit, to the point where you stand and take action!
    Personally I prefer the company of the snakes and bears, they won’t lie to you just to get close!